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30 April, 2015

April 2015 (not-just-beauty) Favorites

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Happy end-of-April! Boy, this month sure went by fast for me. Time flies when you're having fun (or are just kind of busy, blah).

Today I'll be sharing a few things that I posted about or discovered earlier in April that are extra-special or that I've just been using a whole lot. I guess that makes them favorites? Sure, let's go with favorites.

Paula's Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 ($29)
Check out my original review here. Since realizing that I'm sort of sensitive to Avobenzone (a particular type of chemical sunscreen), I've been on the lookout for mineral-only SPF products (or chemical ones that don't contain Avobenzone, which can be a bit tricky!) This is best I've tried lately by far—it feels unbelievably lightweight, doesn't make skin feel sticky or greasy, and doesn't leave behind a white cast. If you have oily to normal skin and want a good everyday sunscreen, I really can't recommend it enough.

FYI, Paula's Choice is offering free shipping on all orders until May 5th, so if you want to grab samples this is a good time to do it. Don't forget that new customers get $10 off their first order $15+ by shopping through my referral link. And customers both new and old can use code PRIMP20 to get 20% off any one item (not sure when that expires though).

Pony X Memebox Pony Nails Pastels Set ($12 for all 5 shades):
I wouldn't say that Memebox nail polish has the best formula of every polish I've ever tried, but they're surprisingly chip-resistant and inexpensive. (You can read my original review here!) I've been reaching for them an awful lot lately... the colors are just so perfect for spring. And I have a feeling I'll still be using the nude shade (#05/Mellow Daisy, pictured in the center) for several seasons to come.

If you're planning a Memebox haul, don't forget to check out my Memebox Coupons page for possible codes to use! There should be some new ones popping up there in May, but for now WELCOME gets you 15% off any cosmetics purchase and MAKEUPLOVE gets you 15% off any makeup purchase (which should work on nail polish).

Tom's of Maine Whole Care Natural Toothpaste Spearmint ($5.79):
I did a post for Tom's of Maine about Earth Month earlier this month*, which re-introduced me to their Spearmint toothpaste—for whatever reason my local drugstore only ever seems to have the Peppermint flavor. I really, really like the Spearmint one because it's minty and kills bad breath nicely, but not so minty that it makes my eyes water. Am I the only one that happens to? Anyway, I think I'll be going out of my way to find the Spearmint flavor next time.

*FYI The original post was sponsored, but this is not a sponsored mention. I just really like their toothpaste, go figure.

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Orange ($2.75 each)
I ended up with a few of these thanks to a Memebox mystery promotion, and I like them a lot—not sure if they really have any long-term benefits, but they're great for temporarily plumping up and brightening the skin. These are the cheaper version of Leaders' hydrogel masks, and I honestly don't see that much more of a difference with the more expensive variety, so the Coconut Gel Masks with Orange will be at the top of my shopping list if I ever run out of masks (probably not going to happen soon....)

Visting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens during cherry blossom season
I think this is pretty self-explanatory—I mean honestly, when is there a better time to go hang out at the botanic gardens than spring? The BBG has a particularly large number of cherry trees, so it's really stunning around this time of year. Oh yeah, and there's lots of tulips. I love tulips. Check out my post about the Sakura Matsuri festival to see tons of pictures of tulips. More of the cherry trees have bloomed since then, so I'll probably go back for some sexy tree pics sometime soon.

YouTube's new-ish autoplay feature
If you use YouTube with any frequency, you may have noticed that when you reach the end of a video, they automatically play another—cool! Well, sometimes cool. I use YouTube to listen to music and the autoplay feature is great for that in theory, but I think their "related videos" algorithm could still use a little work. Like for example sometimes I'll play a song, and the next video YouTube plays is a live version of that song. Do I want to hear five different versions of the same song in a row? Not necessarily. Or sometimes if I look up a song by somebody really famous, the next video to play will be a television interview or something like that. So yeah, it's not perfect, but it does work well most of the time and I'd much rather YouTube autoplayed something while I'm absorbed in work and just want some noise in the background. (By the way, if you've also noticed the AutoPlay feature and absolutely hate it, here's how to turn it off.)

What do you think of my April favorites? If you have any favorites you want to share, feel free to link or comment below!

Disclosure: All of the items featured in this post were paid for by me (with the exception of the Tom's of Maine toothpaste). Opinions expressed above are honest and my own and I did not receive any form of compensation for this post. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. I bought my first Paula's Choice product! I took advantage of the sale and the free shipping to get the Skin Balancing Oil Absorbing Mask. I've only used it once so far but I've heard so many great things about this line that I'm sure it will give me great results.

  2. I haven't tried that one - hope it works well for you! I've had really good results with Paula's Choice exfoliants, so I was pleased to discover something outside that category that was also awesome.

  3. The Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Orange sound nice and are a great price!

  4. They're really great for the price! A lot more Korean products have been popping up in Sephora and the like recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if Leaders had more mainstream availability soon.

  5. Hehe, nothing better than finally finding a toothpaste you like. You have to taste it twice a day after all! :) x

  6. That's a very good point! Maybe even more than twice, if you eat lots of garlicky food midday. :)

  7. You always have such interesting items and bits of information! I really need to place a large Paula's Choice order because I would love to try that sunscreen among other things.

  8. Thanks! I really do love a lot of Paula's Choice stuff... I just wish the prices were a little lower, lol. Luckily you can usually find a 15% or 20% off coupon, plus the new customer discount....


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