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01 August, 2015

BRB: A brief hiatus and a new thing to play with

Hey everybody:

As you may or may not have noticed, my posting frequency was a bit erratic in July—I've been fortunate enough to work on some non-HelloPrettyBird projects that are interesting, but daaaaaaaang they've been a drain on my time. Anyway, as a result of that, I'll be taking a break from publishing new posts until the week of August 10th so I can play a little catchup on life stuff. (My favorite game!)

So many errands to run, so little time.

In the meantime you'll still see me on Instagram and other social media a bit, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up on reading and commenting on other blogs too—I miss it!

One final thing before I disappear: I've been meaning together a "suggestion box" form thing for a while, and I finally did it! You can use the form to leave suggestions, comments, requests, "ask me anything" questions, and anything else that's on your mind. The form can be filled out anonymously if you wish, so if you have concerns about revealing your identity, you can choose not to. Click here to access it.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.


31 July, 2015

A look inside the Etude House Pink Bird box: Open Your Eyes Make Up Box Kit, Decoden kit cuteness and more

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Who wants to see some fun goodies from Etude House? Sorry it took me a while to post about June's box—this has been a crazy month. The contents of the box are still delightful though. Aged like a fine wine? Or something.

Etude House Pink Bird Box June 2015 review

30 July, 2015

Meet the Foreo ISSA™ toothbrush, AKA one of the weirdest things you'll find at Sephora

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I'm a little bit obsessed with oral care products. My teeth are by no means perfect, but whenever I see a toothpaste with an unusual flavor or brush with an unusual design, I have to try it. (Super cool hobby, am I right?) So naturally when I was offered a Foreo ISSA™ toothbrush to try, I couldn't resist... it looks like it's from the future! The future of TEETH! But does it actually work well? Read on to find out.

Foreo ISSA™ toothbrush #ISSAbyForeo #iFabboMember mint

Review | Botanic Farm Pearl Shining Primer

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When it comes to foundation, I'm a fan of dewy, glowy finishes. Problem is, not all foundations and BB creams are designed to look that way. So, what to do? Grab a luminizing primer to glitz things up a bit! Today I'll be taking a looking at Botanic Farm Pearl Shining Primer, which gives skin glow without being too glitzy.

Botanic Farm Pearl Shining Primer

Review & Swatches | Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection (+ GIVEAWAY!)

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I love the convenience of lip crayons. Liquid lipsticks and tints are probably the best choice when you want bulletproof color that won't budge, but sometimes you just need something you can toss in your purse and swipe on as needed for a bit of color. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Butter London's extensive collection of nail lacquers, but lately they've been really stepping up their game with other color cosmetics—lip crayons, eyeliners, mascaras (oh my)! Today I'll be swatching the Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon collection, which really does live up to its name. Oh, and my readers have a chance to win seven of these crayons for themselves—wheeeeee! Read on for all the bloody brilliant details.

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Collection swatch swatches

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