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25 June, 2013

MistoBox - June 2013

Hey, do you like coffee? Because I sure do. Do you like trying new types of coffee sometimes? Hey, me too! Do you you sometimes get overwhelmed by the ridiculous number of roasters and types of coffee to try and wish that someone else would do the work for you? And send you samples of the best ones every month? OH MY GOD, GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!

Enter MistoBox. With all the food and beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes out there right now, it should come as no surprise that there's one for artisanally roasted coffee. I first learned of MistoBox after seeing that a friend had "liked" them on Facebook (I guess that type of advertising does work?) and that I could get my first box for $5. For $5 I'd probably be willing to try artisan dirt just for the experience, so I decided to give it a shot!

Now, before I get into reviews and photos, let me briefly outline how MistoBox works:

20 June, 2013

BzzAgent, insoles and shoes - Oh my!

Doctor Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel insoles
So as you may recall from my last post, I recently purchased some discounted shoes from Target's website. They're cute and all, but not exactly super-squishy in the padding department, so I decided to put some insoles in them. Luckily, I had recently received some Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel insoles to try for free from BzzAgent.

Now, before I talk about the insoles themselves, you may be wondering what BzzAgent is - basically, it's a site that provides users with free product samples and/or rebates to try, plus usually some additional coupons and/or samples to pass along to friends. The idea is to give honest feedback and spread "Bzz" about new products. The more you participate, the more "Bzz Campaigns" you're likely to get selected for, plus for some actions you earn MyPoints, which are redeemable for gift cards and stuff like that. Sounds pretty good, right? If this sounds interesting to you, I recommend signing up and filling out all the surveys right away so they can match you with good campaigns.

Anyway, moving on to the insoles.

19 June, 2013

Target.com Clearance Clothing Haul - June 2013

Today I'll be talking a bit about my most recent online clothing purchases, but first help me out and imagine this scenario to get into the right frame of mind:

You're living in a quiet north side neighborhood in Chicago. All of a sudden it's a sweaty-as-balls summer and you realize that most of your warm weather clothing doesn't fit or is worn out or just generally making you feel like you look worn out. You don't have a huge budget to spend on new clothes and accessories, but thankfully there's a rather sizeable Target store nearby - a reliable choice for budget clothing, since their basic stuff is pretty cute and affordable, and you can often find a fun piece or two in your size on the clearance rack. After a couple hours of leisurely browsing in a nice-n-roomy air conditioned store, you walk away with some new duds feeling like a million bucks, even though you probably spent less than $100. Sounds pretty good, right?

Flash-forward a few years. Imagine you're now living in Brooklyn, which has nearly as many residents as Chicago but crammed into half the space, all of whom are vying for the same deals in a store that's also half the size as your old Chicago haunt. It's another sweaty-as-balls summer, so you decide to check out your new local Target for some deals, only to discover... well... you're sorry you even bothered to leave the house. I think this user photo on Yelp says it all.

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