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30 July, 2014

Weekly Poll: Thanks, Future Self

Happy Wednesday, everybody! How are you? I'm preparing to go on a trip out of town. And by "preparing" I mean putting one thing in my suitcase, getting distracted, and wandering away repeatedly.

This week's question is for all the blogger bloggers and/or beauty enthusiasts out there:

If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of beauty advice, what would you say? And at what age would you visit your former self?

I think I'd go back to about age 13 or 14, when I started getting bad acne. I'd tell baby Rebeca to invest in some light moisturizer, because despite having oilier skin then, I was also getting random dry flaky bits all the time due to cleansing the crap out of my face in an attempt to curb the acne. Tricky, eh? If I got to give a bonus tip I'd say lay off the seafoam green eyeliner (yes really), because that shit just looked strange.

How about you? Got any potentially life (or skin) changing advice to share with your past self?

27 July, 2014

Blog Tips: Dealing with the "Summer Slump"

Ah, summer. The season of family getaways, outdoor picnics, ice cream, and sticking to your chair. Unfortunately for some of us, it's also the time of year when our blog traffic takes a bit of a dip.

 Blog Tips: Dealing with the "Summer Slump" in traffic (and motivation)

Obviously this doesn't happen to every blogger. Depending on your niche or location, summer might actually be a great time of year for you! Or if you're new, your traffic may be naturally increasing throughout these months in your first year. But based on my experiences running a few different websites over the past 10+ years, I've discovered that it's not uncommon to find yourself in a bit of a summer traffic (and motivation) slump. The good news is that your decline in traffic probably isn't because you're doing anything wrong: People are just busy doing stuff. Vacations and picnics and ice cream and whatnot. Things usually start to pick up again in the fall, but in the meantime, here are a few tips for dealing with the slump.

22 July, 2014

Dr. Young Anti Pore Pore Erasing Balm (Primer) Review & GIVEAWAY!

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Silicone face primers seem to be a polarizing force in the beauty world. Some people love them, others hate them, and others still are scared to try them after hearing horror stories of breaking out. While I can't promise that the things I review won't cause you skin issues, I would like to put forward the following product as something that I, at the very least, have had a good experience with: Dr. Young Anti Pore Pore Eraser Balm. Double the pore, double the fun.

This product was featured in the original Memebox Makeup Edition Box. I didn't receive that particular box, but you can read a detailed review at Fanserviced-B if you're curious. I was really intrigued when I read that unboxing, so I was really thrilled when Memebox offered to send me one to review. And guess what? They sent me an extra to give away too! Wheeeeee! But before all the Rafflecopter hoopla, let's take a look at the attributes of this product.

21 July, 2014

Review: Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid (AKA Miracle Juice) + get it for under $10

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I feel like there are some products that become so engrained in my regular routine that I almost kind of forget about them—hidden in plain sight? That doesn't make them any less awesome though. Anyway, the awesome product I'm talking about today is Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, which I've been using regularly for the past three months. About time I wrote a review, huh? I'd say "yes" because (a) it's amazing and (b) there's an awesome (yes, I keep using that word) sale going on right now that'll allow you to pick up this gem for under $10 shipped. Awesome!

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid

Keep on reading for all the awesome details ....

18 July, 2014

Indie Friday: My Pretty Zombie Blue Period Collection

Bought It

Let me confess a bad habit: Sometimes I buy things and forget I have them for a while. This is especially true with beauty products, because I get dazzled by the new and shiny things that come in my beauty boxes. Anyway, I purchased a bunch of samples from indie company My Pretty Zombie all the way back in December and just remembered I had them a couple of weeks ago—yipes! But I suppose late is better than never, so today I'll be sharing their "Blue Period" eyeshadow collection, which I dare say was worth the (unintentional) wait.

My Pretty Zombie Blue Period Collection Infirmity, Dissolution, Forsaken sample baggies

17 July, 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Masks + GIVEAWAY!


It's no secret that I like Montagne Jeunesse. I mention them from time to time on my blog because they keep making new mask varieties to discover and love—and the product featured in today's post is no exception! Blog readers, let me introduce you to the new Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Masks. ("Hello, Renew You Sleep Spa Masks!")

Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Masks Pure Oils box

16 July, 2014

Dr. Young AC Control U-line Clearing Mist Review & GIVEAWAY!

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Hi, my name is R. and I have a mist addiction. I thought until recently that it was just facial mists I was hooked on, but the Dr. Young AC Control U-line Clearing Mist I received in Memebox Free From Oil & Troubles proved that oh-so-wrong. It's a mist for your BODY!

Dr. Young AC Control U-line Clearing Mist Memebox Free From Oil & Troubles

I think Memebox must have caught wind of my addiction, because they sent me an extra to give away, woo-hoo! But first, how about a little review?

Weekly Poll: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Woo-hoo, it's Wednesday! Are you PUMPED?

Yeahhhh mehhhh. Time flies when you're having fun, right? Speaking of really fun ways to spend time, I'm due to dye my hair again soon. Which got me thinking ...

If you had to color your hair tomorrow, which shade would you choose? Assume that you have the help of trained professionals if you don't know how to do it yourself.

I'm thinking of switching things up and going for a very vibrant, not-quite-natural red again, but who knows, I may change my mind at the last minute. I'm fickle and the heat does weird things to my brain sometimes. How about you? Want to go Ronald McDonald with me?

14 July, 2014

21st century problems, 20th century solutions

Warning: Pointless ramble ahead. AKA the most fun kind of ramble.

Do you ever have days (or even weeks) where nothing seems to go right?

Last week was sort of like that for me. To make a long story short: I had a small series of minor screw-ups culminating in my home internet crapping out for the better part of five days, so it became extremely difficult to access and fix said screw-ups. Can you say "productivity killer"?

My lack of connectivity (and resulting freakout) got me thinking about how reliant I've become on the internet these past few years. Aside from it being absolutely essential for things like work and my blog, it dominates my life in a few other key areas. So I had to revert to some of my pre-internet behavior for a couple of days. Novel or annoying? You tell me.

09 July, 2014

Weekly Poll: I Scream!

Happy Wednesday everybody! Are you feeling sweaty? Because I sure am.

This week's poll question was inspired by heat and humidity and melty mindthoughts. I'm hot. Have I mentioned that yet?

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Short and sweet. I'm partial to coconut milk ice creams, but if someone were to bring me a fruity popsicle right now I wouldn't say no. How about you? What sweet treats do you turn to to beat the heat?

08 July, 2014

Review: Radical Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

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Happy "I can't believe it's already July 8th", everybody! I hope all my fellow Americans enjoyed the holiday weekend.

Radical Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

Today I'll be reviewing Radical Skincare's Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum ($190 for 30ml/1oz), a skincare product that promises a big old heap of anti-aging benefits. Will it live up to the hype? Only one way to find out ....

02 July, 2014

Weekly Poll: I Stink!

Happy Wednesday! Is it sweltering where you are, northern hemisphere-ers? I feel like I'm going to melt.

These week's question was loosely inspired by my sample hoarding habits:

We all have favorite (or least favorite) perfumes, but what are your favorite scented beauty products that aren't perfume?

Hair products, body lotions, facial moisturizers, whatever. I thought of this question because I finally got around to using the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle I received in my Birchbox a few months ago, and it smells DELICIOUS. Like a delicious vanilla cake. I will definitely be purchasing it once I rack up a few more points. As for a runner-up .... maybe Haus of Gloi's Honeysuckle Lemon Curd Pumpkin Butter, though that can be purchased in perfume oil form, so maybe it doesn't count.

How about you? What's making you smell divine these days?

01 July, 2014

Current Fave: Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner

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So I guess it's been a while since I did a "Monthly Favorites" post. Sorry, people who like that! I just haven't felt like writing that sort of thing lately. I've still been finding things to love in the meantime though, so today I thought I'd share one of my favorite recent drugstore beauty discoveries: Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner.

Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner  Prismatic Purple - Black Vinyl - Sparkling Turquoise