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06 August, 2013

Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask Review

So now that I've showed you all the goodies I got last month, I figured should start reviewing them for you. Goodie of the day: Skinfood's Black Sesame Hot Mask!

The full-sized product, image from Skinfood's website.

I hadn't tried this product before, so I opted to get some samples from TesterKorea so I wouldn't be stuck with a whole tub of the stuff if I didn't like it.

Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask Review sample packet
Front of the sample packet.

Back of the packet and instructions.

The description from Skinfood's site:

This highly moisturizing heating mask provides deep cleansing to skin with the thermal effect of roasted salt and granulated sugar. Black sesame seed nutrients leave skin soft and smooth.

In simpler terms, this is a self-heating wash-off mask with gritty stuff in it as a physical exfoliant. These types of mask are particularly suited to oily or acne-prone skin, as they are quite good for de-gunking pores. Here's what the scrub itself looks like:

On my face. My boyfriend said this wasn't my most flattering
look, go figure.

Based on the description I thought it might be like a scrubby version of the now-discontinued Biore Self-Heating Mask, which got VERY hot on the skin once applied. But this... nope. It gets warm, but not really HOT, and the heat is short-lived. You also have to apply it quickly, as the heat dissipates rather fast.. On one hand that's probably less harsh on the skin than something that feels like burning, but on the other I was hoping for a mask that would give me that face-melting feeling, haha.

As a physical exfoliant it's pretty good... not too harsh, considering the size of the scrubby particles. I wouldn't use this every day, but once every week or two would be appropriate, I think.

I LOVE the scent of this product. It smells like sweet sesame cakes mixed with a bit of earth... I sort of want to eat it. It's not a food! You must resist!

My skin felt super soft and smooth and clean after I washed the mask off, so I guess it did what it was supposed to. It's a good treatment for the price... I wouldn't move heaven and earth to get it, but if you happen upon it at a good price it's certainly worth a try.

Bottom line: Skinfood's Black Sesame Hot Mask is more lukewarm than hot, but smells great and exfoliates nicely. Skip this if you're looking for something with super-heating action though.

Where to buy: TesterKorea, eBay, Amazon, and numerous other Korean skincare resellers.

Have you tried Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask? What did you think?

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