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23 December, 2014

Unboxing | Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014

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Winter is here! The winter edition of the Walmart Beauty Box is here! Funny how those things work.

Not familiar with the Walmart Beauty Box? It's a quarterly beauty subscription box created by—you guessed it—mega-retailer Walmart. For a mere five bucks per season, you get a box filled with drugstore beauty samples (and occasional full-sized goodies too). This is the second Walmart Beauty Box so far as I'm aware—you can check out my review of the previous box here. This box only ships within the USA, FYI.

There haven't been any cutesy themes with the Walmart Beauty Box so far, just... stuff. So far I've seen at least three different versions of the box pop up this season: My shipping e-mail said I ordered the "WMTrendsetrBeautyWinter#1Label" box, if that means anything. Maybe all of the e-mails said that. Shrug. Let's see what was in it!

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder (Card sample, value $0):
A facial powder that supposedly feels like "powderless powder". Um... what? I've tried a couple other things from the Dream Wonder line and liked them, so I'm reasonably optimistic that I won't hate this powder. Of course it's hard to tell what it's really like from this teensy card sample, but at least there's a $1 off coupon on the back!

Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion (4ml sample, value $0.04):
There isn't a lot in this sample, but I suppose it is enough for one determine whether or not they like the scent and/or if it gives them an allergic reaction. This also comes with a $1 coupon on the back. I tried a bit out and it has a pleasant, inoffensive cocoa butter scent. Shocking, I know. The texture is creamy without being super sticky or greasy. Not bad! Wish I had more to try though.

Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off Makeup Removal Wet Cloths (7ct, approx. value $1.39):
Makeup remover wipes are always handy to have around. If not for removing your face makeup,  then for wiping off arm swatches or cleaning up the hot rice you spilled all over your couch. Which totally didn't happen to me yesterday. Ahem. I've never tried these wipes before so I'm glad to sample them!

L'Oreal OleoTherapy Oil Infused Shampoo & Conditioner (2oz each, approx. value $2.81):
A sulfate-free, oil-infused shampoo and conditioner duo for dry and damaged hair. The first oil to appear on the shampoo ingredients list is castor oil, in case anyone's curious, with argan and coconut oil further down the list. In the case of the conditioner, it's sunflower seed oil first, followed by mineral oil, with argan and coconut further down the list. Interesting. I will definitely give these a try... my hair is fine (and thinning, sobcrysob) but also pretty dry and damaged, so finding an everyday shampoo and conditioner set that meets all of those needs can be tricky. Will this be the one? Stay tuned.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream - Light (1fl oz, approx. value $1.60):
Oh lord, this shit again? I swear I got samples of this stuff in at least four different beauty boxes over the spring and summer, and never used a single one of them. "BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream" is a deceptive name—this stuff is basically just a form a self-tanner. If you use self-tanner, great! Let me know in the comments if you like it. But I never do, so I will build a mighty fortress with my unused Jergens BB Body tubes.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 925 - Maple Kiss (Full size/4.2g, value $4.97):
Hooray, a full-sized lipstick! Oh wait, I can't really pull off most lip colors with a brown undertone. Swatch:

It looks a bit more subtle on the lips—more "nude" than it appears on my hand—but still too brown for the likes of pale, cool-toned me. Bummer! For the ladies (or gents) out there who got this color and think they can rock it, congratulations! The formula's not bad.

Total box value: Approximately $10.81

Overall impressions:
Not gonna lie, I wasn't as happy with this box as I was with the Fall box. Part of that has to do with my bias against self-tanner and brown lipstick, but the overall value of the box was much lower this time around as well. Can't argue with the facts, Jack.

I do still appreciate the basic premise of this box: It would obviously be much more expensive for me to run out and grab a full size of those L'Oreal shampoos or Jergens tanner stuff than to sample it in an inexpensive beauty box such as this one. I think Walmart needs to step up their beauty box game a bit though, especially with competitor Target releasing boxes that are 1000% better at $5 and $10 price points. (Check out my review of the $10 Winter Target Beauty Box here.) It also seems like Walmart is still working out their shipping logistics—I remember when I signed up their website said that I wouldn't be billed until my box shipped, but this month I was billed on December 5th and didn't get a shipping notice until December 18th. Not cool, dudes!

