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21 January, 2015

Review & How-To | VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron

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As someone with fine hair, I always find it challenging to achieve super-voluminous styles. Heat tools are definitely necessary, but even with your standard hairdryers and curling irons the process can be a bit tedious and annoying. Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on a device that makes creating volume-tastic hairstyles super-quick and easy: The VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron!

The VOLOOM iron is sold in a kit priced at $129.99, which can be paid in one lump sum or three installments on their website. Here's what you'll find in the kit:

VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron

...the VOLOOM iron! Probably the most important part. It also comes with a soft black carry carrying case—not very exciting to look at, but it's worth mentioning that the case is heat-resistant and can double as a resting place for your iron whilst styling.

VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron accessories

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the VOLOOM kit also included some clips and a teasing brush! Sectioning your hair off into pieces is a big part of the VOLOOM styling process (which I'll explain in a minute), so it's nice to not have to go hunting for some.

Now onto the controls. To start using the device, plug it in (duh!) and unlock it using the handy-dandy switch:

Flip the device on its side. Here you'll find the power button and heat controls—I bet you can guess which ones are which.

Press and hold the power button (center, if you didn't figure it out) until the device comes on. If you flip the device again you'll see a temperature readout panel:

I sort of wish this was on the same side as the controls, but what can you do. Use the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature to your liking. I think it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out what's right for your hair, but VOLOOM gives the following guidelines as a starting-off point:

  • Fine/thin/damaged hair: 320-350°F
  • Normal/medium/healthy hair: 350-370°F
  • Thick/coarse/curly hair: 370-390°F

I believe the temperature can also be set a bit lower if needed (starting temperature is 220°F). Personally I would consider my hair "fine" and I thought that 350° was the appropriate temperature for me, but it probably depends on how much hair you have.

Once the iron is hot enough it's time to start styling!

Step one: Start with dry hair. Part your hair as usual and section off the top layer and front pieces of your hair using one of the clips. This is very important, don't skip it! You can always use bobby pins if you run out of clips.

Step two: Section off a small layer of hair under the top layer and clamp the VOLOOM iron very briefly on the hair closest to your scalp. You don't want it to actually touch your scalp (because ow), but get it as close to the root as you comfortably can, quickly clamp down (~1 second), then release. Repeat the process down the same hair shaft for an additional 2-4 inches, depending on the length of your hair. Remember to quickly clamp and release, not pull down.

Step three: Section off the piece of hair you've just treated and repeat with the layer under that! Personally I ended up VOLOOM-ing my hair in about four layers, but YMMV depending on how dense your hair is.

Step four:
Once you've VOLOOM-ed all of the under layers of hair, unclip everything. Ta-daaa! Since you didn't clamp the top layer of hair it will remain smooth and untreated.

VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron how to use

I think the closest comparison I could make with VOLOOM is to a crimping iron, because it basically works by "scrunching" pieces of hair to create volume. The results aren't as harsh or defined as a crimping iron, but it still makes your hair look a bit wavy under the top layer, if that makes sense. Check out VOLOOM's official how-to video to see it in motion:

The model makes it look really easy, and you know what? It actually is. It only takes me a few minutes to do my whole head, which is great because I can be amazingly impatient at times. Here, a comparison photo:

VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Iron before and after

Well, it seems that I no longer have the ability to take pictures in focus and without making weird faces. But the important thing here is my hair! The left side is totally untreated, and the right side has been VOLOOM-ed. Huge difference, right?

Overall, I love VOLOOM. It actually works, and is really quick and easy to use. My only criticism is that I wish the controls and display were situated differently on the handle, but they're not impossible to use as-is, so not a big deal. Love!

What do you think of VOLOOM? Do you have any go-to tips and tricks for getting more volume in your hair?

Disclosure: The VOLOOM kit featured in this post was provided to me for review purposes, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. I did not receive any other form of compensation. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. #iFabboMember #VOLOOM


  1. I love this! I got it to review as well and was so surprised at how well it worked, especially since I have a history of being 100% inept with hairstyling tools.

  2. Yes!! It really is so easy. Whenever I try a hair gadget that does something unusual I always get worried about screwing up, but this is really easy as can be.

  3. You can def see the difference in volume. This is great for people that hair their limp straight hair.

  4. That's so cool! I have really fine hair (but A LOT of it) I'd love to try this!

  5. Exactly! I think even with thicker hair you can get results at the higher temperature settings.

  6. Haha thanks! It usually takes some coaxing for my hair to have volume, so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was.

  7. I'm the same (though a lot of my hair has been falling out recently, sobcrysob). I think if you have more hair you'd just need to do an extra layer or two! Or maybe even just leave the bottom layer alone if you don't want to look ultra-poofy.

  8. Ahh yes, being able to change the temperature is a major plus! I'm sure if I had it at the higher settings it would totally cook my hair.

  9. Awesome that it's easy to use. It looked a bit overwhelming at first. No need for it personally, though. my goal is to flatten the hell out of my way too wild hair. Haha.

  10. This gives great volume! I would love to try this!

  11. Wow, that volume is crazy! I've never seen anything like this product - it's a really cool idea. I'm always looking for more volume (whenever I actually bother to do something with my hair, that is).

  12. Same here. I was impressed with how well this worked! I'm always a little dubious when you see videos like WHOOOSH MAGIC HAIR but it really is very easy to use.

  13. This is definitely something my fine, thin hair needs. If only I wasn't so lazy to begin with... :D


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