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18 September, 2015

5 tips to help you wake up (from a non-morning person)

Here's a personal factoid that's a bit of an understatement: I am not a morning person. Even when I'm not suffering from insomnia, there's something about getting out of bed that's just really, really challenging for me. Maybe I should invest in scratchy, horrible blankets? Or try to give myself nightmares so I don't doze back off once I wake up? I don't know. In any case I do actually have to get up and work most days, so today I'll be sharing a few of my coping strategies for surviving the morning and escaping Bed Mountain. (It's not nearly as treacherous as it seems once you're fully awake.)

5 tips to help you wake up (from a non-morning person)

The easiest way to keep yourself from slipping back off into dreamland is to get your body moving! Eventually your brain will catch up. (Well, mostly catch up in my case.) If the idea of getting up and going for a jog first thing in the morning causes you to cower under the covers, try five to ten minutes of simple stretching instead. Do a search for “beginner stretches” or something similar on YouTube if you're not sure how to get started. Speaking of which….

Even if you don't need video guidance to get stretching, watching a TV show or video can help you focus on something other than diving back under the blankets and wake your brain up faster. I'm a fan of sitcoms for this purpose—each episode is only 20 minutes long, the stories aren't too complicated for my sleep-fog brain, and once I'm laughing I'm definitely not going to fall back asleep!

Certain scents make a big impact on my mood, so I always keep essential oils around. I've been using Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™. Grapefruit oil as my pick-me-up lately—something about the clean, tangy scent of grapefruit is just really refreshing and energizing to me.

If citrus isn't your thing, there are a number of other Earthly Elements™ oils to suit any mood:

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On really stressful mornings I might reach for a more calming oil instead, like lavender or eucalyptus. Of course the beauty of essential oils is that you don't have to use just one—you can make a blend to suit your mood! Here are few suggestions to get you started:

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I usually put my oils into a diffuser to scent the room, but you could even mix a few drops into your favorite massage oil or lotion. Just remember that citrus oils can be a bit photosensitizing, so make sure to rub it where the sun don't shine!

Speaking of citrus, one of my favorite energizing beverages is lemon water. I find that I'm less likely to get caffeine headaches if I drink a giant glass of water before ingesting any coffee, so I try to always keep some ready to go in the fridge. It's really quite easy—I just wash the outside of a couple of lemons thoroughly, cut them into slices, toss them in a pitcher, and fill it with tap water. It's not fancy, but it tastes delicious!

One surefire way to make sure I get out of bed on time is to promise myself something I really, really want—but it can only happen in the morning. What that should be depends on your habits and preferences… maybe it's trying out a new blush you bought recently. Maybe it's eating chocolate peanut butter on your toast. Maybe it's a stimulating workout. Maybe it's one of the things on this list, like watching a TV show you love or experimenting with new essential oil blends and meditation. No matter your pleasure of choice, treating yourself to something at the beginning of every day is a great way to make sure you get off on the right foot.

For more information about Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™, visit EarthlyElements.com or look for them at your local Walmart. And be sure to check out this 10-minute survey—Nature’s Bounty® will be giving away a $5 Walmart gift card to the first 100 people to fully complete the survey. (U.S. citizens only, must be 18 years or older to participate.)

Do you have any tips and tricks for waking up in the morning? Which of the Earthly Elements™ essential oils would you choose to start your day? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nature’s Bounty®. All opinions are my own.  For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.

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