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23 March, 2015

Unboxing | Vegan Cuts Snack Box March 2015

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You know what always excites me way more than it should? Getting a snack box in the mail. More compulsive mailbox checking occurs on days when I'm supposed to get one than any other mail day, I reckon. Anyway, my postal lurking for the month is now complete—I got my March Vegan Cuts Snack Box last week! Hooray.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box March 2015

Unfamiliar with the Vegan Cuts Snack Box? Here's what you need to know:

  • Vegan Cuts is a monthly snack box containing 7-10 "mostly gluten-free" vegan snacks.
  • The subscription costs $19.95 per month including shipping within the U.S. They ship to Canada for an additional $8 per month and worldwide for an additional $15 per month.
  • They also offer a monthly vegan beauty box for the same price - check out my archives for reviews of past Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes and Snack Boxes.

According to the info card, this month's box features favorite snack picks from Vegan.com. Sounds promising. Note the coupon code at the bottom: MARSNACKS gets you $5 off purchases $25+ in the Vegan Cuts shop until April 30th.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box March 2015 info card

Back of the info card.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box March 2015 info card

These are all picnic-friendly treats! Well, mostly.

Fruigees Fruit Snacks, Kalefornia Grape Funny Face Flavored Dried Cranberries - Choo Choo Cherry

Fruigees Fruit Snacks, Kalefornia Grape (1x 3.5oz pouch, approximate value $1.99):
A fruit snack made with various juices and kale. Imagine a gelatinous grape jam liquid (minus the actual gelatin) and you'd be sort of on the right track as to what Fruigees Kalefornia Grape tastes like. That might sound weird, but it's truly delicious. The seven-year-old in me approves. (Hey, I'm a leap year baby.)

Funny Face Flavored Dried Cranberries - Choo Choo Cherry (1x 0.75oz box, approx. value $2.67):
When I first saw that these were flavored dried cranberries, my thought was... why?! Why indeed. They taste a bit milder than regular dried cranberries, and aren't as tooth-achingly sweet as the kinds with lots of added sugar, but still... something is a bit lacking for me here. I'd rather just have regular dried cranberries.

Ocean's Halo Korean BBQ Seaweed Chips Four Sigma Foods Instant Shiitake

Ocean's Halo Korean BBQ Seaweed Chips (1x 1oz bag, approximate value $1.36):
These are interesting. When I think of seaweed snacks, I usually think of crispy pieces of dried laver with a bit of oil and maybe some sugar and/or seeds... but these are like seaweed-y fritos. They smell super-funky but I think they're actually pretty tasty. I have a strong love for seaweed though. I don't really get "Korean BBQ" flavor from this particular bag... they just taste sort of generally salty and savory to me.

Four Sigma Foods Instant Shiitake (2 packets, approximate value $3.50):
This product confuses me. At first I thought it was some sort of instant mushroom soup mix, but upon further inspection, it revealed itself to be some sort of health tonic meant to detoxify the blood. Except the headline on the product page is "Wanna look pretty? Enjoy Shiitake!" What the what?! Anyway, I tried one of the packets. It was palatable, but didn't taste particularly good. And I don't wanna look pretty today, thanks.

Chic-a-Peas Sea Salt SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips in Chili Lime

Chic-a-Peas Sea Salt (1x 3oz, value $3.99):
Roasted chickpeas in a classic ready salted flavor. These were more on the crunchy side so far as chickpea snacks go... I wish they were a touch less salty, but all in all, they're pretty darn good.

SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips in Chili Lime (1x 1.5oz bag, approximate value $1.32):
Crunchy tortilla-type chips made with kale and chia seeds. I tried these before and thought they were OK, but a bit salty... they also leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Not terrible, not amazing.

Mighty Leaf Teabags

Mighty Leaf Teabags (3x assorted bags, approximate value $1.99):

Mighty Leaf makes high quality teabags, so I was happy to see some in the box. I got one pouch each of Chocolate Mint Truffle, Vanilla Bean, and Marrakesh Mint Green Tea. Delish!

