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15 April, 2015

Weekly Poll | Morning Glow

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Hey Americans, are your taxes done yet? Don't feel too bad if they aren't—I finished mine at about 1 AM. The late bird gets the worm? Paying taxes gives you worms? Or something.

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This week's question was inspired by many other beauty blogs. Well, the lack of a certain type of information on other beauty blogs. I feel like a lot of folks post in great detail about their nighttime skincare routines, but it's rarer to find a comprehensive post about someone's daytime routine. So today I ask you...

How long do you usually spend on your morning skincare routine? Is it longer or shorter (or the same) as your nighttime routine?

My nighttime skincare routine can be a rather lengthy affair, so I try to keep things simple in the AM. (Someday I'll write a comprehensive post about this myself, but not today.) Basically I do the following:
  • Quickly wash my face with a gentle foaming cleanser
  • Apply a Vitamin C serum or first essence (I alternate on different days)
  • Apply a moisturizing serum of some kind
  • Apply a light moisturizing lotion or emulsion (maybe a richer one in the winter)
  • Apply sunscreen

And then it's time for makeup. I would estimate that the process outlined above takes maybe 10-15 minutes... is that a long time? Or a short time? I'm not sure sure, actually. How does it compare to yours?


  1. Do you use eye cream during the day too? Just curious. I like using eye creams at night, but some are too heavy to wear under makeup during the day...

  2. I think I wrote that wrong. My night routine is a little longer than my day routine but not by much as I just do a mask in place of the cleanser/toner some nights and use an exfoliator instead of a normal cleanser/toner at night. I use the same eye cream for day and night. Its the Instal Natural Gel one that I reviewed recently. So, yes regardless of the eye cream, I usually use it day and night.

  3. Ahh, gotcha! I remember that review. That makes sense... I think most gel creams would be less likely to make your makeup slide around.

  4. Mine is about the same morning and night. I just use different products. Sometimes, I will add an extra moisturizer over my serum at night, but I usually don't need one. The main difference is that I use spf every day. Since time plays such a role in how many products I use, sometimes spf is all I have time for in the morning!

  5. SPF is definitely an important step! Luckily a lot of moisturizers have SPF built in (or sunscreens have moisturizing properties) so it's possible to multi-task.


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