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17 February, 2015

Unboxing | Memebox USA Leaders Mystery Value Box

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When Memebox shut down international shipping I wasn't sure if they'd stop making mystery boxes. I hoped not, because mystery boxes are lots of fun. Well I have some good news: They did release a mystery box last week, which I ordered, and already received! Whoa! Hopefully this means they'll do more in the future. But for now, want to see what was in my first USA-based mystery Memebox?

Memebox USA Leaders Mystery Value Box review unboxing

Unfamiliar with Memebox? They're an internet retailer of Korean cosmetics (and beauty boxes) with a presence in the United States, Korea, and China. They are not a subscription-based service and you can buy boxes (also sometimes called "Value Sets") whenever you choose.

The Leaders Mystery Value Box cost $25 + shipping ($6.95 or free on orders $30+) and promised a mystery selection of items from—you guessed it—popular Korean skincare brand Leaders. There was no info card in the box, so here's what the shop description said:

"Thirsty Thursday is here! Quench your skin's thirst with this mystery value box stuffed with hydrating goodies! To welcome Leaders to Memebox.com, we put together some of their best items into a limited edition super value box. Entice your skin with some of Leaders top notch items and elevate your skin game to another level. Get glorious, glossy, glowing skin with this box. Leaders makes the next generation of premium mask materials that is safe to use and works for all skin types. Leaders Insolution was formulated by the R&D labs of Leaders Clinic dermatologists from SNU (Seoul National University), Korea's #1 University (Go SNU Cranes!). This box contains items valued at $41, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $25. Get it while supplies last!"

Leaders has a US website now, so that's what I'm basing the item values on. Full disclosure: I haven't tried all of these masks yet, but I have tried some Leaders masks in the past, so I feel confident that they're actually better than masks that only cost a buck or two.

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask (2x masks, value $10):
A gel-type mask that's designed to brighten and even out skin tone, plus decrease the appearance of blemishes. One of the key ingredients in this mask is niacinamide, which is really great for skin brightening—very promising!

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Balancing Recovery Mask

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Balancing Recovery Mask (2x masks, value $10):
Another gel mask (all of them are gel masks, actually) that's meant to reduce blemishes, pore size, etc. Sounds good for acne-prone skin or when your face is having an angry, hormonal freakout.

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Orange

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Orange (2x masks, value $8):
This mask is supposedly rich in Vitamin C and AHAs, which help with dull skin. I have my doubts that these are actually acidic enough to really exfoliate, but who knows. I'll definitely test them out!

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato (2x masks, value $8):
This mask supposedly uses lycopene (which is famously found in tomatoes) to treat dull, malnourished skin. LYCOPENE!!!

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Moisturizing Recover Mask

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Moisturizing Recover Mask (1x mask, value $5):
I've tried these masks before, and they're AWESOME for soothing and smoothing dry, angry skin. Which I totally need right now. Retinol + winter radiators on full blast is turning my face into a flakefest.

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Lifting Recovery Mask

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Lifting Recovery Mask (1x mask, value $5):
A mask that's meant to lift and reduce the appearance of fine lines with moisture. I don't care if the effects are temporary—I've got some fine lines on my face and I'm ready to plump them up.

Total value: Approximately $46

Overall impressions:
If we're going by the prices on the Leaders USA website, this box is worth $46, not $41. Yay! Though if we're to look at another retailer of Leaders with slightly more competitive pricing (like iMomoko, which is also based in the USA) then we're looking at a value of more like $37. Less yay. This box is definitely cheaper than it would have been to buy all of the masks individually, in any case—you can get them cheaper per piece if you buy in bulk, but who wants to do that with a bunch of masks they haven't tried extensively? Not me, says I.

I will say that I'm a bit disappointed that there weren't any non-mask Leaders products in the box. Not that I won't use all of these, but Leaders does make other skincare products and variety is the spice of life and all that. I do feel like this box is a good buy for $25 though, and it's kind of hard to beat the order turnaround time now that Memebox is shipping all of the boxes from California—I ordered this on Thursday and got it today (Tuesday). It might have even taken one day less if yesterday hadn't been a postal holiday.  

Oh, and there was a bonus in my box:

Memebox order free samples

I'm not sure if free samples will become the norm for Memebox beauty boxes or if these were thrown in because I also ordered a BB cream at the same time, but either way, getting a little bonus is nice.

The Leaders Mystery Value box is now sold out, but you can browse the boxes that Memebox currently has in stock here. or check out their collection of individual Leaders masks for purchase here. Edit: You can now buy this whole set as a non-mystery value set! Be sure to check out my Memebox Deals & Coupons page to see if there are any applicable coupons before ordering!

What do you think of the Memebox Leaders Mystery Box? If you ordered one, did you get the same assortment of masks?

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  1. I love this brand and their masks are fantastic, but I was hoping there would be...well, more than JUST masks in this box, y'know? Still a pretty fun box overall. It just should have been called the Leaders Mask box instead of mystery box, lol :)

  2. I agree! The fact that they *didn't* call it the Leaders Mystery Mask box (or whatever) made me think there'd be a cleanser or something in there, lol. The plus side: I'm sure I'll use 100% of these masks, which may or may not have been true for random skincare products.

  3. I've never tried this brand before. So is that why Memebox only has a few boxes now and they have all gone up in price? They aren't shipping from Korea to the US anymore? They are not separate entities?

  4. This is basically what happened: Memebox (which was originally just based in Korea) got really popular, so they opened up an office in San Francisco (which was the HQ for the US-only part of the shop). As of earlier this month, Memebox has split into three separate HQs: Memebox Korea (which only ships to Korea), Memebox China (another new-ish office, which only ships to China) and Memebox USA (the San Francisco office). So now all of the boxes you order will be shipped from San Francisco, and all products/boxes on the US shop can only be shipped within the US. A lot of international folks are unhappy because they have no way to order now. And yeah, the average price for the USA boxes is higher. I hope that they figure out a way to do more inexpensive mystery boxes like before out of the USA office, but at this point it seems to mostly be makeup and skincare value sets at a slightly reduced price.

  5. Yeah, I'm not really liking this whole new set up. The boxes are significantly more money and they don't have as much of a variety and abundance of offerings like that did before. That is what I liked about Memebox...they had SO MANY different boxes and the pricing was really reasonable for what you get. Hopefully this is a trial run and they see how this affects their overall business.


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