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23 March, 2014

PSA: Awesome deal at this week - 20% off Beauty!

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Fun fact: I get at least a hundred e-mails about online sales EVERY SINGLE DAY. The curse of being an online shopper, I guess. Anyway, I rarely share those deals because there's just too darn many of them, but one popped up today that was too good not to share: Get an extra 20% off EVERYTHING in the Beauty department - ends Saturday, 3/29 can be sort of hit or miss in terms of prices - some things are REALLY cheap on there, others aren't. But they carry a lot of popular brands and hard-to-find items, so the 20% off sale is a very good excuse to at least browse. If you've been thinking of picking up some Real Techniques brushes, this is a good time to do it, just as an example!

Aside from searching out specific items, here are a few things you should check out:

  • Check here for clickable coupons - they're often available for P&G products!
  • Check here for free gift-with-purchase offers.
  • Check here for buy more, save more discounts - great for stocking up!
  • Be sure to browse their "hard to find items" section - it's a great source for things that are hard to locate in physical drugstores, plus it's just fun to browse.

You will likely see a banner at the top that says "20% off beauty - click to redeem" when you visit the site - click on that to add the offer to your bag. If the banner doesn't appear for some reason, you should be able to find the offer here. Orders $35+ are eligible for standard free shipping, or if you have a ShopRunner account you can get free shipping on any order containing ShopRunner-eligible items. shoppers, have you spotted anything especially interesting or cheap in this sale?

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  1. I get tons of those emails as well but I rarely look at them. Thanks for posting this! There are a few things I've been meaning to get and things I could probably squirrel away...I mean...things I need. Ahem. ;)

  2. Yes, there are definitely some things I "need" too. I usually ignore most of the sale e-mails, but for whatever reason the and Walgreens ones tend to catch my eye...

  3. Seriously, I get HUNDREDS of emails. About everything. Every fast food restaurant ever. It's bad.

  4. Oh boy. I don't eat much fast food so I don't get those ones (thankfully), but I have done a fair bit of online shopping in my day, and let's just say that no e-retailer ever has "lost" my email address...


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