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30 May, 2015

Unboxing | Splendies Underwear Subscription - May 2015

Bought It

This is probably way TMI, but I'm in serious need of new underwear. Problem is, my favorite style was discontinued a while back, so I find myself floundering in a sea of panty options, unsure which ones will behoove my bottom. Thusly, I decided to give Splendies (a subscription service that sends you random undies each month) a try!

May 2015 Splendies panty underwear subscription box (size XL)

Unfamiliar with Splendies? Aside from it being a way to try ladies' undergarments, here's what you need to know:
  • Splendies is a monthly subscription that sends out three panties per month in assorted styles. When you sign up you can indicate whether you're down with thongs, but beyond that, it's a total surprise. (I went for the no thongs option, personally.)
  • The subscription is priced at $13.99 per month, including shipping within the United States. They also ship to Canada and worldwide with monthly rates of $20.99 and $22.99 respectively. Use coupon code SPLENDIES to get $4 off your first month.
  • Random cheap panties not your thing? Splendies also has a new subscription called LUXE, which sends out premium panties instead. That's not what I'm reviewing today, but I figured I'd mention it.
  • Splendies is currently available in sizes S-XL. If you wear a plus size, you're not totally out of luck though—they also run a similar service called Volupties (available in sizes 1X-3X) for $17 per month.

The Splendies site suggests ordering a size up if you're in-between sizes, so I ordered XL instead of my usual L. I think I'm a Large according to their size chart, but I dunno, I have a round butt, so better safe than sorry. (TMI? This whole post is probably TMI.)

Moving on from my butt... my undies of the month arrived wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper.

May 2015 Splendies panty underwear subscription box (size XL)

As I said earlier, I opted for the "no thongs" version of Splendies. As promised, no thongs darkened my doorstep—instead I got a cheeky bikini, a regular ol' bikini, and a hipster panty.

Bijou Intimates Lace Cheeky Bikini
I love the color of these, but to be honest, I'm not crazy about the style. (Round butt, remember?) The good news is that they fit me well and have a good bit of stretch to them, meaning they don't ride up my ass like crazy. Hooray?

Jennifer Intimates Lace Bikini
I love the color and style of these the most out of all three styles I received, but unfortunately they run really small. So small that they do not cover my round butt, in fact. I actually found an old pair of size Medium underwear from Target in my drawer, and when I held them up for comparison, they were pretty much the same size. Um... no.

Pefection Lace Hipster
I wasn't in love with these when I first took them out of the package, but they look better on. They're also comfortable too.  No ass riding FTW!

Overall impressions
I have mixed feelings about my first month of Splendies. On one hand I did receive a couple new pairs of underwear that are cute and comfortable, but on the other, I find the sizing inconsistency a bit worrisome. Also, I really would have appreciated a broader variety of styles... here we've got lace, lace, lace... but what about cotton? Satin? Anything that isn't at least half lace? I'd even take one that just has lace trim.

In any case, I'm going to give Splendies at least one more month. I don't feel wowed at this point, but I'm not sorely disappointed either—and the two panties I got that did fit seem well worth the price.

If you want to try out Splendies or Volupties for yourself, you can subscribe here. Use coupon code SPLENDIES to get $4 off your first month of Splendies or VOLUPTIES to get $5 off your first month of Volupties.

What do you think of the undies I got in my first Splendies box? Do you like the idea of getting surprise underwear to try, or would you rather pick out specific styles?


  1. Oh, I need new undies too! Those are so cute and colorful!! Yet, I am hesitant about monthly boxes of intimates. Like you said, the sizing varies. Fabric matters too. I don't like stiff and itchy! LOL

  2. Yeah same here! Luckily the lace on these panties was of the soft and stretchy kind, not itchy and gross. Who knows though... I guess we'll have to wait and see what the mailman brings next time!

  3. This seems like a cool subscription. You can never have too many pairs of underwear! I love lace but agree that it would be nice if that gave you more variety if that is what you want.

  4. Yeah, extra undies are never bad! I'm going to give it at least another month to see if they send a wider variety of styles.

  5. I just wrote my first post in months. So now I don't feel too guilty to blog surf. Ahaha. Good to be back. And just in time to see panties. God, I hate cheekies. IF I WANTED IT TO RIDE UP, I'D GET A THONG.

  6. Welcome back! Glad to greet you with my underwear? And yes, I feel the same way about cheekies. Maybe they stay in place better on people with different butt shapes? I don't even know.

  7. Never heard of this subscription box before. All of the items you got in this box look like they would all fit differently. I think the variety must just be in the cuts of them, but I would be annoyed with just lace too. Definitely interested to see what you get in the next one.

  8. Yeah I suppose it's good that they sent undies with a variety of cuts... but if I had to choose between a variety of cuts vs. fabrics, I would take fabrics. Honestly, I wear bikinis more than anything else... but I guess part of the fun is trying new styles.

  9. I've never heard of an underwear subscription box! I'm torn because I like the surprise angle and the idea of this, but I think I'm way more particular than I'd like to admit about many things, including the cut, fit and fabric of my underwear. I'm curious to see what you get next time! Because I'm so particular (and slightly insane) I just recently made some DIY underwear and I plan to make more. I made a pattern from my favorite pair and it went very well!

  10. I can be weirdly picky about undies too, but I'm hoping maybe I'll discover some new styles this way that I would have otherwise ignored. Also, I am VERY intrigued by the concept of DIY underwear, haha! Not sure if you plan on blogging about it, but I would find it interesting. :)

  11. The DIY underwear were actually pretty simple! I wasn't going to blog about it just because I made them on a whim and didn't document the process. Maybe if I do it again! This video inspired me, but I changed a few things for mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9yo1DMNBcs

    (and you don't have to buy fabric necessarily - I repurposed a bunch of tank tops and shirts!)

  12. Very cool! I like the idea of repurposing old shirts and stuff. Lord knows I have about 800 t-shirts I never wear.


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