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09 September, 2013

A Brief Announcement: Please Read!

Hello folks... I have a quick (but important) announcement to make:

You guys might want to update your Bloglovin' links and feed links because... I've changed the name of my blog!

To make a long story short, I chose my original domain name (RebeccaReviewsEverything.com) because I wanted to start blogging right away and couldn't really think of anything better, but as I kept writing I realized that wasn't the best name for me since I want to write more than just reviews. So after hundreds of tries I finally found a domain name I liked that wasn't taken. :) From now on, this blog is HelloPrettyBird.com (a play on my name). Let's hope I don't grow to dislike that one as well, because I don't think I'll be changing it again.

Anyway, for now the old URL will redirect to the new site, but there may be issues with updates for the few of you who are following me via Bloglovin' or RSS feed, so please re-follow me and/or update your feed:

Hello Bird! on Bloglovin'
Updated feed links

Thanks for sticking with me. :)

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