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Content Policy/Credits

Content Policy (last updated/effective from 14 October, 2014):

This page outlines how users are allowed to redistribute content originally found on HelloPrettyBird.com.

All content images and written content are the property of HelloPrettyBird.com. All images and written content on this blog are the property of HelloPrettyBird.com unless otherwise noted, and may not be used/redistributed elsewhere without proper attribution and in some cases, written consent. Just to clarify,  "proper attribution" means identifying the text/image(s) with a link back to this site or identifying them as property of HelloPrettyBird.com with a link back to this site.

Usage that IS allowed:

  • Sharing images on social media (e.g. Pinterest, Facebook) with proper attribution
  • Sharing short quotations of text from this site (up to two sentences) with proper attribution

Usage that is NOT allowed:
  • Using any images from this blog on your blog, website, or any other form of publication without written permission
  • Copying and reposting large portions of text from this site on your blog, website, social media page, or any other form of publication without written permission. This includes both text found within blog posts and text found on static pages - e.g. the "About" page, disclosure policy, terms & conditions listed on giveaways etc.
  • Commercial usage of any kind of the content featured on this site without written permission.
  • Any copying or external usage of any of the design elements (e.g. header banner, sidebar widget titles) whatsoever.

The short version? If you want to do more than share my pictures (with a link back to this site) on social media or briefly quote me, you need to contact me and ask for permission. I evaluate all requests of this type on a case-by-case basis.

Any unauthorized use of my content may result in a DMCA filing. 


The vast majority of the photos/images on this site are my creations (see above for more info), but a few elements on the site were designed by other people so I'd like to give them a shout-out:

* Header font "Orange Juice" by Brittney Murphy
* Navbar/sidebar font "Please Write Me A Song" by Vanessa Bays
* Bird image in header modified from this file by OpenClipArt user evandrodesouza
* Social media icons by G. Pritiranjan Das

On the rare occasion that I use stock photos, I will always credit the source in my post. So if you don't see some sort of attribution that means it's a photo I took - don't steal it! The obvious exception is banners and buttons created by advertisers, blogging networks or other bloggers - those are the property of their respective authors and used with permission. Any clip art used on in-post graphics comes from PicMonkey, OpenClipArt (which is a great resource by the way), or was drawn by yours truly.

In case you're wondering about my theme, it's just a heavily modified version of Blogger's "Simple" template that I did myself. Anyone can make their Blogger blog look un-boring with a little bit of html/CSS code and tedious trial-and-error!
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