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15 September, 2015

Zarbee's at Target: Where to find it + get $4 off in September!

Planning a trip to Target in the next couple of weeks? As I mentioned in yesterday's post about self-care tips for the self-employed, Zarbee's Naturals Vitamin Drink Mix is on sale at Target until the end of September as part of their Made to Matter program. If you're not familiar, #MadeToMatter is Target's special curated collection of organic and non-toxic products, so it makes perfect sense that Zarbee's would be included—they specialize in cold remedies and supplements that are free of drugs, alcohol, gluten, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and artificial dyes.

Zarbee's at Target: Where to find it + get $4 off in September! #DrinkForYourself #Zarbees #MadeToMatter

The past 31 years of life have taught me one very important thing: If I'm not careful, I will always get sick in the fall. I'm serious—I can think of a few years in my late teens/early twenties where I got bronchitis three or more times during fall and early winter. That kind of sucked to be frank, so now that I'm a responsible adult I take extra preventative care (like hand-washing and immune-boosting supplements). And where better to stock up on all of those things at once than...

...TARGET! Everybody's favorite glowing bullseye.

The road to Zarbee's is a relatively simple one: Head over towards the pharmacy section and look for the cough, cold and flu aisle. (In my local store it's the closest one to the counter.) Ta da! Zarbee's galore, right at the top of the shelf.

Zarbee's at Target: Where to find it + get $4 off in September!

Even better, you should be able to find $4 off peelie coupons on select 10-count boxes of Zarbee's Vitamin Drink Mix! I also spotted a few 5-count trial packs on the shelf (sans coupon) if you're more of a flavor dabbler.

Just as a quick refresher, here are the different types of Zarbee's Vitamin Drink Mix you'll find on currently find on Target shelves:
  • Antioxidant Support with Honey
  • Invigorating Blend
  • Multivitamin with Antioxidant
  • Calming Blend
  • Immune Support
  • Multivitamin with Prebiotic      

For more information, visit the Zarbee's Naturals website or browse their offerings on

Oh, and while you're shopping I highly recommend giving the Dollar Spot a browse—looks like Target is getting ready for fall a bit early too!

Gobble gobble.

Are you ready for fall? Which Zarbee's Vitamin Drink Mix flavor would you like to try first?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Zarbee's, however any opinions expressed above are of course honest and my own. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. #DrinkForYourself #Zarbees

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