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25 October, 2014

Seasonal Beauty Tips + More Tips & Savings at the Walmart Suave Hub


So the weather is finally cooling down a bit ... at least where I live, anyway. What do you do to get your hair and skin winter-ready? Or even "Late autumn OMG why is the indoor heat on full blast?" ready? Here are a few of my tips:

  • Start exfoliating now. I don't know about you, but my legs get super dry and flaky in the winter, so I find that it's good to get a head start on extra exfoliation to keep them nice and smooth.
  • Invest in a good body moisturizer. This goes hand-in-hand with the exfoliation thing—once you've scrubbed you're going to want to moisturize! Personally I try to look for body products containing shea butter.
  • Don't forget about your hair! Chances are that if your skin is getting dried out from the indoor heat and/or cold, your hair is too. Invest in a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner—there are some affordable oil and shea butter-infused formulations on the market now.
  • Consider adding a hydrating facial mist into your skincare routine. I actually use facial mists year-round because they're so darn refreshing, but in the fall/winter I reach for formulas that provide some hydration. A simple rosewater and glycerin spray can work wonders!

If you're a Suave fan and a Walmart shopper, I have some great news for you: The Walmart Suave Hub is loaded with everyday beauty tips for the whole family AND ways to save! Suave makes a wide variety of inexpensive haircare and body products, which comes in handy if your beauty routine needs a bit of a seasonal update. And scroll down to learn about the Suave Family Perks program, which allows you to earn rewards for Suave purchases. This program is exclusive to Walmart, which has a massive selection of affordably-priced Suave products—not a bad deal!

Do you change up your body/haircare routine for fall/winter?

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  1. I mostly just change my skin care routine. I like to use face oils when it gets colder. A facial mist sounds great!

  2. Facial mists are the best! I have a bunch from Korean brands, but if you want something a bit easier to find I recommend this rosewater + glycerin spray:

    It's cheap AND it smells amazing! (Assuming you like roses, of course.)

  3. Thanks! I do like roses. This looks like something I could make too! I think I have most of the ingredients already.

  4. All great tips! I tend to forget to exfoliate on a regular basis, so I should really make a point to do it... I've got the body moisturizer part down pat though.

    Ivory Avenue

  5. I find that regular exfoliation makes a HUGE difference. I use a scrubby cloth on my legs and an AHA cream on my upper body and it works wonders! Plus regular moisturizers too, of course.


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