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16 March, 2015

Use It Or Lose It: March 2015 "You're Glowing!" Edition

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If you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably seen the "Use It Or Lose It" posts I do around the end of most months... I've decided to be a bit wild and start posting them in the middle of the month instead. Bold-n-zesty!

Use It Or Lose It You're Glowing March 2015

Unfamiliar with my Use It Or Lose It series? Each month I select a few beauty/personal care items I've been hoarding in my stash, and vow to either use them up and review them or throw them away! This month I chose five items to review. I didn't really have a theme in mind when I was grabbing random products out of my pile, but in looking at the photo now they do all seem to have one thing in common: They all contribute to glowy-looking skin and hair. Well, at least they're supposed to. Shall we see if they were actually any good?

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol (Full size: US $30 for 1oz/30ml):
The names of Paula's Choice products are always such a mouthful, aren't they? I got this serum as a gift-with-purchase when I ordered some other stuff from Paula's Choice. It's an intensive moisturizing serum formulated with retinol, adenosine, Vitamin C and whole bunch of other skin-repairing ingredients. First impressions: This is DEFINITELY best suited to dry skin. If you have oily skin you'll probably hate it, because it can feel a bit greasy when first applied. I ended up using this mostly as an undereye serum, and you know what? I think I really like it for that purpose! It feels lighter than most rich eye creams but still hydrates well.

Would I buy it? Yes, and if I do, I'll try to write a more in-depth review. PS If you're thinking of trying it yourself, don't forget to use my referral link for $10 off your first Paula's Choice order!

LJH (Lee Ji Ham) Dr's Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule (Full size: US $32.50 for 15ml):
I got a sample of this in Memebox a thousand years ago (OK, maybe just last spring) and I finally got around to trying it now. Yes, I'm slow sometimes. The good news is that this ampoule is awesome: It makes my skin feel really glowy and moisturized. There have been some studies done on propolis and its abilities to heal damaged skin, so I'd be curious to see how my skin fares after further use. LJH's propolis ampoule is a bit pricey though, so I ended up purchasing a slightly expensive brand off eBay... hopefully the propolis alone is responsible for the magic?

Would I buy it? If I can't find a cheaper alternative, definitely.

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream SPF 27 PA++ (Full size: US $22.80 for 50ml):
I got this as a free sample with one of my Memebox orders. When I first swatched it my hand, I was like "whoaaaa too dark", but it actually blends out to a nice, natural finish on my pale (NW15-ish) skin. This is why I never really trust photos of unblended BB cream swatches... too many of them have color capsules and other skin activated voodoo. Anyway, this is one of those "one size fits all" BB creams, but I think it would suit light skin tones best. It's a sheer coverage BB, but the texture is super light and lovely-feeling. It smells a bit sunscreen-y but doesn't have the gross white cast that some sunscreen-heavy BB creams have.

Would I buy it? I'm thinking about it. Right now I'm more interested in foundations with moderate coverage, but I bet this would be really nice in the dead of summer.

Kocostar Ggongji Hair Pack (One pack: US $3.70):
Another leftover from many Memeboxes ago. This is one of those showercap-type hair masks, except this one is just designed to cover the end of your ponytail. Sort of an intensive split end therapy/shine increaser kind of thing. The pack consists of a plastic baggie filled with hair serum and a little rubber band—you stuff your ponytail in the baggie, seal it with the rubber band, and wait at least 30 minutes. Unlike other shower cap hair masks I've tried, you don't have to rinse this afterwards—you can just let it absorb into your hair. I was pleased because my hair didn't feel sticky or stringy afterwards, despite the lack of rinsing. Did it make a tremendous difference in my hair? I don't think so, but it did feel soft and smell nice afterwards.

Would I buy it? Probably not, but I wouldn't be upset if I got another one in a beauty box.

Faith in Face Black & White Film Star Hydrogel Mask (One Mask: US $4.99):
Let's be honest here—I bought this mainly because of the packaging. Lookie:

Faith in Face Black & White Film Star Hydrogel Mask

Director: Niacinamide. Light: Green Tea Extract. Camera: Citrus Unshiu Percarp Extract. Me: I DIED! On a more serious note, I am a big fan of niacinamide in skin care for brightening, so this wasn't the most frivolous purchase ever. I haven't had time to translate the full ingredients list, but niacinamide is fourth on the list, which seems pretty decent. Here's the rest if anyone is bored and wants to translate:

Faith in Face Black & White Film Star Hydrogel Mask ingredients

This turned out to be a two-piece hydrogel, and sort of on the narrow side. It actually fit my face really well (including my giant nose), but if you have a huge head you may not be as lucky. Shrug. My skin did look awesome the morning after using, so that's something!

Would I buy it again? Yes.


And thus concludes the March 2015 Use It Or Lose It post: Unintentional "You're Glowing!" edition. This may be my most successful UIOLI to date: I found four products I would definitely purchase and another that I didn't totally hate. Amazing!

What do you think of my March UIOLI selections? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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  1. The hydrogel face mask sounds nice and the hair mask is really interesting!

  2. I haven't tried any of these, but the more I read your reviews the more I really want to try Paula's Choice. Everything sounds great!

  3. Yeah the mask was definitely nice! I would try other varieties from that brand for sure.

  4. DOOO ITTTT! Haha. Seriously though, Paula's Choice makes some really good skincare products. They're especially good if you want products with actives - think AHA, BHA, retinol, Vitamin C etc.

  5. I had a Kocostar Hair Pack lying around and I used it recently too and wasn't very impressed. It wasn't bad, but it didn't leave my hair feeling any smoother or anything.

  6. Yeah it wasn't the most impressive treatment ever. I think it made my hair feel a little softer, but a deep conditioner from the drugstore probably would have done the same thing.

  7. These all look like really interesting products! I haven't ever tried a shower cap mask for my hair (what rock have I been living under?!), but I really want to try one!!

  8. I think the shower cap hair masks are more common amongst Korean brands, but a lot of that stuff is becoming more readily available in the US now. Or copied by American brands. :) Of course you can always DIY it and slather some deep conditioner under a cheap plastic shower cap!


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