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14 October, 2015

Totally Rad: LISTERINE® gone PLAID! (Plus Target Cartwheel offer & the easiest plaid nail art design ever)


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I don't know about you, but I am *LOVING* the fact that plaid is trendy right now. There are few things more cozy than soft flannel shirts—I've been wearing mine a heck of a lot since the weather started to cool down. And if wearing plaid on your body isn't enough for you, it seems like like it's also popping up in home decor and personal care items too! One of the most novel things I've seen get the plaid treatment lately is LISTERINE® as part of Target's Mad for Plaid collection—how fun are these bottles?

Cute packaging makes me happy, so naturally I had to stock up on a few bottles (even though the bottle in my bathroom still has about two thirds left... cough.) I'm sure many of you are familiar with LISTERINE®: It's a bacteria-killing oral rinse powerhouse that helps keep breath fresh and gums healthy and happy when used twice per day as directed. Personally I love LISTERINE® because of the intense freshness and "tingle" it provides whilst swishing—I can be noshing on garlic bread or ripe old kimchi all day long and it'll knock the funk right out of my mouth.

The special bottles of  LISTERINE® are available exclusively at Target through October 31st. There are four classic LISTERINE® varieties available in the limited edition packaging:
  • LISTERINE® Zero: Red Plaid
  • LISTERINE® Cool Mint: Blue plaid
  • LISTERINE® Original: Yellow plaid
  • LISTERINE® Fresh Burst: Green Plaid

 Look for them on a special plaid-tastic end cap near the oral care section!

Now, here's the tricky part of shopping at Target: It's impossible to walk away with just one thing. Lots of cool stuff + low prices = hard to resist, you know? In my store the oral care aisle is located right across from the beauty section, so naturally I find my eyes (and body) wandering over there while I'm shopping for necessities.While I was browsing through all the purple eyeshadow I probably don't need I got an idea: If I like the design on the LISTERINE® bottle so much, why not try to paint something like it on my nails?

I ended up walking out with a black nail art pen and teal nail polish (which was almost exactly the same color as the LISTERINE® Cool Mint bottle. Here's something you should know about me and nail art: I need it to be easy. The combination of having shaky hands and just generally being rough on them means that I probably shouldn't spend hours on a design, because I'm likely to chip it off after a couple of days. That said I do really enjoy the experience of painting my nails—it's a fun way to gussy up and pamper yourself. You don't need to be an expert! Anyway, here's a step-by-step account of how I transferred my love of all things plaid to my fingernails:

After applying base coat, apply a base color of your choice to the entire nail and allow it to dry thoroughly. (I chose teal to match the LISTERINE® bottle, but any light to mid-toned color is great!)

STEP TWO: Once you're really, really sure the base polish has dried thoroughly, take a black (or any constrasting-colored) nail art pen and very carefully draw three parallel lines vertical lines on the left side of your nail. (Or right, if that's easier for you.

STEP THREE: Do the same on the right/other side of your nail. Wait for all those beautiful vertical lines to dry completely.

STEP FOUR: Draw two or three horizontal parallel lines towards the base of your nail. (I think three looks better, but if that part of your nail is really small it's find to just have two.)

Do the same on the top of your nail. (Unless your nails are really short you should be able to fit three lines!) Wait for them to dry thoroughly, then apply the clear topcoat of your choice. Presto! The world's easiest plaid-like design

Some general tips:
  • Nail art pens can be a bit difficult to remove from your cuticles once your nails are fully polished, so if you're worried about drawing on them, stick a little adhesive tape barrier on your finger before drawing!
  • Pointy cotton swabs dipped in pure acetone remover are the best thing for cleaning up mistakes.
  • Your lines do not have to be perfectly straight. I repeat, your lines DO NOT have to be perfectly straight. Don't be afraid to draw freehand, and have fun!

Oh, and one other important thing—if you're planning on grabbing some special plaid LISTERINE® the next time at you're at Target, be sure to look for a 10% off Listerine offer in their Cartwheel app! The offer is valid from  9/13 - 10/31.

This offer, I like it. (And used it!)

What are your favorite ways to rock plaid this season? Buy anything interesting at Target lately? Let me know in the comments! And to learn more about LISTERINE®, visit

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