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07 October, 2013

3 Beauty Blogs I'm Liking Right Now

What's up, everybody?

Here's what's up with me: I have family coming into town to visit tomorrow, so I'm mentally preparing myself for that. Well, that and preparing my apartment. Maaaaaybe I haven't swept my living room in a while. Maybe. Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning it is because I probably won't have time to do any reviews or lengthy posts today, so rather than leave this space empty I thought I'd share links to a few other blogs I'm liking!

Blog #1: Brightest Bulb In The Box: Beauty For Critical Minds

What it is: A mixture of product reviews, swatches, "how it works" type posts and other posts containing mathematical and/or scientific analyses of beauty products.

Why I like it: Her writing style is good, and a large number of her posts are just plain interesting, particularly those involving the sciencey side of things. It's also nice to see posts debunking "Beauty Bullshit" written by someone who actually clearly likes makeup and stuff.

A few interesting posts to get you started:
Five Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne That You Probably Shouldn't Try, What is Living on Robyn's Makeup Brushes: A Horror Story, Unnecessarily Detailed Information About Earwax and Ear Cleaning, Mega Comparison: Drugstore Eyeshadow Primers

Blog #2: Beautyholics Anonymous

What it is: Posts on a wide variety of beauty-related topics. Could I be more vague? But seriously, she's been blogging for years and has written about a lot of different stuff.

Why I like it: I find a lot of her posts to be a fun and engaging read, but I'm particularly fond of the "Bloggie Wednesdays" series, which is all about beauty blogging!

A few interesting posts to get you started:
Search Engine Optimisation for Beauty Bloggers, Create Your Editorial Calendar for 2013, What Makes A Good Product Review?, When Beauty Blogging (Almost) Becomes A Financial Burden

Blog #3: Skin & Tonics

What it is: A mixture of product reviews, interviews, swatches and guides.

Why I like it: She focuses a lot on ingredients, which is always interesting and useful to me. I also like the fact that she's done a couple of interview-style posts having to do with Korean cosmetics, because that's something I don't really think I've seen much of elsewhere. Oh, and the fact that she's funny doesn't hurt. :)

A few interesting posts to get you started:
Asian Skin Care Guide, 5 Fascinating Trends in Korean Skin Care, Interview With JangWon Lee, Creator of Korean Skin Care Line, Benton Cosmetic!, My MAC Foundation Matching Debacle: Am I NW or NC?, Interview: Fall 2013 Korean Makeup Releases & Skin Care Trends With Alice of W2Beauty!

There are many more, but I should probably sweep (or sleep) pretty soon! What are your favorite beauty and/or lifestyle blogs?


  1. Of those 3, I follow the last 2. In fact, I have Kerry's blog open in another window right now. Lol. As for Tine, I love her blogging tips and she's personally answered some newb questions of mine regarding PR via email. They're both awesome. Will have to check out the other blog~

    Good luck with the frantic cleaning. Lol.

    1. That's awesome that she helped you via email! I've mostly been a lurker on Tine's blog, but I do find her posts to be helpful and insightful a lot of the time.

  2. I am a newbie in the bloggers world , but I can say that your blog is one of my favorite at the moment ^^
    I didn't know the blogs you mentioned , but now I will visit them for sure !!!
    Thank you for your suggestions and have a good cleaning time hahaha ~

  3. hi rebecca thanks for sharing your fave blogs :) i tried googling their name so im not sure if these are the right blogs. i must have missed their links here since i cant find it ^^

    1. Hi Shayne - I've linked to a few posts from each blog underneath my description of them! Look under "A few interesting posts to get you started" for each one.


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