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06 May, 2015

REBECCA ASKS | Different social media, different shares?

I've been meaning to re-name the Weekly Poll ever since I started it in... oh... what was it... 2013? It's not a very good name. And it finally just occurred to me that I should call it "Rebecca Asks". I am the one doing the asking, after all. Is this an improvement? Let me know what you think in the comments. It's hard for me to tell because I've always been notoriously bad at naming stuff. Back when I was taking creative writing classes at university in the year 300 BC, my classmates would rag on me for handing in some completely insane science fiction story and then titling it something bland like Robot Story. I don't know, maybe I need help. But in any case, the Weekly Poll is called "Rebecca Asks" now.

I don't know what's going on in this clip art, but it seems dangerous. Via

And now for the real topic!

Most of us are on at least a couple of different social media networks these days. Do you use different networks for different purposes? If so, how?

I was trying to explain to my boyfriend the other day why/how I share different stuff on different platforms. I think the only real rhyme and reason behind it is that you can write longer captions in some places than others. I like explaining things. (Robot Story!) Like for example, this is roughly how I use the major networks:
  • Twitter: Share my blog posts, RT other people, occasionally share deals or interesting articles
  • Facebook: Share my blog posts, share articles, share lots of deals/sales
  • Instagram: Share bits of my daily life, mini beauty reviews (which may or may not be linked to a blog post)
  • Snapchat: Act like a total maniac when the mood strikes

Etc. etc. I sure wish that Facebook would actually show my posts to more than a third of my followers at a time though... it's still the best place to write nice, long captions. So how about you? Do you mix it up or try to share the same things everywhere?


  1. I use twitter mainly to share blog posts too. I interact most on Instagram and post fotd and pictures etc and facebook I have the ability to write more words.

  2. I really like "Rebecca Asks" as a title because I associate HPB with you and your personality. It would be different if you were going for a less personal style, but this totally makes sense to me. Urgh--I struggle with titles, too. Thankfully it takes me so long to actually complete writing projects that eventually there's a magical moment in the shower where it all comes together and something at least ok can be hatched.

    I totally use social media in different ways. It's part of why I don't autopost across networks usually. I've actually considered spending, like, $5 to promote certain posts I make on Facebook--it's like, hey, this is a freaking awesome review, come and read it, people. ahahaha I have a feeling that the net gain would be nil, but some posts just deserve attention imo. I still don't know how to use Pinterest, but I really like yours btw!

  3. Cats! Cats go on my IG! Lol. I don't have a blog so what I share is just silly nonsense like what coffee im drinking and what's makes me mad! But I do post different content on different platforms. But I'm boring so whatever, ha. I like the new name though, it works with what I consider be a more personality driven blog. I like reading you and Fanserviced because you both put your personalities in your posts.

  4. Instagram - tied in with my blog plus other pretty little things
    Snapchat - the randoms that don't make Instagram and videos (because I don't like videos on my personal IG feed, I'm weird)
    Twitter - links to my blogs, other blogs, and convos with everyone
    Blog Facebook page - rarely used aside from Bloglovin' posts, but trying to get into it more
    Pinterest - my posts and pretty things, food that makes me drool, etc.

    I think that is it. I don't know how I have anything left to share at the end of the day... ;)

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  5. I really like using Twitter to see if any new posts have been put up actually! Instagram I use just for product pictures and any other random pretty things I find though out my day. I think the main platform I use to keep up to date with blogs is bloglovin' and it makes me so sad when I find a new blog with no bloglovin' button.

  6. Did you know that you can manually add blogs to your Bloglovin feed? Just search the URL at the top and you should be able to find a listing for pretty much any blog, even if the owner doesn't have an account. But yeah, it's annoying when they don't have a button. I don't think Bloglovin' is the standard for *all* blogs, but I feel like most fashion/beauty bloggers are using it these days.

  7. Me neither, lol. I'm always surprised that I can actually think of new photos to take for Instagram and Snapchat, haha!

  8. Haha yes! I don't have cats, but I always stalk my mother's and post pictures of them when I visit her, lol. I think a lot of folks use Instagram as a micro-blogging thing now. Because there's plenty of room to rant in the captions. :)

  9. Yeah it's hard to write a lot on Twitter! Posting Tweets is always a process for me because I usually have to edit them down, lol.

  10. I am also an anti-autoposter. Even I'm putting the same shit on different networks, I might use a slightly different image or caption or whatever. Autoposting feels so robotic (and often leads to annoying duplicate posts). I know what you mean about Facebook... sometimes I have something really good to share and I'm like "PLEASE LOOOOOOK!" Thing is, I'm still not convinced that paying for a Facebook ad would result in good attention. I mean I'm sure they'll show my ad to people, but will they be people who actually care about ___? Thinking about it makes me mad.


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