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01 April, 2015

Weekly Poll | I Ain't No April Fool!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Have you fallen for any stupid pranks yet today?

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This week's topic was inspired by April Fools' Day, in case you hadn't already figured it out. I had sort of planned on posting a joke product review today, but after seeing my 100th obviously phony product image on Instagram/Facebook I decided that was annoying and not to do it. But some pranks are actually clever—which brings me to my question...

What's the most epic practical joke you've ever participated in (either as the pranker or the prankee)? Or if you can't think of a good one, what's the most epic prank fail you've personally encountered?

I used to live with a group of roommates who took pranking each other when they turned 30 very seriously, so I had a hand in many diabolical schemes. (And since I was the baby of the group and only in my early 20s at the time, I never fell victim myself.) One of my funniest memories though was a simple joke my roommate tried to play on me that just totally failed....

Back in those days I lived with a guy named James. I happened to be home one day and sitting in my room very quietly looking at my computer, so he didn't think I was home. As I was sitting there, I heard the door creak open... someone was peeking through the crack. I couldn't see who someone was because of where I was sitting in relation to the wall, so I decided to let whoever the someone was keep opening the door and be surprised. Surely enough, the door swung open and there stood James, holding an unbelievably filthy snow shovel. His facial expression quickly turned from glee to dismay.

"I... I didn't realize you were home!"

"Hi James! Whatcha doing with that shovel?"

"Um, nothing...."


"...I... I was going to put it in your bed."

And thus, the sheepish retreat. It's good that his practical joke failed, because if I had come home to find a muddy shovel in my bed I probably would have murdered him. So I guess my favorite practical joke gone wrong story is also a heartwarming tale about murder prevention? Yay!

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