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29 October, 2015

My Fall/Winter Purse Essentials


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True story: I used to be one of those people who carried a massive duffel bag-sized purse everywhere. The good part about carrying a gigantic purse is that you tend to have everything you could ever possibly need hidden somewhere in there. Hard candies? Of course! Sixteen different kinds of lip balm? Obviously! A small toy fish made out of flannel? AND HOW. Thing is, after a while lugging around a giant bag gets a bit tiring—especially if you're like me and rely on public transportation to commute (and are constantly shielding the bottom of your bag from the tops of children's heads on the bus). So now I carry a small purse, which means means I have to be sort of selective about what I hoard in there. Today I'll be sharing some of my purse essentials for the fall/winter season, chosen with both health and comfort in mind.

My fall winter purse essentials  #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife #CollectiveBias

One big change I've made since switching to small purse-dom is ditching my makeup bag. I do still carry a couple of odds and ends with me in that department, but unless I'm staying overnight somewhere I really only need to have a few things with me.

CUTE HAIR CLIPS: I hate it when my hair gets in my face, can't help it. Plain bobby pins are smaller and easier to stash in your bag, but I always lose them, so I prefer to stash a couple of bow clips in my bag. Plus they're cuter! Cute things make me happy.

HAND CREAM: Having dry hands drives me nuts, so I always keep a small tube of hand cream in my bag. The nice thing about hand cream is that you can use it as an all-over body moisturizer in a pinch—got a dry itchy spot on your leg? Slap on some hand cream! I'm especially partial to perfumed varieties, because cheery scents also make me happy.

LIPSTICK: If you wear dark lipsticks (which I love to do in the fall and winter), chances are you're going to need to touch up during the day (unless you're a robot who never eats or drinks). Even if I don't start my day wearing lipstick, I still usually keep a tube in there—it can be a real pick-me-up if you're in a bad mood.

A MIRROR: Not pictured because my mirror of choice varies depending on what makeup on any given day. Sometimes I'll bring a cushion foundation compact for touch-ups, sometimes I'll bring a powder compact, and sometimes I'll just bring a plain old mirror.

As for non-beauty stuff....

TEA BAGS: When I worked a regular 9 to 5 job, I always brought my favorite tea bags from home so I could use them with hot water at the office. This is a habit that has stuck with me even though I have a less traditional schedule—sometimes I find myself having meetings away from home and wanting the warm comfort of a favorite tea, so I'm really glad that I thought to stick some in my bag!

MOBILE PHONE + ACCESSORIES: Part of the reason I used to carry around a giant purse was because I liked to have as many entertainment options at my fingers as possible. Think multiple magazines, books, notebooks, crossword puzzles, a portable CD player (and later an MP3 player). SO MUCH STUFF. Nowadays you can do pretty much all of that stuff with a smartphone, the trick is to prepare it so its loaded up with goodies before you head off on your commute. On mine I have a bunch of music and videos and games I downloaded, plus I synced my Amazon account so I can keep reading books even when I don't have my Kindle with me. Technology is cool! In addition to the phone I make sure carry a good pair of earbuds (don't want to irritate the people riding the subway with me!) and a mini USB battery pack in case I drain the thing before the end of the day.

CHAPSTICK: ChapStick is another one of those amazing multi-tasking products. Its primary purpose is obviously to prevent dry lips, but during the worst of the winter months I use on the chapped spots on my nose/hands as sort of a salve too. I really like the new ChapStick Total Hydration balms because they're made with an Advanced nourishing formula with argan oil, avocado butter and rose hip oils, plus the Fresh Citrus and Sweet Vanilla scents smell yummy.

VITAMIN C: Unfortunately I have a tendency to get sick in the fall and winter, and when I get sick I get sick, which frankly ain't pretty. So I try to do everything I can to try and prevent myself from getting sick in the first place, including taking Vitamin C for immune support. Emergen-C Immune+ Chewables are super-handy because you just need to pop them in your mouth and chew, no water needed. Handy if you only remember to take your vitamins when you're not at home. The 14-tablet bottle is also compact enough to fit it my purse without taking up much space.

ADVIL: Advil is a staple in my purse pretty much year-round. Nobody likes being in pain, one can use Advil tablets for headaches, minor arthritis and other joint pain, muscle aches and pains of the common cold. I also take it for menstrual cramps. You know what feels really awful? Being stuck on the subway and suddenly getting menstrual cramps. So yeah, I always keep a little pocket vial in my bag just in case.

I put everything with a removable wrapper/lid in a little makeup pouch before putting it my purse so they don't accidentally spill everywhere. That, and it keeps my purse more organized.

Here are a couple of my other small purse tips:
  • I recently started carrying a business card holder instead of regular wallet. It's the perfect size for my ID and credit cards (plus a few cash bills), and doesn't take up much space!
  • Whenever I get a sample of sunscreen from a beauty box, I save it for my tiny purse. To be honest I don't spend much time outside in the middle of winter so reapplying midday isn't exactly necessary, but on days when I will be out for a bit I tuck one of the samples into the front pocket. Hardly takes up any space!
  • If I'm experiencing that oh-so-special "time of the month", I tuck my lady supplies in the zipper pouch so the wrappers don't get ripped off accidentally. Genius, I know!

If you need to stock up purse supplies for a healthy fall/winter season, be sure to visit the health & beauty sections of Walmart—they have Advil, Emergen-C, ChapStick, and pretty much anything else you could possibly need!

Are you more of a big purse or small purse person? What are your purse essentials? Let me know in the comments!

pfizer purse essentials  #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife #CollectiveBias

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