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22 October, 2014

Introducing: Memebox Time On My Lip Tint/Gloss/Liquid Lipstick

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Psssst ... I have a secret! Y'all know Memebox, right? Beauty Box company extraordinaire and purveyor of weird and wonderful Korean products? Well here's some big news: They're launching their very own product line, and it hits the Memebox site TONIGHT! Say whaaaat?

Memebox Time On My Lip Tint/Gloss/Liquid Lipstick awesome pink

Meet "Time On My Lip", a product that promises to be a tint, gloss, and lipstick in one.

Weekly Poll: It's All About The Money

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I was having a good one until I realized that I might have a hole in one of my teeth. I sure know how to have fun?

In a bizarre twist, the possibility of unexpected dental bills made me think of this week's question ....

What's the very last thing that you bought? I don't care if it's mundane or embarrassing, spill it!

The last thing I paid money for was the postage for my NoNoBox 2 giveaway winner's prize, which ended yesterday. But if we're talking tangible objects, I guess it would be a bunch of food items on my maiden voyage to Costco this past weekend. We just joined up, so went a little nuts and bought as much as we could carry. (Literally, because we don't have a car or granny cart to lug stuff in.) We got too many foods to list, but I did post pics of a couple of my favorite things here and here. I'm so freaking interesting, aren't I?

Your turn! Tell me about your latest haul, whether it was clothing or tissues or a salad for lunch. Mmm, tissues and salad.

Cooking Up Kawaii Treats with Jillicious Charms and Accessories on Shoplately (Giveaway!)

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Lovers of quirky jewelry and all things adorable, this post is for you! I recently had a chance to try out Jillicious Charms and Accessories (one of the merchants featured on shopping mega-site ShopLately), and I'm beyond pleased with what I got. If you're a fan of food-themed accessories or stuff that's just fun or Kawaii in general, you NEED to check out this shop. Today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite picks from Jillicious, plus a special sale AND giveaway! Are you excited yet?! Not sure if it's the adorableness or an excess of caffeine, but I'm going nuts over here.

Jillicious Charms and Accessories packaging

21 October, 2014

Review: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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Are you the sort of person who loves a good facial scrub? If so you may want to check out the product du jour, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Speaking as someone who is generally more of a chemical exfoliation enthusiast I was a bit skeptical of this product, but I ended up liking it a lot! Read on for more info.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

20 October, 2014

Falling For Autumn | Halloween Inspiration

Who out there plans on celebrating Halloween? If so, do you have your costume and/or party preparations in order? I won't be hosting a party myself, but I do enjoy perusing the internet for novel Holiday-related entertaining ideas, so today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite spooky finds to whet your creepy whistle.

I've been bookmarking some of the more fun and creative Halloween ideas I've come across lately on a special Pinterest board, so if you're still struggling for party/decor/costume ideas, check it out:

Follow Hello Pretty Bird!'s board CELEBRATE - Halloween on Pinterest.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of my favorite posts from the board:

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume via Studio DIY
Exactly what it sounds like—a really fun and unexpected couple costume. Though if I were doing it, I'd probably go as the delivery person and have Stan be the pizza because he's so darn cheesy. Har har har!

Mashed Potato Ghosts of Halloweegans Present and Past via Wing It Vegan
A rather macabre vegetarian meatloaf/burger with adorable mashed potato ghosts. Cute AND creepy! Perfect for your Halloween party or gaining energy before a long and hard trick-or-treating session.

10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs via Premeditated Leftovers
A round-up of funny costume ideas for your furry friend. I don't have a dog, but if I did I'd probably go for the "Poop Factory" costume by Turtles and Tails. I'm so classy like that.

Candy Corn Coolers via Gourmet Mom on Tablespoon.com
The perfect beverage to put you in the Halloween mood and rot your teeth. Throw in a little vodka and you've got something amusing and sweet for the adults out there who are too old to go out and beg for candy!

Bagels of Doom via Milk and Cuddles
True story: I eat a bagel for breakfast at least once a week. How fun would it be to dress up your boring old everyday breakfast for Halloween and surprise your family/roommates/imaginary friends with it? Maybe not practical, but fun.

If you're an avid Pinterest user, be sure to follow me and/or follow my Halloween board because I'll be pinning more in the days to come. As for me, I have a couple of silly costume ideas rattling around my head, but still haven't decided on anything for sure yet, so stay tuned! At the very least you can be sure that I'll be dressing up my bagels.

Do you have any special Halloween plans or costume ideas? If Halloween isn't a big thing where you live, what would you do if you could celebrate?
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