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12 February, 2015

Unboxing | Birchbox February 2015: Friendship

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Birchbox seems to be getting really creative with their box designs lately. I like that. Of course it's creating a problem for me: Which ones to keep? If I retain them all, I'll turn into a crazy hoarder. Real world problems. Anyway, who wants to see what I got in my box this month?

Unboxing | Birchbox February 2015: Friendship review

Not familiar with Birchbox? It's a monthly beauty and lifestyle subscription box. For $10 per month, you get 4-5 samples, plus the opportunity to review the samples you received for rewards points to be used towards purchases in the Birchbox shop. They're now shipping to Canada too—check out the Canadian site for details.

This month's theme seems to have to do with friendship. Or phones that move and speak of their own accord. Scary.

You're my favorite too, haunted phone. I think this is an interesting (and clever) choice for a month that's usually full of romantic and Valentine's-y marketing imagery: It acknowledges the idea of companionship without annoying the shit out of the single folk amongst their customer base. Smooth move, BB. In addition to the info card, there was also a card with a coupon for $30 off at Rent The Runway (unique code so I won't be sharing, sorry!) and also a code to get a free mini Benefit Porefessional Primer with any full-sized Benefit purchase at Birchbox.com: BENEFITGIFT (expires February 26th).

Enough info card blather, let's move onto product blather. FYI, I opted not to pre-select one of my samples this month because I wasn't really interested in any of the offerings this time. Thankfully, none of them ended up in my box.

Evologie® Intensive Blemish Serum sample Birchbox

Evologie® Intensive Blemish Serum (0.33oz/10ml, approximate value $23.33):
This is a spot treatment that's supposed to zap zits and heal scars. Sounds good, but holy hell this stuff is expensive. There are a few promising ingredients in this—Azelaic Acid is the second one just as an example, so maybe it's not all hype. I'll give it a try the next time my skin has a hormonal freakout.

amika Nourishing Mask sample Birchbox

amika Nourishing Mask (0.7oz/20ml, approximate value $2.24):
An intensive hair mask, AKA deep conditioner. This is the second amika product I've sampled through Birchbox: The first was very fragrant but utterly ineffective dry shampoo. The Nourishing Mask is a bit better... it smells nice and does seem to leave my hair feeling soft and shiny. Not bad, but I don't think I like it enough to buy the full size.

Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal fragrance sample Birchbox

Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal (0.05fl oz/1.5ml, approximate value $1.44):
OK seriously Birchbox, you really need to knock it off with the Juicy Couture fragrance samples. (I feel like I get one every three months? That feels like too many to me.) Hollywood Royal supposedly has notes of andied apple, juicy pear, jasmine, gardenia, marshmallow and vanilla—to me it smells mostly of fruit. It's a sweet, youthful scent that isn't too overpowering. It certainly isn't bad, but these sort of scents really aren't my thing. STOP SENDING THEM, BIRCHBOX!!!

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Birchbox sample

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (0.1fl oz/3ml, approximate value $2.93):
Moisturizing sorbet: For those days when the term "gel cream" feels too common. OK but seriously, ignore the funny name—this is a hydrating gel cream that supposedly is suitable for sensitive skin types. I've tried it once so far and it seems fine. Probably better suited to oily or combo skin types than really, really dry ones. Problem is, I think it's ridiculously overpriced for what it is. Sorry, but pass!

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black (0.07oz, full size, value $16.00):

This is a pen-type liquid eyeliner with a skinny tip. I generally prefer brush tips to pen-style liquid liners because I find them easier to control and less prone to getting patchy and dried out, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The tip is skinny enough that you don't feel like you're scribbling on your eyeballs with a Crayola marker, and it comes out with even pigmentation on first swipe. I've worn it on my actual eyes twice now and it doesn't seem to turn into a smudgefest, so that's also good. I'll have to see how long this lasts before I decide whether it's worthy of repurchase, but my first impressions are good.

Total box value: Approximately $45.93

Overall impressions:

This wasn't my favorite Birchbox overall, but the eyeliner turned out to be a hit, and that's certainly worth the cost of the box by itself. I'm also quite curious about the Evologie® serum, though it needs to be totally miraculous for me to even consider purchasing the full size at that price. Yeesh. But miracles do happen sometimes? (Cue angelic music.)

Intrigued by Birchbox? You can sign up for yourself here. Be sure to use coupon code BBSTORE100 when you sign up—it'll earn you 100 points to use in the Birchbox shop, which is equivalent to $10.

What do you think of my February Birchbox? If you subscribe, did you get any of the same stuff?

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  1. Woo! Haunted phones! I got the Eyeko in a Glossybox not too long ago. I actually liked it but it dried up so quick! I mean, sure, it was a travel size but it should have lasted longer (I felt). Unless you know a secret to keeping liquid eyeliners like this alive longer...

  2. One of the other reasons I don't like felt tip liners is because they dry up faster than brush + well liners. Boo! The only suggestion I have for increasing their longevity is to store them tip down... that way the tip stays moist and doesn't get "clogged" from disuse as quickly.

  3. Yeah, I think i might have made the mistake of putting it tip up until I realized it was drying out then tried the tip down... Just like a Sharpie, I guess :*(

  4. Ugh I can't stand the Juicy Couture fragrances! Also, I love the amika dry shampoo! I bought a full-sized because it was one of the few ones I tried that soaked up all the oil my scalp loves to produce (obviously different strokes for different folks, though).

  5. To me, the amika dry shampoo seemed like a can of very fragrant air: Nice scent but no actual oil absorption properties. Dry shampoo does seem like a personal thing though. Personally I love Batiste, but some other people hate it. Maybe our scalps are oily in different ways. :P

  6. I wasn't impressed with any of the Evologie products I've received, especially for the price point! They aren't bad or irritating on my skin, but they just don't feel like they're doing much.
    And LOL I feel the SAME way about the Juicy scents...how many different scents do they HAVE at this point?! It's getting ridiculous lol.
    And that eyeliner is awesommmeeee!! Totally jealous of that!

  7. The Eyeko liner is def the standout product for this month in my opinion. I have wanted to try that brand for a while.

  8. The Evologie serum I got in this box has some interesting ingredients, but it would need to be completely transformative for me to buy it at that price. Which I suppose is possible. But I'm dubious. And Juicy Couture has way too many scents for me to keep track of, but I'm sure Birchbox has sent me samples of at least half of them, haha.

  9. It's much better than I expected! I think I got an Eyeko shadow pencil from Birchbox a few months ago too, and it was nice, but this is much better.

  10. That Caudalie sample is too cute! There is something about miniature products that make me so happy, haha!

  11. Haha, I suppose it is rather cute! I appreciate it when samples have really adorable packaging. Like for example the samples TheBalm sends out look like they belong in a dollhouse or something. <3

  12. When are they going to stop with the Juicy Couture? It's not a new/exciting product and by now I'm sure the majority of their subscribers have received a sample (or several!!) already.

  13. Yes, seriously! I mean all of the Juicy Couture fragrances I've received have been slightly different, but for the most part they're all light, fruity florals. If you don't like that the first time you're probably not going to like it later!


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