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17 April, 2015

Unboxing | Results of the Memebox Search Seoul Mystery Sale

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Apparently I have no resistance against mystery sales. Memebox did another version of their mystery Easter Egg Hunt earlier this week—this time themed around neighborhoods in Seoul. The travel nut in me simply couldn't resist... what can I say, I'm weak when it comes to things named after places. Luckily I made out pretty well this time! Here's what turned out to be in my mystery haul:

Memebox Search Seoul Mystery Sale review unboxing

With a couple of packet samples thrown in for good measure. I'll break it down item by item and tell you which item I think went with which "neighborhood", starting with the cheapest ones first.

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry

ITEM/APPROXIMATE VALUE: Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry ($3.50)


Hey, a hydrogel mask! I really like Leaders' masks and this type is usually around $3 each, so I'd say I got a great deal. I've been poking around at other people's unboxings on Instagram, and it looks like some folks got varieties other than blueberry, FYI.

Leaders Insolution Dr. Therapy Hand Mask & Foot Mask

ITEM(S)/APPROXIMATE VALUE: Leaders Dr. Therapy Hand Mask & Foot Mask ($5.49 ea.)

SUSPECTED NEIGHBORHOODS: Cheongdamdong & Myeongdong ($2 each)

I believe the hand masks are Cheongdamdong, but I'm not 100% sure. Here we have a duo of moisturizing masks for your hands and feet—very handy (or feety?) This is the sort of thing that I wouldn't necessarily splash out bit bucks on, but is nice to have and use... and two bucks each is certainly a reasonable price.

Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher #01

ITEM/APPROXIMATE VALUE: Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher ($13.80)


Pretty pink cream blush in a cute little compact. I haven't swatched this because I think I'll be adding it to my swap pile—nothing wrong with it, I just have a couple of similar products already.

Skin1004 Centella Asiatica Ampoule 100

ITEM/APPROXIMATE VALUE: Skin1004 Centella Asiatica Ampoule 100 ($30)


And here we have the big ticket item. This is a massive ampoule—100ml. Seriously, that's huge for a skincare serum. I've been wanting to try a Centella Asiatica ampoule, so I guess this is opportune... but 100ml? That takes some serious commitment. FYI the full retail price of this product is around $30, but it seems to be on sale for less pretty much everywhere I looked online... oh well. Seems reasonably-priced at $15, but maybe not as much of a steal as the other items in my mystery haul.



Overall impressions:

I'm pleased with my little mystery haul. I was sort of expecting the $1 and $2 items to be masks of some type, but I was pleased hat I got a hydrogel and body masks instead of plain old boring fabric masks. The cream blush isn't very exciting for me, but it's not inherently a bad item—perhaps better for someone with a smaller makeup collection. And Centella Asiatica ampoules have been on my wishlist of things to try, so that's very fortunate timing!

I'll also say this: I'm really glad there were no tinted lip balms this time (unlike the Easter Egg Hunt), but it would have been nice to see one of the eight million Memebox brand lipsticks in the mix. They're really not bad at all, and they're actually pigmented and stuff. I want more!

What do you think of my Memebox Search Seoul haul? Did you manage to snag any of the mystery items?

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  1. Impressive! You got some really nice items!!

  2. Love the selection you got! I try my best to stay away from mystery sales because I'll probably end up buying stuff so much and going broke haha. It's been a while since I bought something from Memebox though. I saw their recent sale where it was Missha BB cream and Caolion product and might get that 😁

  3. i don't understand the neighborhood thing? How do you know the answer? The coconut blueberry mask sounds nice.

  4. This was a mystery sale like the Easter Egg hunt, but instead of mystery eggs, customers could buy mystery neighborhoods. So on the Memebox site there would be a picture of Hongdae (just an example) and you could buy that for $1, lol. The idea behind the mystery sales is that you get an item that's worth more than what you paid, so I was able to figure out which item went with which mystery neighborhood product listing based on how much they cost in the mystery sale, the original item value, and by cross-referencing them against a couple of other unboxings I saw on Instagram and Facebook. I hope that makes sense!

  5. Haha yeah, if they keep doing mystery sales I'll probably be sitting the next couple out. It's a fun idea though. I always liked the mystery Memeboxes better than the ones where you could see all the contents before purchasing!

  6. Ooh the Centella ampoule! The Gangnam ones were sold out by the time I jumped on, but I got those same masks. I missed out on the Leaders box so I've been wanting to try them...so yay! But I didn't find any extras in there this time :(

  7. No extra samples? Bummer. I think they probably just run out of them sometimes... I placed a few Memebox orders recently and my most recent one didn't have any. Shrug.

  8. ook makes sense now!

  9. A foot mask sounds so interesting, and the price isn't bad either to give it a try. Awesome box!

  10. Foot masks are a nice way to relax! It forces you to put your feet up for a bit. :)


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