That said, I'll be sticking with the Walmart Beauty Box for now. All beauty subscriptions have "off" boxes now and then, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what shows up in my mailbox in the spring!

What do you think of my Winter Walmart Beauty Box? If you subscribe, did you get the same box?

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  1. I got this version too and wasn't incredibly wowed by it either. I think because I don't use lipstick (just gloss) and becausr there was a weird play-doh smell emanating from the box when I opened it. But I did appreciate that they sent out tracking numbers this time around.

  2. I got the same box, I thought the Fall Box was better too. I haven't tried the lipstick and thanks for the heads up that the jergens is a self tanner...I will stay away from that.

  3. Ricki Marking-CamutoDecember 23, 2014 at 4:06 PM

    I also have received a ton of samples of the Jergens BB Lotion. It's not bad, and not really a self tanner. It more evens out skin tone.

  4. The Jergens BB Body Cream contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is the active ingredient in most self tanners. From what I've read it has a more subtle effect than your typical self tanner products (no accidental orange glow), but because of that ingredient I would definitely classify it as a self-tanner.

  5. I'm surprised you haven't ended up with a bunch of Jergens BB body before - seems like a lot of beauty box companies were pushing it earlier in the year, lol. Oh well! I hope the spring box is better.

  6. You make a good point - I forgot that they didn't send tracking numbers last time. Progress! Play-doh smell = not progress though. :/

  7. I don't understand the point of the BB Body Cream :( The lipstick colour is super pretty, but I agree that the fall box was way better!

    amy | michi★mochi

  8. The L'Oreal Oleo Therapy Oil Infused Shampoo & Conditioner sounds interesting! I already use the L'Oreal Ever Cream, but I've been wanting to try out a different one. I've never heard of the Walmart Beauty Boxes before, but they look interesting!

  9. Sarah @ bitsandboxes.comDecember 23, 2014 at 10:07 PM

    This is the third variation I've seen of this box. Mine was totally different and so was my mom's. As for the Jergens BB body cream, you should try it! It doesn't actually turn your skin any color that I've noticed and I'm white as a ghost. It's more of an evening out of the skin tone as far as I can tell. I *hate* self tanners (and don't use them) but I like this Jergens BB cream. I don't use it on my face, only my arms and legs. No one is going to tell you I'm tan but I feel it makes them look better in sleeveless, short dresses. It just takes the edge of my glaring whiteness :D

  10. Same here - wonder if it's only 3 versions this time? I guess we'll see. I referred to the Jergens BB body cream a self-tanner because it contains dihydroxyacetone, which is the active ingredient in pretty much all self-tanning products. After reading up on it a bit I've decided it's an ingredient I don't want to put on my body, which is partially why I avoid self-tanners in general. To each their own though! The reviews I've read about it sound similar to your experience - it gives more of a healthy glow than super-duper fake bake.

  11. Yeah, the name is a bit misleading - BB Body makes it sound like makeup, but it really appears to be a mild self-tanner product for evening out skintone. Sort of strange. Oh well!

  12. Well you can still sign up for the Walmart Beauty Box if you're interested! You probably won't get your first box until the spring though. I think the Oleo Therapy line is new... excited to try it!

  13. Sarah @ bitsandboxes.comDecember 23, 2014 at 10:35 PM

    Ah, that explains it! I didn't realize it was the ingredient itself that you wanted to avoid. I thought it was just because it was a self tanner. Now I have to go look it up...

  14. Well the other part of it is I'm pale and worry that tanners would look weird on me! Not so much the case with this product because it sounds really mild, but I do some have skin safety concerns in general about self tanners. Sorry to potentially make you paranoid! :P

  15. I received the same box! I was told this was supposed to be the best variation. Even though they're drugstore brands, the value is really good for $5.

  16. I think this was the best of the box varieties I saw this time around too. Personally I didn't *love* the contents of this box, but I do think it's well worth $5. I would have been a little more excited if I like the lip color more, I think!

  17. Mine was pretty terrible.



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