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17 February, 2015

How to use CoSign: A new app for monetizing your OOTD/FOTD photos


One of the most-frequently asked questions that seems to come up in blogger forums or chats is "How can I make money?" The question itself is simple enough, but the answer can be sort of complicated depending on what you blog about, what sort of platform you use (text blogging vs. vlogging) and whole slew of other factors. One thing is for sure though: A lot of folks are using social media these days to promote their blogs (or even just as a form of standalone micro-blogging).

Today I'll be showing you how to use CoSign, a free app that allows you to tag products in your photos, share them on social media, and earn a commission if your readers/followers purchase items through your tags! You can use CoSign to tag all sorts of stuff, but I think it lends itself especially well to beauty and fashion photos as a lot of us tend to list the items used in our FOTDs/OOTDs anyway.

To get started, create a CoSign account. This can be done on their website or in their mobile app (which is currently available for Android and iPhone). Once you're logged in, you'll see two main buttons at the top: The menu icon (left side) and the sync button (right, looks like two little arrows). This will sync your collection of CoSign photos in case you've modified them from a different device.

The menu! Here's a brief explanation of what each of these buttons means:
  • My Collection: This is where you can tag, view and share photos. 
  • Camera: Where you can snap a picture of yourself to upload or add a photo from your hard drive.
  • Rewards: Here you can see how many people have clicked on the items you've tagged in the form of "points". I'm guessing the points will be redeemable for some sort of reward in the near future.
  • Bank: This is where you can see which items people have purchased through your tags. If someone purchases an item through one of your tags you'll get a small commission.
  • Settings: You can change your password, add or remove synced accounts, and view the CoSign TOS/Privacy Policy from here.

I'll walk you through tagging a photo step-by-step. First, click "Camera".

Hey look, it's my keyboard! It's a nice keyboard, but that's not what I'll be tagging today. I've been playing with some 60s-inspired makeup looks recently, so I decided to snap a picture of my FOTD and work with that. (You can do some basic cropping and editing right inside the CoSign app if your phone supports it, by the way.)

#CoSignLaunch how to use CoSign android iphone app walkthrough

Hey, it's my face! See the little CoSign logo in the top left corner of the image? If you're using the mobile app, grab it with your finger and drag it to the place you want to tag. Then a little menu will pop up and allow you to search for the product.

I used NYX Milk heavily in my eye makeup, so I tagged that. CoSign isn't just limited to fashion and beauty brands, by the way... they have over 13 million products in their database in a wide variety of categories. Tag your favorite books, pet toys, electronics, whatever!

Want to use your PC instead of your phone? Log into your account on the CoSign website. If you've already uploaded and saved a photo to your account from your phone it should be in your collection ready for you modify and tag, or you can add new photos if you so desire. Click the edit/tag button (looks like a little pencil inside a square) to add more tags. You can drag and drop existing tags with your mouse.

I decided to keep tagging my look on the computer. I was amazed at how much beauty stuff they had in their database... it's not like I tried to find every single thing in my collection, but I was able to find all of the key products I used in my look without problems.

Once you've finished tagging, click the little checkmark box to save your image. Your finished image won't have CoSign tags on it until your readers/followers mouse over them!

Speaking of readers and followers, you're probably wondering how to share these images, right? Click the share button and a menu like this will pop up:

AHH MY FACE IS BEING ATTACKED BY SOCIAL MEDIA! Or not. You can share your photo to any one of the networks represented above, or message it directly to a friend. Just as an example, here's what it looks like when you share to Google+:

The link will take your readers to an interactive image map, where they can explore your photo. If they click on one of the products and buy it, you get a cut! Easy as that!

To keep track of your earnings through CoSign, visit the "Bank" section of the menu. You'll be able to see how many people have viewed and/or clicked each of the items you've tagged, and if they bought something, how much commission you've earned. Once you reach $40 in commissions you can request a withdrawal in the form of Paypal, a check, or a gift card.

And that's all there is to it! To try CoSign out for yourself, grab the app from one of these links:

You can also explore the image I created for this tutorial here, if you want to see the specifics of what I tagged.

What do you think of CoSign? Do you monetize your blog and/or social media accounts?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CoSign, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. #CoSignLaunch


  1. This is def a good tool for making money from blogging. I do FOTD posts on IG often so if I had a larger following I could def see myself making money off this.

  2. Yeah I think it's perfect for people who post a lot of FOTDs with a product list! I think it would work especially well with Facebook or Twitter, because people are more likely to click on external links there anyway.

  3. Hmmm...Maybe I'll check this out in the summer when I have a lot of free time. Let me know how it goes! Right now I keep it simple and only use Shopsense to monetize my blog, but might expand this in the future when I'm able to blog regularly again.

  4. I've actually been meaning to look into Shopsense... is it worth it, in your opinion? I'm a member of a bunch of separate affiliate programs, but it can be sort of time consuming to generate all the links and whatnot.

  5. This sounds like a good app for bloggers! I don't know if I have enough followers for it to work for me right now, but it looks easy enough to use. I might try it out anyway. Thanks for the info!

  6. Who knows, it's worth a shot! I don't think you need to have tons of followers to make money off something like this though, honestly. It probably has more to do with engagement (folks who are commenting, liking etc.) Having a few people who are interested in your photos is better than a hundred that don't care!

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