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30 March, 2015

Review | Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil-Busting Emulsifyer & Wipes

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One of the biggest skincare game-changers for me was the discovery of cleansing oil. For years I struggled with never being able to remove all of my foundation using regular foaming cleanser... I'd scrub and scrub, but inevitably there'd always be a bit of residue left behind. Nowadays I use an oil cleanser to dissolve my makeup and follow up with a foaming cleanser to make sure my face is totally clean, and do you know what? It really works! The process is quick too. Keeping that in mind, today I'll be reviewing an oily product that promises to make your cleansing life easier: Dermalogica's PreCleanse system.

Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil-Busting Emulsifyer & Wipes #DoubleCleanse #IFabboMember

26 March, 2015

Review | ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

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I'm always on the lookout for foundations and BB creams with a good level of sun protection. I wear dedicated sunscreen under my makeup, but being pale and prone to sunburns makes you welcome any extra coverage you can get. Today I'll reviewing a CC cream that boasts excellent sun protection and nearly BB-like coverage: The ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion (SPF50+/PA+++).

ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

25 March, 2015

Weekly Poll | Seasonal Im-Pedi-Ments

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Foot art via

This week's question was inspired by my mother, whom I'm visiting this week. (It was her 66th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, crazy cat lady!) She was telling me how much she's looking forward to wearing sandals this spring, but lamenting how much work she'd have to do to get her feet un-dry and un-gross in preparation. Which brings me to my question...

Do you ignore your feet during the winter because they're hidden inside shoes and socks all the time? Or do you take extra care to make sure they're moisturized and pedicured? Or something in between?

Personally I do make a point of keeping mine moisturized, simply because I hate the feeling of dry skin. But full-on pedicures... nah, probably not. My tootsies might need a little prettying up before sandals season, but they don't look like full-on "hobbit feet" as my ma calls them. (Now I know who to give my extra foot peeling masks to!) How about you?

24 March, 2015

Unboxing | Beauty Box 5 March 2015: Hustle

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And now for a review of something that my boyfriend describes as "frequent and rectangular": The latest Beauty Box 5! AKA the monthly teal rectangle that comes filled with beauty treats.

Beauty Box 5 March 2015: Hustle

23 March, 2015

My experience with the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit


I have kind of a love-hate relationship with false eyelashes. On one hand, I love the way they look, but on the other, I find them sort of uncomfortable to actually wear for long periods. There's nothing more lovely than going through a day with that "boy I wish I could rip this thing off my eye" feeling. Luckily, Physicians Formula recently released a product that promises to give lashes instant drama without the heavy feeling of falsies or glue: The Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit. Read on to find out how to use it, see my before and after photo, plus check a few of my personal tips for successful application and removal!

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit #EyeBooster CNSway

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