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28 November, 2014

Review: XO Memebox Meme Mask Intensive Moisturizing Hydrogel

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I'm sure some of you have noticed this, but Memebox has been rolling out all sorts of own-brand goodies on their global site recently. When I first heard that they were releasing a line of masks I didn't pay much attention until an Instagram post by fellow Meme-fan Fanserviced alerted me to to the fact that these are hydrogel masks. I looooooove hydrogels, and these are very reasonably priced ($3 each or less!), so I added one to my last Memebox shop order for testing purposes! And then a couple days later a two more Meme-masks showed up unannounced in my mailbox for review. Whoops. I'm not going to complain though, because these masks are pretty baller!

XO Memebox Meme Mask Intensive Moisturizing Hydrogel hydrogels

Indie Friday | Review: Wiggle Perfume's Mathilde

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Happy shopping madness day, everyone! :P I thought I'd take a moment away from the insanity of holiday shopping to write about one of my favorite indie fragrances: Wiggle Perfume and Sundries' Mathilde.

Wiggle Perfume and Sundries Mathilde 5ml rollerball

27 November, 2014

My favorite Black Friday online deals

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Hopefully you've had a pleasant day full of delicious food and good company.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Black Friday sale finds—this is by no means an exhaustive list, just a few of the sales I'll be taking advantage of myself or found to be extra-tempting. Some of these deals are already live, some go live on the actual Friday. Enjoy!

26 November, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Alert! Win an Old Factory Candles gift set

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Calling all scented candle fiends: Here's a surprise giveaway I think you might like! Meet Old Factory, makers of high-quality soy wax scented candles, available exclusively on Amazon. Awesome fragrances AND an amusing name? Sold! :D

Old Factory Candles gift set

Weekly Poll: Gobble gobble.

Happy Wednesday, everybody! And happy almost-Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

This glorious turkey clip art via

Since it's a holiday week, let's talk about that! My question of the week:

What are you doing for Thanskgiving? Traveling, cooking at home, eating at McDonald's, what?! Or if you're not in the United States, tell me what you think of Thanksgiving. Do you like the idea of massive celebratory meals? Let's dish.

As for me and Stanny-Stan, we'll be staying home this year and preparing a mini feast for ourselves. Our menu includes:
  • Field Roast (vegetarian protein - kind of like a Tofurky, but way tastier)
  • Homemade cranberry sauce
  • A massive sweet potato casserole with pecans
  • Green beans with ginger peanut sauce (not exactly traditional, but it goes well)
  • Bread and wine (goes with any meal, am I right?)
  • Pumpkin pie

I will make most of this stuff, except for the Field Roast (which just needs to be heated up) and the pie, which is Stan's project. This spread isn't quite as impressive as the ones from my youth, but there are only two of us and only so many candied vegetables we can eat at once, you know? Gobble gobble.
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