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19 November, 2014

Weekly Poll: Planning For Planners

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Is it chilly where you live? It's already down to 30° F (-1° C) here. What's up with that?! I think I'm going to do my last "Falling For Autumn" post this week because it doesn't even feel like autumn anymore, sobcrysob. But we can talk more about that later.

This week's question was inspired by the fact that it's already November 19th. Which means it will be December soon, and then a new year. Whoa.

Do you still keep a paper calendar or planner? If so, do you take time to choose the one you want in advance or do you just use whatever's cheap or given to you as a gift?

I still can't get 100% into keeping a digital planner. I do keep my blogging calendar/schedule as a Microsoft Word document, and sometimes I will add things to my Google Calendar so I get e-mail reminders, but that's about the extent of it. I like paper planners just because they're fun to decorate... I even started a Pinterest board partially dedicated to the subject. (Not that mine look SUPER nice, but y'know, stickers. They're fun.) So with that said, I guess I'd prefer to choose my planner for next year, though as of now I don't know which one to get—gulp!

How about you? Are you a picky paper-picky or any anything goes sort of gal (or guy)? Or do you prefer all digital all the time?


  1. I prefer physical planners, but I also like to have a lot of my appointments set up on my phone (particularly doctor appointments) just because I get extra paranoid I might glance over them in my actual planner. The planner I have now is reallllly pretty and focused on having neat little quotes strewn throughout, but I think for next year I'm going to get a bigger planner. (Still a pretty one, though.) I do like Barnes n Nobles' planners--maybe I'll shop there!

  2. Yeah I definitely set google or phone alerts for things I really, really, really don't want to forget. Paper ones sure are prettier though!

  3. I have a blank notebook that I use for blogging stuff and a physical calendar at my desk for appointments etc. Both were given to me for free nothing I paid for lol

  4. Nothing wrong with freebie calendars! When I was a student I tracked all my assignments in a free calendar I got from my bank, lol.


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