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28 October, 2014

Falling For Autumn | 5 Creepy Creature Features From Around The Globe (that you can watch right now!)

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I've decided that I'm not going to do a Halloween costume this year. My hot glue gun's in the shop ... or something. Instead I've been watching (and in some cases, re-watching) a variety of horror films to celebrate the season. Fun for the whole family! Today I thought I'd share a few of the most interesting (or crazy) horror films that have been on my radar lately. Or on my radar again—what is that? Re-radar? To keep things interesting, I'll only be sharing films made outside the United States (whaaaaaat?), and, AND AND AND, every single of one of these titles can be streamed RIGHT NOW from one or more of the most popular streaming media services. (Unless you're outside the USA, in which case ... I don't know if you can watch these or not.)

Rather than just making an enormous list of every terrible horror film I've watched recently I thought I'd narrow it down to five, each representing a different type of horror movie monster. Ooooooh, spooky.

Dead Alive
(AKA Brain Dead, 1992, New Zealand, dir. Peter Jackson)

I have mixed feelings about the current zombie craze in films in TV—I feel like I'm the only person who likes horror films in general, but didn't really love Shaun of the Dead and other productions of that ilk. (Sorry Simon Pegg fans!) What I do really enjoy is the ridiculously over-the-top (and somewhat gore-tastic) zombie films I watched in my youth—think cheese-tastic classics like Re-Animator or Dawn of the Dead. Keeping that style in mind, I'd like to recommend Peter Jackson's Braindead, which manages to be (a) about the undead, (b) hilarious, and (c) the most outrageously bloody movie I've ever seen. (Seriously, don't let your kids watch this. Unless they're 30.) It's not the kind of gore that is likely to give adults nightmares for years, but I wouldn't recommend eating while watching it. :P

Where to view: YouTube

Stitches (2012, Ireland, dir. Conor McMahon)

Terrified of clowns? I'm not really, but I found out that Stan is when I put this movie on the other day. Bonding session? This is another film that falls into the "gruesome but funny" category. Because clowns are just inherently funny. Especially when they come with supernatural lore and bouts of vengeance.

Where to view: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video (rent from $2.99)

Ginger Snaps (2000, Canada, dir. John Fawcett)

A surprising dark comedy in which lycanthropy is a metaphor (sort of?) for going through female puberty. You'll never look at getting your period the same way again! And if that doesn't convince you to watch this movie, I just don't know what will.

Where to view: Hulu, Amazon Instant Video (rent from $2.99)

Let the Right One In (AKA Låt den rätte komma in, 2008, Sweden, dir. Tomas Alfredson)

Tired of buckets of fake blood? Let the Right One In is a superlative vampire film that manages to be both creepy and sweet. This was later remade in English as Let Me In, but I haven't seen that version so I can't compare.

Where to watch:
Netflix, Amazon Instant Video (free with Prime subscription or to rent from $2.99)

Apartment (AKA 아파트 or APT. or 9:56, 2006, Korea, dir. Ahn Byeong-ki)

I'm not going to tell you what the creepy creature is in this film because the suspense is half the fun, but I will share the plot synopsis from the Wikipedia page:

"Se-jin, a lonely department store employee, moves into a high-rise apartment building. One day she notices that the lights in the windows of the building opposite all start to mysteriously flicker at exactly 9:56pm. She begins to suspect that these occurrences are somehow linked to a series of suspicious deaths in the neighborhood."

This isn't a total gorefest, but it's creepy enough to be included amongst these other films that go bump in the night. And prepare to feel extra freaked out if you're living alone in a high-rise apartment building. With flickering lights. In Korea. (Which I know you all totally are.)

Where to view: Hulu, DramaFever

Have you seen any of the films on this list? What are your top horror film picks for this Halloween season?

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  1. Great post! I have seen Let the Right One in and I loved it. Apartment looks good I might have to check that out.

  2. Oh my gosh! Foreign films, especially scary ones are so fun to watch. I'm creeped out just by looking at the still shots of these videos. I may need to add these to my to-watch list for Halloween weekend!

  3. I am not really into horror movies, but these kind of made me laugh. maybe it's because I am sitting in my office trying to avoid work.

  4. Omg. Couldn't stop watching "let the right one in" when the SO turned it on (I usually don't do scary flicks =p)

  5. Coffee Beans High HeelsOctober 28, 2014 at 5:58 PM

    omg i cant even watch those trailers! they are so spooky!
    thanks for sharing this movies

  6. Yeah "Let The Right One In" is definitely a good choice for non-horror fans! It's not *too* scary. Glad you liked it! :)

  7. Well some horror movies *are* pretty funny. Especially the first two on this list.

  8. That's a fun idea! I noticed that a bunch of classic horror films (like Rosemary's Baby) had been added to Netflix recently too.

  9. I've seen Ginger Snaps and Dead Alive. I actually liked Ginger Snaps. Dead Alive was pretty nasty and weird.lol My favorite movies to watch around halloween are the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Halloween series, Child's Play, and Hocus Pocus lol

  10. They're soo scary!! Idk if I'll be able to watch them! Great idea to write about!

  11. Ah, I love Ginger Snaps! No one else has seen it. And I think you're the only person I know of who didn't really like Shaun of the Dead either. We just groan and move on when it's mentioned in our house. I love to watch those incredibly terrifying films around Hallowe'en, like Insidious (the first; the second was nowhere near as scary) and, of course, Hocus Pocus. You can't have Hallowe'en without Hocus Pocus.

  12. Haha yeah, "nasty and weird" is a good way to describe that movie. It's weird as hell but unique, I guess. Anyway I think some of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies are on Netflix now! I looked for Hocus Pocus too and you can pay to rent it on Amazon and other services, but it wasn't available with any of our many streaming subscription plans, sobcrysob.

  13. I never saw Insidious, guess I should add it to my list. Yeah, Ginger Snaps is a lesser-known one but it's pretty unique and great! I made my boyfriend watch it and at first he was like "wahhh don't wanna" but by the middle he couldn't take his eyes off the screen.

  14. Hocus Pocus is on cable alot this month. I'm sure you can find it cheap at newbury comics or something like that.

  15. We're cable cutters, hence the tons of streaming subscriptions. I may just rent it though!

  16. That's been one of my favorite halloween movies since elementary school. Def a classic.

  17. I love Suspiria. ^^ I think I'll watch the Korean one on your list! Sounds mysterious.

  18. Let the Right One In is probably one of the best vampire movies ever.

  19. Agreed! Picking a vampire movie was actually the hardest because there are lots of great ones in that genre, but Let The Right One In is extra-great.

  20. I think I have watched almost every single horror movie on Netflix. One I really liked mostly because of the comedy aspect was Dead End

  21. I haven't watched Dead End, guess I'll look it up!


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