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20 November, 2015

Hello Again (I'M BACK!)

Hello everybody! Miss me? I'm back from what turned out to be a much-longer-than-expected blogging hiatus. I usually try not to disappear for three weeks at a time without telling anybody because that's the sort of shit that worries people, but... oops. Sorry about that.

Anyway, now that I have a large amount of time to dedicate to blogging again, I'm excited to bring some fun stuff to you over the next few weeks, including...
  • Long overdue reviews! The good news is that if I really liked a product a month ago, I probably still like it now.
  • Gift guides! 'Tis the season to shop, it seems.
  • Giveaways! Seriously, I have a couple of really good ones planned, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Other stuff. You know, stuff.

Thanks for sticking with me,
XOXO Rebecca

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