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26 November, 2014

Weekly Poll: Gobble gobble.

Happy Wednesday, everybody! And happy almost-Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

This glorious turkey clip art via

Since it's a holiday week, let's talk about that! My question of the week:

What are you doing for Thanskgiving? Traveling, cooking at home, eating at McDonald's, what?! Or if you're not in the United States, tell me what you think of Thanksgiving. Do you like the idea of massive celebratory meals? Let's dish.

As for me and Stanny-Stan, we'll be staying home this year and preparing a mini feast for ourselves. Our menu includes:
  • Field Roast (vegetarian protein - kind of like a Tofurky, but way tastier)
  • Homemade cranberry sauce
  • A massive sweet potato casserole with pecans
  • Green beans with ginger peanut sauce (not exactly traditional, but it goes well)
  • Bread and wine (goes with any meal, am I right?)
  • Pumpkin pie

I will make most of this stuff, except for the Field Roast (which just needs to be heated up) and the pie, which is Stan's project. This spread isn't quite as impressive as the ones from my youth, but there are only two of us and only so many candied vegetables we can eat at once, you know? Gobble gobble.


  1. My family and I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, so most of the time we don't do anything special. This year though I think we're going to a friend's house.

    I've never had sweet potato casserole before but it sounds really good! I'll definitely have to try making it some day. I think that's a pretty good meal for just two people :)

  2. My parents and I already had a sort of "friendsgiving" with some close folks where we served up a realllllllllllllll feast--I'm talking smoked turkey, ham, and tons of sides--green beans, sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, sweet rolls, cornbread stuffing, and more. We even had over four different pies to choose from for dessert!!

    For the actual Thanksgiving, we'll be heading to my brother's. He's not one for turkey or cooking, so we'll just be fixing some little side dishes again (like creamed corn and the green beans from our garden). It'll probably be more of an unconventional Thanksgiving than what we just had since my sister-in-law is gluten free. My mom and I are making a few dishes just for her.

    Your field roast sounds really cool. I'll have to look that up!!

  3. Sweet potato casserole is delicious! Assuming you like sweet potatoes, of course. It's a pretty classic Thanksgiving dish but no reason you can't try making it some other time! :)

  4. That sounds pretty epic! When I was a kid my mom would always make two different kinds of pie (for our family of four), but more than one this year seems like overkill since it's just the two of us. I think you can stay sort of semi-traditional, even with a gluten-free diet - it's nice of you to make something special for her! And green beans fresh from the garden sounds DELICIOUS. We could only find frozen ones, unfortunately.

  5. I actually still don't really know where we're eating tomorrow, or even what. The original plans eating at family got cancelled, now they might be back on again but i'm not too sure. So, it might be a McDonalds burger for us lol.

  6. Hopefully you found something a bit nicer than McDonalds in the end! If not, you can always whip yourself up a nice dinner this weekend. :)


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