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16 June, 2015

Unboxing | Beauty Box 5 June 2015: Bon Voyage

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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the past month has gone by so fast. I felt like I was writing about the last Beauty Box 5 just days ago... yes, I measure the passage of time through beauty boxes. Anyway, the June one has arrived, and I've already had time to play with all the contents a bit—gulp! Guess that means it's almost July. Or the year 2021. Almost. Sort of. But while you're counting down the days in the meantime, why not take a look at what was in the June BB5?

Beauty Box 5 June 2015: Bon Voyage review and unboxing

New to Beauty Box Five? It's is a subscription service for sampling beauty and personal care products. Each month, subscribers get 4-5 beauty products from a wide variety of categories—think haircare, skincare, makeup, etc. BB5 costs $12 per month if you subscribe on a monthly basis, with discounts on longer subscription periods. An annual subscription costs $99 for example, which works out to a mere $8.25 per month. Prices include shipping to the USA lower 48, and Canadians can subscribe too for an additional $3 monthly shipping charge. You can read more about the particulars in their FAQ and check out my reviews of past boxes here.

This month's theme was Bon Voyage. Seems appropriate, what with it being vacation season and all. Here's the info card:

Beauty Box 5 June 2015: Bon Voyage info card

Have glam, will travel... but have too much glam to fit in travel bag. Oh no! Uh, anyway, let's see what was in the box this time.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara in Black sample

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara in Black (3ml/0.1oz sample, approximate value $5.50):
I'm sure everyone reading is familiar with makeup brand Urban Decay, yes? Perversion supposedly has a "ultra-creamy, lengthening, volumizing formula" that's "so intense you might need a safe word." Um... OK. Doesn't sound like something I want near my eyeballs, but I tried it anyway. For SCIENCE! Here are the results:

L: Before - R: After 2 coats

The formula is a bit on the wet side—as you can see, I accidentally got a bit on my eyelid (which I totally didn't notice until after I took the picture, haha.) It definitely adds length to my lashes, but I can't say that I found the formula overly creamy or volumizing. In short... meh. Didn't love it, but it's better to sample it through a beauty box than to waste money on a full size.

Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Bruton Lane

Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Bruton Lane (Full sized/10ml, value $9.50):
I think subscribers received one of several Nails Inc. shades at random this month. Bruton Lane is a very glossy, creamy peach shade—cute! And definitely appropriate for the season. I haven't worn this on my actual nails yet, but it swatched nicely on my swatch sticks:

Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Bruton Lane swatch

You're looking at two coats there. First impression: Not bad!

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash (1.2 fl oz, approximate value $0.40):
Herbal Essences is another brand I think everybody and their grandma is probably familiar with, yes? Hello Hydration body wash is something I've tried many times before—it's inexpensive, available at pretty much every drugstore in America, and smells sort of like coconuts. It's not my favorite body wash ever, but there's nothing really bad to say about it either. I suppose travel sized body wash does sort of fit with the "Bon Voyage" theme of this box—1.2 oz is plenty small enough for your TSA liquids bag!

LOL Cosmetics Rotational Eye Shadow Palette in So Rosemantic

LOL Cosmetics Rotational Eye Shadow Palette in So Rosemantic (Full sized, value $4.99):
A compact little palette with six purple/pink shades. Unfortunately one of them shattered in transit, but there was still enough left to swatch, so here you go:

LOL Cosmetics Rotational Eye Shadow Palette in So Rosemantic swatch swatches

All swatched over Etude House Proof 10 primer. Pretty! Well, pretty glittery, at least. I was honestly sort of surprised at how nice these shadows looked—I've never heard of LOL before, and if we're being 100% truthful here, the packaging is sort of reminiscent of cheap white label makeup you'd get at Claire's or someplace like that. I still don't really know anything about LOL—the package lists a couple of distributors in France and Australia, but beyond that... shrug. You can buy it on Amazon though, and it's very inexpensive.

Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water sample foil

Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water sample foil (0.006fl oz, value $0):
Drugstore brand Simple's version of a micellar water (AKA all-in-one cleansing water). I have nothing to say about this sample, because there's not really enough in the packet for me to properly give it a try. It comes with a $2 off coupon, but otherwise, disappointing.

In addition to the samples, there was also a coupon code in this month's box:

I don't know anything about Gorge Hair, but that's a pretty significant discount, so I thought I'd share.

Total box value: Approximately $20.39


Overall impressions:
I have mixed feelings about this month's Beauty Box 5. On one hand, it's exciting to see them sending samples from well-known mid-priced brands like Urban Decay and Nails Inc., but on the other, the practically nonexistent Simple sample is sort of a joke. It was also a little disappointing to get a shattered eyeshadow, though I'm sure BB5 would send replacements to their customers if they requested it. With all that said, I do like that Beauty Box 5 has been featuring more makeup brands recently, so I'd love to see that trend continue.

What will next month bring? Stay tuned! And in the meantime, you can subscribe to Beauty Box 5 for yourself here.

What do you think of this month's Beauty Box 5? Which sample would you have been most (or least) excited about?

Disclosure: The box featured in this post was provided to me for review by Beauty Box 5, however any opinions expresed above are honest and my own. I did not receive any other form of compensation. Some or all of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on them. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. Beauty Box 5 has never managed to impress me. Ever. :\

  2. It's definitely the year 2021.

    Also, I got the same LOL colors in my palette and they are SO PINK.

  3. I'm not loving this box either. I did like the Perversion mascara but its def wet and not for everyone. That shadow palette kinda looks cheap to me.

  4. This did seem like a rather odd box. Never heard of that LOL brand, and I have found several $2 off coupons for the Simple Micellar Water in magazines.

  5. Lyn (Cheap As F*ck)June 17, 2015 at 9:44 PM

    It's funny how different people's lashes are. That Perversion mascara works great for me. Nice and fluttery and thick. But then I don't have as nice lashes as you do to begin with. The way yours wing out at the corner is almost like false lashes! I also got a sample of that micellar water in the mail, and it was pretty silly. Not even enough to clean half of my nose. What was I supposed to learn from it?

  6. Haha! I feel like they've started sending somewhat better stuff over the past few months, which is a trend I hope continues...

  7. Haha yes, definitely pink. And GLITTER. 13-year-old me would have screamed with joy.

  8. The shadow palette is cheap - I think it only costs $4? It's not the most amazing eyeshadow ever, but it was honestly a lot better than I thought it would be. The packaging is so cheesy I thought it would be awful, but it's really kind of average... very glittery though.

  9. Same here! Simple is usually pretty good about releasing coupons. I like coupons.

  10. Yeah I've had that experience with other mascaras too. I felt really meh about Too Faced Better Than Sex for example, but a lot of people swear by it. Oh well. AND YES, the micellar sample is ridiculous. It's supposed to teach you that micellar water is... wet? Argh.

  11. A peel off sample for a cleansing water. Hmmm. I would find the coupon useful, though.
    Time has been flying so fast that it is definitely 2021.

  12. Hmmm indeed. I do like $2 off coupons though. I sort of wish it was applicable to other products besides the micellar water though - I think Simple just came out with a cleansing oil? Curious about that.


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