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01 July, 2015

REBECCA ASKS | Dear Rebecca....

Happy Wednesday (and July), everbody! My apologies for being blog absent this past week—been having some issues with migraines, which of course makes it hard to stare at the computer. Things seem better now, thankfully.

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My unintentional period of computer avoidance got me thinking:

When's the last time you hand-wrote a paper letter? Not a Christmas card or postcard, but an actual letter.

I was super into pen-palling and stuff like that up until my early twenties or so, but now I'm hard-pressed to think of the last time I wrote a proper letter. I still send out holiday cards and "thinking of you" cards, but a letter? With multiple pages and stuff? Hmm. I can tell you that I definitely wrote some paper letters to my boyfriend in 2010, because I was staying in New Zealand at the time and missed him terribly (and somehow e-mail didn't seem like enough). Since then... I'm not so sure. My handwriting is terrible now, by the way. Probably because I type instead of writing everything by hand. Go figure. Perhaps I should get a pen pal and revive those skills?

How about you? Got any long letter friends?


  1. A friend from college writes me letters so I, of course, love to write her back a 5 or 6 page response! I don't have fancy stationery like she does, but I do have nice handwriting! None of that really matters though, when you are just glad to hear from a friend :) Sorry about your migraines, btw! They are such a nuisance, I know.

  2. It's great that you still keep in touch with your college friend that way! I'm still in touch with some people from college and grad school, but they all seem to prefer to use Google chat or Facebook (not even full-fledged e-mail!) I think what you write in the letter is more important than the paper... not that cool stationery isn't fun. :) And yeah, migraines SUCK!

  3. I have a friend who loves snail mail, and we used to write hand-written letters to back and forth, but has probably been a year or two since we last wrote each other. I think the last time I wrote an actual letter was to my grandma about a year ago.

  4. Aww, it's nice that you wrote to your grandma. I still send snail mail these days, but it's usually shorter greetings... things like cards and postcards. When my grandma was still alive I'd send her short hand-written cards once in a while and she bragged about it to everybody, haha.


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