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22 November, 2015

Target Fall Beauty Box: Review & GIVEAWAY!

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Target's really been stepping up their beauty box game lately. In the past they released maybe one box per season, but this fall they put out something like three or four—whoa! Today I'll be taking a look at the contents of the most recent one (which was released in October). If you missed out on this one fear not—I also have an extra box to give away! Read on for more info.

Target Beauty Box Fall 2015 review and unboxing

Unfamiliar with the Target Beauty Box? It's a non-subscription, non-mystery, box released at least once per season at various price points depending on the contents. (You can read my reviews of past Target Beauty Boxes here.) Most of the boxes so far have been in the $5-$10 range, with this latest one clocking in at a relatively spendy $10. No worries though, this box was packed with goodies!

CoverGirl Lashblast Intensify Me! Eyeliner

CoverGirl Lashblast Intensify Me! Eyeliner (Full size, value $6.99):
Intensify Me! is a new-ish liquid eyeliner that came out this past spring. I actually wrote a full review of it here, if you're curious. The short version: I like the formula of this liner because it's relatively color intense and doesn't flake on me, but I found the applicator a bit awkward to use... rather than a traditional flexible felt-tip brush, it has a stiff paddle-shaped tip. Weird, in my opinion. But don't knock it until you try it, I guess?

Goody Slideproof Flat Silicone Elastics

Goody Slideproof Flat Silicone Elastics (3 count, approximate value $0.85):
These elastics are "slideproof" because they have a thin, nearly invisible band of rubbery-feeling grip material inside of them that keeps them from sliding down as you move your head around. These seem very useful for working out—maybe it's just me, but as soon as I start doing anything remotely active my hair decides to reject whatever I'm using to tie it back. I was worried about the rubbery grip ripping my hair when I took the elastics out, but so far that doesn't seem to have happened.

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Triple Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner samples

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Triple Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (1oz each, approximate value $2.50):
Moisturizing shampoo from natural beauty brand Acure. I had actually tried both of these before in another beauty box and liked them fine—they made my fine hair feel soft without leaving them too greasy, plus they have an almond-y scent that's pleasant. I don't think I'm impressed enough by them to purchase the full sizes, but who knows, maybe you'll love them more. One nice thing is that the shampoo is sulfate-free!

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream (Full size/1oz, value $20.49):
This product is worth $20 all by itself, whoa! I haven't used it yet because I'm not sure where/how/if it fits into my current skincare routine... I just started testing a new mix-in retinol booster by Paula's Choice, so my needs for a new retinol product are low at the moment. If you've tried it let me know what you thought in the comments!

Olly Undeniable Beauty Grapefruit Glam Vitamin Gummies (2 count, approximate value $0.47):
Chewable multivitamins formulated with Biotin, Vitamin C and Borage Oil.

Hello Supermint Fluoride Toothpaste (0.75oz, approximate value ($0.67):
Vegan-friendly toothpaste with a soft minty flavor that isn't overpowering. I like this stuff just fine, though I was sort of hoping to sample the Mojito flavor—what does a mojito taste like in toothpaste form? I must know.

S.W. Basics Exfoliant sample packet (Approximate value $0.50 maybe?):
A powder exfoliant made with oat flour, almond flour and sea salt. Oatmeal for yo FACE! This exfoliant is pretty fine but still pretty abrasive—personally I would recommend mixing it with your cleanser or a facial mask for a gentler scrub.

Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter

Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter (1oz, approximate value $1.87):
A rich and soothing body butter that's fragrance-free.

I really like this stuff—it's thick but absorbs into the skin easily. Welcome relief for dry, chapped winter skin.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Muse

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick (Full size, value $8.59):
I think the shade I received is "Muse" (of course I misplaced the tube right before I started writing this.) Unfortunately, I'm not crazy about the texture of this lipstick—it seems to go patchy on me after a while. YMMV, of course.

Total value: Approximately $42.93

Overall impressions:
I thought this Target Beauty Box was quite good in terms of value and diversity of products. We got a bit of makeup, skincare, haircare, body care... practically a whole grooming routine in one little black box. While I didn't end up loving all of the products individually (coughRevloncough), I liked being able to try all of them for a low price. Yay for Target once again!

Like what you see? This beauty box sold out long ago, but you're in luck—I grabbed an extra to give away to a reader! Wheeeeeee.


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Thanks for reading and good luck!

What do you think of the latest Target Beauty Box? Which of these products would you be most excited to try? Let me know in the comments!

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