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16 November, 2014

Birchbox November 2014 Review & Unboxing #shaRED

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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I've been out of town for the past few days ... well I'm back! In one piece, no less. I came home to a rather impressive pile of mail, including this month's Birchbox. And you want to know something? I liked it! Read on to see what was inside.

Birchbox November 2014 Review & Unboxing #shaRED RED AIDS HIV

New to Birchbox? It's a monthly beauty subscription box. For $10 per month, you get 4-5 beauty and "lifestyle" samples, plus the opportunity to review the samples you received for rewards points, which can be used towards purchases in the Birchbox shop. The shop has lots of appealing goodies, so I'm fond of this arrangement.

This month's box theme is GIVING. This makes sense to me because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday (which is on November 27th this year, my non-American friends), and also because they've partnered with RED this month to promote AIDS awareness.

Birchbox November 2014 Review & Unboxing #shaRED RED info card Giving

There was also a Birchbox gift guide, but frankly I don't care about that. Onto the samples!

dr. brandt® pores no more® vacuum cleaner™ sample Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy

dr. brandt® pores no more® vacuum cleaner™ (Sample size, 0.25oz, approximate value $11.25):
This appears to be a wash-off glycolic acid treatment designed to de-gunk pores. I'll admit that I'm a bit frightened at the concept of having my pores vacuumed, but I've had good experiences with glycolic acid treatments in the past, so who knows. My skin is freaking out a bit since I got back from my latest trip, so my face might be due for a good Hoovering.

Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy (Sample size, 0.25oz, approximate value $0.83):
A nourishing hand cream in a zesty lemongrass and grapefruit scent. I thought the texture and fragrance of this cream were nice and refreshing, but fairly unremarkable. Worthy of using up but I won't be adding it to my wishlist.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin Taupe theBalm® cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer® sample

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin Taupe (1x 1.4oz crayon, approximate value $5.00):
A chubby eye crayon in a pretty, cool taupe color. I'm very happy with this because I think it's a great color for my skintone, and it swatched beautifully! I will have to report back on how it wears after several hours of use, but I'm happy that I get to play with it in the meantime.

theBalm® cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer® (Sample size, 0.02oz, approximate value $1.60):
This is a peachy-colored shimmery powder highligher. I can't speak for everyone, but I found this to be quite flattering on my pasty self—love! The shimmer is more "luminous" than "disco ball" so I think it would be suitable for a wide variety of makeup-wearing occasions. Less important, but the sample packaging reminds me of the miniature books I'd buy (or make) for my dollhouse when I was a kid, and that's ... super-cool?


Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin Taupe theBalm® cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer® swatch swatches

Cindy-Lou Manizer is subtle on me, but that's probably for the best.

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in Joy Inducing Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter sample squeeze pack

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in Joy Inducing (Sample size, 1.5fl oz, approximate value $1.76):
Birchbox has been allowing subscribers to choose one of their samples from a select list recently, and this is the one I went for. Body wash isn't always the most exciting thing ever, but the scent description suggested that it would be joy-inducing ... does it really work? I can tell you this much: I don't hate it, which is definitely not un-joy. What?

Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter (1x 1.15oz squeeze pack, approximate value $1.20):
Superlative chocolate-flavored almond butter. I often get annoyed when Birchbox throws in food or tea as one of the samples, but in this case I'm perfectly happy because (a) I got five beauty samples in addition to this, which is what I expect from my subscription and (b) Justin's is really, really good. Now I have to go sedate my boyfriend so he doesn't try to steal this from me.

Total box value: Approximately $21.64

Birchbox November 2014 Review & Unboxing US

Overall impressions:
I'm very happy with my Birchbox this month. The only item I'm even remotely skeptical of this time is the Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner silliness, but not so much that I won't give it a shot. I'm thrilled that I get to try Cindy-Lou Manizer and I love shoving chocolate nut butter in my face, so yeah, not bad at all.

Like what you see? You can sign up for Birchbox here. New subscribers, use coupon code BBRED100 at checkout to get 100 bonus points (worth $10 in credit) added to your account. (Offer ends November 30th 2014 at 11:59PM EST.) Also, if you really want to try Birchbox but don't have the cash, I'm running a giveaway through November 18th for a 3-month subscription to the women's box, so feel free to enter for your chance to win!

What do you think of my November Birchbox? If you subscribe, did you get any of the same stuff?

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  1. Sarah @ bitsandboxes.comNovember 16, 2014 at 8:20 PM

    That Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter helps me find my happy place pretty much immediately upon opening... deeelicious!

  2. I agree! All Justin's nut butters are welcome in my pantry anytime.

  3. I want that tiny theBalm sample, their minis are always so cute!

  4. This is a pretty great box. I am impressed. I really like the Cindy Lou highlighter. I really would like to try an Eyeko black liner. I didn't know they had other products besides mascara and liner.

  5. I had a deluxe sample of the Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner a few years back and while I never repurchased I used the whole sample up and quite enjoyed the laugh I got every time I used it imagining a vacuum cleaning out my pores. I mostly used mine just on my nose since that's where I was most prone to blackheads and it did help.

  6. Yes they are! I want to make a little library of theBalm minis, lol.

  7. I didn't know either! Maybe these eye crayons are new.

  8. Glad to know it helped! Yeah, the visual of having your face vacuumed is entertaining, to say the least. I guess it makes the product memorable!

  9. I got the same eye crayon and the hand lotion. I really like your swatch, so maybe I will use the crayon after all! It's very pretty for us pale colored people ;)

  10. It definitely is! I'm certain the color would look nice on you. :)


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