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13 November, 2014

Meet First Aid Shot Therapy, your F.A.S.T. solution for relief from everyday ailments

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How many of you take pain relievers or antacids on a regular basis? If so you should check out First Aid Shot Therapy (or "F.A.S.T." if we're being concise), which is a new-ish line of single-dose, easy-to-swallow OTC medicines in liquid form.

Meet First Aid Shot Therapy pain relief upset stomach

I was really interested in trying First Aid Shot Therapy when I first heard about it because I'm one of those people who has trouble swallowing pills sometimes. You can laugh all you want at the teddy bear-shaped calcium gummies I take, but at least I'm not paranoid about choking on them when nobody else is home. Death by kid's vitamins? Not very rock and roll. Anyway, this is not an issue with F.A.S.T. because they're liquid—down the hatch they go with ease!

At present there are two varieties of First Aid Shot Therapy available:

In addition to being easy to swallow, I like F.A.S.T. Pain Relief because it doesn't feel as harsh on my stomach as when I swallow a whole bunch of pills. The Upset Stomach Relief one also provides a slight "soothing" sensation as it goes down. There's also no question about how much to take—one bottle contains one adult dose. Easy peasy!

I feel like these would make a great addition to an emergency first aid kit in your car or desk at work because they're small and don't require extra liquids to ingest. Here's what they look like with a small makeup pouch, for size reference:

Meet First Aid Shot Therapy pain relief upset stomach size

Highly stashable. As for the flavor: They're not gourmet, but I found them to be perfectly palatable. That's about as good as it gets with medicine, I think!

For more information and full ingredients lists, visit the First Aid Shot Therapy website. You can purchase F.A.S.T. in bulk on Amazon or in-store at a variety of retailers—check out their store locator here.

What do you think of First Aid Shot Therapy? Is there anything special you use for on-the-go pain relief?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. I've tried the pain relief one and it didn't work as fast as I hoped. My headaches are pretty bad though and only certain things seem to work (like 600mg ibuprofen). I do like the idea of these and they don't taste bad. Maybe they can come out with ones for migraine relief or something specific like that.

  2. Yeah I think you would probably need a bit more of a dosage to deal with really severe headaches and migraines. I used these when I had a moderate headache and when I had menstrual cramps and I thought they worked fairly well. A migraine-related shot is a really good idea ... not sure if they'll develop more varieties, but I'm sure there would be demand for it if it's effective.


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