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22 December, 2014

Ring in the holidays with a custom #MotoX


Gift shopping can be hard sometimes. Not the physical act of picking things off a shelf (or a website) and paying money, but figuring out what to get for certain people. Some folks are easy to please—I know that giving my boyfriend chocolate for pretty much any occasion will put him into a blissful sugar daze, for example. But what about ultra-picky people or those who buy everything they want for themselves before you have a chance to get it for them? Argh! Well, I have a top-notch idea for you: If you're still scrambling for a gift that's pretty much guaranteed to impress that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, look no further than the Motorola Moto X smartphone. Why the Moto X? Because it's highly customizable, making it the perfect choice to reflect any taste and style. And it has some nifty features too!

Even without the customization options, the Moto X is a formidable device. It has an impressive 5.2-inch HD display and a unique curved design that's meant to fit comfortably in your hand. Even cooler yet, it has amazing voice control abilities and keeps track of your preferences depending on where you use the device (e.g. at home, in your car etc.) The camera also has a feature called "Best Shot" which takes a series of photos before and after you snap the picture to ensure that you get the best shot (get it?) every time. Pretty cool, eh? You can even name your phone and ask it questions. "Where did I leave my shoes, Lanark McGillicuddy?" (Well, maybe stick with questions it can actually answer—the weather and things you've been meaning to search on Google are pretty safe bets.)

To start customizing your Moto X, visit the Motorola website and load up the MotoMaker. The customization process is very easy, but I'll be walking you through and showing how I'd tweak my own so you know what to expect!

The first step of customization is to choose the color for the back of your phone. They have a variety of shades available in a scratch-resistant finish, and even a few natural leather and wood finish options!

Oooh, the wood is pretty. I'm obsessed with all things purple though, so I decided to go for a classic cool purple finish. Next you can choose between a black or white finish for the front—I went with black.

You can also customize the color of the metallic accents on your phone—I also chose a purple-ish color (Metallic Violet), of course. All purple all the time.

Next, you have the option of adding a case. Would it surprise you to learn that I chose the vaguely purple-ish "Cabernet" case? No? Well then. If you don't want an extra case you can also skip this step—totally up to you!

How much memory to get? The Moto X base model comes with 16 GB, which is more than enough for taking pictures, using the internet, and doing other typical smartphone stuff. If you like to keep a lot of music or other media on your phone it might be a good idea to upgrade so you don't run out of room.

The last (and most amusing, in my opinion) step of the external customization is to choose a short engraved message for the back. Most normal people would probably write their real name or initials, but I'm not normal, so what can you do? Be Awesomesauce Jones, of course!

Hmm... or not. How about Rebeccasauce Jones? No, that's not it either. How about...

...Rebeccasaurus! Yes, that's perfect for my shiny new purple phone! Roar. By the way, if you're customizing a Moto X for someone else as a gift, you don't necessarily have to write their name (or crazy nickname). A simple sentiment like "I love you" might be nice too. Or you can write complete gibberish—again, it's totally up to you!

Once your done customizing the outsides of your phone, don't forget to click "More Options" for some internal customization.

Here you can set the wallpaper for your phone, sync it up with your Google account if you're buying it for yourself, choose the color and type of charger you want, and even customize the startup greeting message.

"I like you!" works both as an expression of fondness AND a self-affirmation. Or you could write something else. Or gibberish. Or "I DON'T like you!" (Do people give smartphones to people they don't like? Hmm.) Anyway, like I've said many times before, the beauty of the Moto X is that it really is 100% up to you.

The Moto X has everything one could want from a premium smartphone without the premium price. You can get it from $99 with a two-year contract or from $499 without a contract. This really would make a stunning gift (even if it's just for yourself!)

What do you think of the Moto X? If you were to customize one for yourself or a loved one, what would you have engraved on the back?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. #MotoCheer #CleverGirls


  1. My friend has one of these that she customized herself. The only crappy part is if you use a phone case you cover your design!

  2. That's a good point! From the photos in the MotoMaker it looks like the case you can add on during the customization process doesn't cover the back, but I can see how that would be an issue with a standard case. I suppose the other option is keeping it in a smartphone pouch/wallet!


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