Meatless Select Beef Chunks and Gravy Vegetarian

Meatless Select Beef Chunks and Gravy Vegetarian (1x 5oz can, approximate value $1.08):
Meatless Select, your go-to for canned un-meats that look like unappealing canned meats from the grocery store. Beef chunks and gravy is not something I would have sought out even when I ate meat, so I was a bit reluctant to try this. I'll say this much: The taste was better than I expected, but what I found inside the can was very unappetizing-looking. Imagine loose, wet dog food. I think I'll stick with their vegetarian taco filling next time.

Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter TCHO PureNotes™ Dark “Nutty” 65%

Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter (1x 1.15oz packet, approximate value $0.50):

I'm pretty sure I saw this company on Shark Tank once, haha. This is a natural peanut butter made with little bits of sesame and cranberry in. I don't think I've seen a nut butter flavor exactly like this before? I ate it with a banana and it was delicious!

TCHO PureNotes™ Dark “Nutty” 65% (1 square, approximate value $0.50):

I gave some of these chocolate squares out as stocking stuffers this year, so I think it's safe to say that I like them. This is nutty-tasting, "grown-up" dark chocolate... one square is actually pretty satisfying.

Total box value: Approximately $18.90

Overall impressions:
I think this is one of the more interesting Vegan Cuts boxes I've received so far in terms of product variety. And hey, no protein powders this time! Whoa. My personal favorites from this batch are the Fruigee snack, Ocean's Halo chips and Wild Friends peanut butter. And my number one un-favorite is the prettifying shiitake drink. I still don't really know what to make of that.

To try Vegan Cuts Snacks for yourself, visit here and select your subscription length. Will next month's box contain more powdered mushroom products? Stay tuned!

What do you think of my March Vegan Cuts Snack box? Which snack would you have tried first?

Disclosure: The Vegan Cuts snack box featured in this post was purchased for me by a loved one. I do not receive any form of compensation for my Vegan Cuts reviews. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. Lyla San Jose-NeroMarch 23, 2015 at 9:47 AM

    I normally love Vegan Cuts, but this is my least favorite box thus far. I would never eat those 'beef chunks'-vom! I think I might 'surprise' my non-vegan boyfriend by cooking....ha ha! ( I try to sneak him faux meats and things sometimes to see if he notices. ;) I liked the grape pouch and the nut butter, but that's about it for this month. I personally do not like chili lime flavored anything. They sent me some ProTings in that flavor a few months back and I couldn't finish the bag-same with these chips. The seaweed chips I'm saving for my sister's Easter basket, so that one's a win. I normally really enjoy Vegan Cuts, so I can't be too upset. I think every subscription has an 'off' month and for me this was it. It was probably someone else's favorite month though! :)

  2. The Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter is definitely interesting.

  3. All these look so healthy and nutritious. I've never tried this box, and it does look interesting. That tea brand is one of my absolute favorites, and it's coming from a huge tea drinker. :) Happy new week. XOXO, Elif

  4. I didn't think this month was so bad, but I can see how a couple of the items might be offputting, haha. The "beef" chunks looked absolutely disgusting but tasted OK once I drained the "gravy" off. I put them in chili.

  5. It's tasty! I recommend it if you ever spot it in store.

  6. Happy week! Vegan Cuts usually sends out an interesting variety of foods. I like it! :)

  7. So much good stuff in this box! I love snack boxes, too, especially Vegan Cuts. I have a packet of the Wild Friends Sunflower Butter to try, but the one you got sounds a lot better! The Mighty Leaf Chocolate Mint Truffle tea is also amazing.

  8. Me too. Vegan Cuts is great for me because I basically eat a vegan diet, so I don't have to give away half the snacks to Stan, buahaha. (I still share of course, because I'm nice.)

  9. Is it bad to say I thought the can was vegan cat food? I mean that is what it looks like. :-s

  10. I'll say this: I think if I fed it to a cat, the cat would be very angry with me. And I've seen cat food that looked more appetizing, so....


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