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26 November, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Things I am thankful for....

To all the Americans out there reading: Hope you're having a happy Thanksgiving, whether it be with family, friends, or just sitting on your ass because you have the day off. And if you don't have the day off, I hope you get to sit on your ass sometime soon.

The past week has been sort of a tough one for me, for personal reasons I don't really want to delve into here at this point... what I will say is that one of the best ways (for me) to deal with grief is to focus on gratitude. So in no particular order, here are a few things I've been thankful for lately:

  • I'm thankful that my parents are both alive and still in great health, despite their advanced ages. (Shh, don't tell 'em I said that.)
  • I'm thankful that Stan and I have a place to live that's affordable, big enough for the two of us (unlike our former studio apartment) and not a total shithole. That combo can be tricky to find around these parts.
  • I'm thankful for Stan, period. The guy makes me laugh, you know?
  • I'm thankful for friendships that have endured despite great physical distance.

And so on. If you're reading this I hope you have a nice day, whether or not you're in the USA or even in a Thanksgiving state of mind. Feel good.


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