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18 July, 2014

Indie Friday: My Pretty Zombie Blue Period Collection

Bought It

Let me confess a bad habit: Sometimes I buy things and forget I have them for a while. This is especially true with beauty products, because I get dazzled by the new and shiny things that come in my beauty boxes. Anyway, I purchased a bunch of samples from indie company My Pretty Zombie all the way back in December and just remembered I had them a couple of weeks ago—yipes! But I suppose late is better than never, so today I'll be sharing their "Blue Period" eyeshadow collection, which I dare say was worth the (unintentional) wait.

My Pretty Zombie Blue Period Collection Infirmity, Dissolution, Forsaken sample baggies

Some background: I don't know too much about MPZ Cosmetics other than they started as an Etsy business but now operate a standalone website. The samples were shipped to me from California for those concerned with such things. I feel that I should also mention that there is a different company called Pretty Zombie Cosmetics—confusing, huh? I believe My Pretty Zombie was on the scene first, but in any case, it's a different company to Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. Just in case anyone was wondering.

The Blue Period Collection consists of a modest three shadows, all with a blue base and lovely sparklies. The shades are as follows:

  • Infirmity: Mossy green/blue base (vegan-friendly)
  • Dissolution: Purple/blue base (NOT vegan)
  • Forsaken: Turquoise/blue base (vegan-friendly)

I didn't have a lot of time when I swatched these, so I just did them wet over bare skin, and OMFG they're amazingly pretty even without the aid of fancy fixatives and primers. The colors are richer if used over primer or Glitter Glue though, just FYI.

Behold tons of eyeshadow p0rn! Shades are pictured as follows left to right: Infirmity, Dissolution, Forsaken.

My Pretty Zombie Blue Period Collection Infirmity, Dissolution, Forsaken.

Those of you who are familiar with my fondness for purple things can probably guess that Dissolution is my fave, because DAAAAAAAAMN look at that beautiful purple shift. All of them are quite lovely though, and I'm pretty taken with the glimmers of gold and green in Infirmity.

I didn't really have any particular expectations for this collection, but I'm really impressed. In addition to the shadows being sparkly and beautiful, they also have a nice texture—not ridiculously rough like some sparkly shadows can be. This makes me want to try more things from MPZ. I do have samples of some of their blushes already though, so I should probably start with those.

Where to buy: You can buy all three Blue Period shadows as a set here, or purchase samples here.

What do you think of the Blue Period Collection? Do you like blue eyeshadow?


  1. All three are so pretty! I don't LOVE blues or wear them often but I like mermaid-esque colors like these.

  2. Blue can be a bit extreme as an eye color sometimes but it's so pretty. These are more intense over a sticky base, but I kind of like them better like this because they have a softer look. I haven't tried it yet but I think the two darker ones would make interesting liner colors too!

  3. I agree! Yes liner would be pretty!

  4. Ahhh! Mermaid blue colors! It's amazing how different the shadows look by simply containing different colored shimmer. Do you think Pretty Zombie Cosmetics kind of copied the My Pretty Zombie name? Kind of crummy if they did, in my opinion.

  5. I remember reading a post on some forum suggesting that they did, but of course I can't verify that info so I don't want to defame anyone erroneously. But if they did, yeah, it would be crappy. They're separate businesses with separate stuff so it's worth pointing out the difference anyway!

  6. Loving dat Dissolution! I gotta admit, this title immediately caught my attention because of the word "zombie." So glad I clicked though, because these are beautiful colors.

  7. Oooh, Dissolution is so pretty! *_*

  8. I ordered six samples from MPZ and am totally impressed by them. I had to get the three you mentioned and some reds and pinks too! Your blog is bad for my wallet! :). She sent them really fast too, loving them. The sizes of the samples will also last forever.

  9. Buahaha, glad to "help"! :D Indie eyeshadow samples are like the best deal in the universe. Some sellers give you more than others, but those little baggies really do last a long time.