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27 February, 2015

Quick & Easy Red Carpet Lips: Drugstore Edition


Watching award shows always inspires me to up my glamor game a bit. It's not like I have many occasions to walk the red carpet myself, but when I see someone wearing a bold lip or really stunning eye makeup I find myself saying "I want to look like that!"

#BeautyQtips Q-tips Precision Tips Red Carpet Easy Lip Makeup Tutorial #CG Clever Girls Collective

Thankfully, one really need a red carpet event as an excuse to glam up. Sometimes I like to go with a bold lip for a regular night on the town, or even just for a night of staying in and watching TV if I'm feeling sassy. Today I thought I'd share my quick and easy method for achieving a crisp, bold red lip, AKA the red carpet classic. No special brushes are required—I just used a few random bits of makeup from my collection and Q-tips Precision Tips (MSRP $3.29 for 170), which are easy to find at drugstores and the like.

#BeautyQtips Q-tips Precision Tips Red Carpet Easy Lip Makeup Tutorial #CG Clever Girls Collective

STEP ONE: Line your lips with a lipliner pencil. Personally I prefer to use a clear liner because it can be difficult to match your lip color to a pencil, but nude will also do in a pinch. Once you've defined the shape, color in the rest of your lips with the liner. This will act as a primer of sorts and help your lipstick last longer.

Apply the red lipstick of your choice! I like to swipe my lipstick on straight from the bullet then neaten up the edges afterwards, but you can use a lip brush or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply your lip color if you want it really neat from the get-go.

Apply lip gloss for added shine and drama. I like to use a red gloss for extra depth of color, though if you are using tinted gloss, make sure it's similar to your original lip color (no mixing browns and pinks here!)

STEP FOUR: Take a couple of Q-tips Precision Tips and carefully swab them around the edges of your mouth. They have a tapered edge, which makes them the perfect shape for wiping up stray specks of lipstick with precision! Once you're done cleaning up the edges, take another Q-tips Precision Tips, dip it in some creamy concealer or foundation, and repeat the process to make your bold lip even more defined. Use one more Q-tips Precision Tips to tap a little translucent powder around your mouth to keep your lipstick from running.

Et voilĂ !

When you're packing your lipstick into your evening bag, don't forget to tuck a few Q-tips Precision Tips in there as well—they'll make touch-ups a lot easier, and since they're disposable, you don't have to worry about lugging dirty applicators back home with you in your purse.

Looking for more beauty inspiration? Check out Q-tips on Pinterest for a ton of red carpet-worthy makeup and nail art ideas!

What lipstick color would you choose for a red carpet look? Have you ever used Q-tips Precision Tips in your beauty routine?

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  1. I def need those Precision Q-Tips! They really do help clean up the edges of your lipstick.

  2. They are absolutely the PERFECT shape for cleaning up lipstick. I've tried regular Q-tips for that but they're a little round and fluffy. This kind makes a nice clean line but is still soft.