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17 November, 2014

ModCloth Holiday Gift Guide: 'Tis The Season for Funny Sweaters


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Who's a fan of wearing crazy sweaters around the holidays? Personally I think it should be an acceptable practice year-round, but I guess it makes more sense when you've had a few servings of eggnog. Or something. Anyway, ModCloth just released their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, so I combed through it and picked a few of my favorite heinous sweaters for your browsing pleasure!

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  • 1. Hardy Har Holidays Men's Tee ($34.99): This is actually a T-shirt, but it looks like a holiday sweater. Ridiculous patterns without the itchy wool? Sign me up!
  • 2. T-Rex the Halls Men’s Sweater ($64.99): I think you all know how I feel about dinosaurs. But how does T-Rex wrap all the presents with such short arms?
  • 3. Up to Scratch Sweater ($64.99): Meet Grumpy Cat's disgruntled cousin, Lumpy Cat. Don't leave your stockings unattended around him.
  • 4. Come and Ski Sweater ($74.99): Not into Christmas? Wearing this skiing-themed sweater shows that you're ready for adventure all winter long!

Need more ideas? Check out the full ModCloth Holiday Gift Guide, which is sorted into handy categories for your shopping convenience.

Do you enjoy wearing wacky sweaters around the holidays? How about socks? Socks are like sweaters for your feet. Think about it.

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  1. I love wearing festive sweaters in the winter! Always so much fun :)

  2. That T-rex sweater, tho. I need it.

  3. I've never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party but I would like to. I actually saw some christmas themed sweaters at Target this weekend.

  4. Um yes, me too. If not for me then for my BF ... I gave him a shirt with a T-Rex on it last year so it's already sort of appropriate?

  5. I don't think I've ever been to an official ugly sweater party, but I've certainly worn them to Christmas parties on occasion, haha! When I lived in Chicago I would comb through a couple of thrift stores looking for the craziest ones possible. My favorite find was this Christmas sweater vest that had 3D bits (like pom poms) hanging off it, lol.

  6. oh man, 3D sweaters are the best lol. Some have little bells and stuff haha

  7. I haven't worn a Christmas sweater since I was a kid, but I would totally wear that t-rex and the cat sweater! I do love some wacky socks!

  8. Yeah wacky socks are my favorites! I like giving them as gifts too, but some people are more receptive than others. :P

  9. I've been trying in vain to find the perfect tacky Christmas sweater for years... I'm also kinda peeved that since they're A Thing now, sweaters are so expensive!

  10. Haha that's true, though I'm sure if you find a good thrift store there are still some treasures to be found for cheap! I've actually never bought a first-run tacky sweater. Though the dinosaur one *is* so tempting...

  11. that dinosaur one is perfect


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