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In case you haven't already figured it out, my name is Rebecca and this is my blog. Whoa!

About this site...

HelloPrettyBird! is a beauty and lifestyle blog documenting the opinions and experiences of a 33-year-old lady living in New York City (that's me!) You'll find a lot of reviews here, and my beauty interests are pretty varied: I look at everything from mainstream drugstore brands to hand-crafted indies to unusual facial contraptions. I tend to approach my beauty posts with a frugal focus: My mission is to help folks figure out which budget products actually are useful, and which mid-priced (and up) products are worth the splurge. You'll see occasional tutorials and DIY how-tos here too!

Here are some answers to questions I get asked periodically:

Do you work in the makeup/skincare industry?
Nope! I'm just a regular lady who likes putting stuff on her face and body, and has tried enough stuff to know what she likes and doesn't like. The only quasi-professional beauty experience I've had was doing makeup for some theatrical productions in the distant past, but that doesn't help me much with my daily looks now. Unless mime-inspired makeup suddenly becomes stylish, that is....

What's your skin tone/type?
I'm in the N10 to N15 shade range (AKA rather pale) with cool/pink undertones. My skin type is combination: normal to dry in most places, slightly oily in the T-zone. Right now my main skin concerns are preventing acne, dealing with dryness, and diminishing the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. I've started reviewing a lot of hair products too, so I suppose you should also know that my hair is fine in texture and prone to damage and extreme tangling. Fun!

What's your basic skincare routine like?
I'm working on a couple of posts that will address that question. Stay tuned!

You keep mentioning someone named Stan. Who's Stan?
Stan is longtime boyfriend. We live together, and as such he occasionally pops up in my blog posts and helps me review products. He enjoys sheet masks and lavender-scented products the most, for the record.

Do you get the products you review for free?

I feature a mixture of products I've purchased and products provided to me by brands or PR agencies. Transparency is a very important part of writing honest reviews, so I ALWAYS disclose in-post if a product was provided to me for review or sponsored in some way. Check out my disclosure policy if you'd like more information on that.

What sort of camera do you use?

I'm not exactly an ace photographer, but most of the photos on this site were taken with a Canon T3i/600D and the kit lens. Some of my older posts feature photos taken with the Blackberry Z10, which actually had a pretty good camera as far as phones go. I don't do a ton of editing on my photos, but will use Photoshop to color-correct them if they come out murky or gross. I sound like a total pro, right?

Can I repost one of your photos on my blog or website?

Not without permission. Please contact me if you wish to use my content. I evaluate all requests of this type on a case-by-case basis, so be sure to tell me which image(s) you're interested in and what you want to do with them. The same goes for text, videos, graphics and what have you.

Where can I find you on social media?
I'm not very active on social media or even on this blog in general these days, but if you wish to follow for future updates you can find me on the following platforms:

I represent a brand or PR agency and want to get in touch. Who do I contact?

You can e-mail me at rebecca@helloprettybird.com.

You didn't answer my tweet/Facebook message/laser telegram! How do I contact you?
Sorry, it's hard for me to keep up with messages on social media these days. If you have a question or comment that really needs my immediate attention, the best way to get in touch is e-mail: rebecca@helloprettybird.com

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