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14 April, 2015

My favorite easy PMS snack (that isn't ridiculously unhealthy) + get a FREE sample of U by Kotex!


All right, ladies: Hands up if you tend to get absurd food cravings around that "special" time of the month. I often end up reaching for snacks that aren't exactly nutrient-dense (unless Doritos have lots of Vitamin D?) but I'm trying to be better about that. Luckily, there is one snack that I really love that's also surprisingly easy to make: Chocolate-covered strawberries! Today I'll be sharing my quick and easy method for making them. Because nobody wants to be standing around cooking for hours when they're in a bad mood.

Easy chocolate covered strawberries recipe

You only need two ingredients for this special treat: Fresh strawberries and chocolate chips. Of course any kind of chopped chocolate will work, but I like to keep things simple. I usually get semi-sweet dark chips—almost any kind of chocolate will work though.


Measure out a bit of chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl. If you're planning on dipping about 10 berries, approximately 1/4 cup (2 oz/57g) of chocolate is a good amount to start with. You can scale that up or down, obviously. Make sure to dry the strawberries after you wash them—the chocolate will adhere better that way.

Nuke the chocolate in the microwave!!!

Well, maybe I should elaborate. If you have a low-wattage microwave I recommend popping it in for about 60 seconds at 50% power. If you have a very powerful microwave, start with 30 seconds. Once the initial nuking is done, take the bowl out and give the chocolate a stir. The chips/chunks will actually keep their shape until you start to move them around a bit, so it's important to heat it in intervals and stir to see how far along the melting process is. I usually stir with a metal chopstick or fork because a spoon will get too much chocolate stuck to it when it's in the semi-melted phase.

Keep zapping and stirring your chocolate in 15 second intervals until it's completely smooth and melted, as pictured above. The hardest part is now over!

If you don't have a microwave, you can also melt chocolate on the stove. This is slightly less easy than just nuking it, but still not especially difficult. Create a double-boiler by boiling some water in a pan, then suspend the chocolate in a smaller pan or heatproof bowl above the boiling water. Stir occasionally as it melts until it's nice and smooth. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Dip the berries!

My favorite way to consume this special treat is to dip the berries right into a big old bowl of still-warm chocolate and eat them then and there, but if you're scared of chocolate drips, you can also dip them and put them on a nonstick baking mat (or wax paper) in the fridge. They should harden up within half an hour.


Eat! And that's absolutely all there is to it. Couldn't be much easier, right? If you measure out a modest amount of chocolate before beginning the melting process, you can relax knowing that you're mostly eating fruit (which is rich in vitamins and minerals) and only a wee bit of less-good-for-you sugar. No regrettable candy binging.

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What sort of snacks do you crave around that special time of the month? Do you tend to eat healthy or go nuts and pig out?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by U by Kotex, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. I will receive a commission if you click the links above. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. #UnderWarrior #SaveTheUndies


  1. YUMMY Can't beat chocolate covered strawberries!!!!

  2. For real! They're so easy to do, but taste so decadent at the same time.

  3. Yeah salty snacks are a definite vice of mine. That's kind of bad during your time of month though, because too much salt makes you extra-bloated! (Not that that always stops me, haha)

  4. doesn't stop me either lol


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