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22 June, 2015

Butter London Ladybird/Shine Out Loud (Review & GIVEAWAY!)

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I'm sure most of you reading are familiar with Butter London's nail lacquers, but did you know that they also now make a variety of other color cosmetics? I've been seeing a lot of bold, graphic eye looks lately, so it stands to reason that Butter London would be on board with products to help achieve that look. Add to that classic red nails and lips but amped up with extra shine, and you've got Butter London's Shine Out Loud collection!

Today I'll be looking at a few of their non-nail polish cosmetics, and even better, I've got extras of all the products in this review to give away to one lucky reader! Keep reading for details.

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Ladybird red nail polish

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Ladybird ($15/11ml):
Butter London is known for their nail lacquers, so let's start with one of those before we get into the rest of the collection. Ladybird is a bright tomato creme red... a classic pin-up red, with a little extra hint of orange. Timeless in a way, but extra bright and sassy. Perfect for summer or bold ladies (and gents) year-round.

I like this polish a lot—it has a high-shine finish, doesn't apply streakily, and doesn't chip very easily. Or at least I was able to wear it for about five days without any noticeably signs of chipping, which is quite good (as I'm usually pretty hard on my hands and nails).

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Ladybird swatch swatches

Swatched with two coats. Va va voom!

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Ladybird box

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Ladybird ($20/2.8g):
What's more classic than matching lipstick and nail polish? Much like the nail lacquer, the Ladybird Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon is vibrant and highly pigmented.

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Ladybird

It also has a healthy dose of shine:

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Ladybird lip swatch swatches

Depending on the light, it can pull slightly more red or orange, but I would describe it as an orangey red, not a reddish orange. If that makes sense. One other cool thing about this lip crayon is that it has a sharpener built right into the lid:

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Ladybird sharpener cap

I'll admit that the built-in sharpener can also be a bit of annoyance at times, as I find myself accidentally yanking the cap off the sharpener instead of the crayon. Nothing terrible has occurred as a result of this, but still, it bugs me. The lip crayon itself is positively delightful though—the formula is non-drying, and I find that it's relatively long-lasting too. Not like "I will not fade or budge if you eat a greasy taco meal" long-lasting, but "I will not fade or budge if you're busy running errands for four hours and not looking in a mirror" long-lasting. (I may have tested it just that way, FYI.) My boyfriend also said it was "oooh pretty." Considering that the only three ways I've ever heard him describe a lip product are "oooh pretty", "that's too dark" and "that looks like an alien butthole", I'd say Ladybird is on the good end of the spectrum.

Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black box

Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black ($18/1.2g):
Quiz time: Without looking it up, can you tell me whether or not the Union Jack (United Kingdom flag) contains the color black? I'll let you ponder that while looking at this picture of the eye pencil out of the box:

Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black

Yep, that's an eye pencil alright. Anyway, the answer is no: The Union Jack is blue, red and white. So I have no idea why this is called Union Jack Black other than maybe because those words rhyme. But in any case, it's a black eye pencil with a creamy formula and a matte finish. Arm swatch (with a little bonus Ladybird lippie swatch thrown in):

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Ladybird Butter London WINK Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black swatch swatches

I love how smoothly this pencil glides on—no eyelid tugging whatsoever. That said, it's a bit difficult to get a really precise line with it because it's so soft and creamy... it's very nice for tightlining though, because it doesn't smudge easily. It lasts all day on my eyelids and probably about 5 hours on the waterline before needing a touch up.

Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black box

Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black ($20/6.5ml):
A volumizing mascara that promises "intense, jet-black shine and beautiful lift."

Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black

This mascara has an interesting wand shape—it's like a regular wand with a ball wand on the end.

Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black wand shape

I have mixed feelings about this type of wand. On one hand, the ball end is ideal for getting at small, hard-to-reach lashes, but on the other, I keep accidentally stabbing myself in the eye with it. YMMV, depending on how clumsy or how shaky your hands are. This is what it looks like on my eyes, in any case:

Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black swatch swatches before and after

Not bad at all! I like it because it's a true jet black, but it doesn't get super crunchy or spidery with multiple coats. It also doesn't seem to flake me, which is always important. I don't think this is a true waterproof mascara, but it does seem pretty humidity and smudge-resistant.

Hey! I put everything on my face at once!

Have I mentioned yet that I really, really like the lip crayon? It's bold and kind of retro, but doesn't make me look ridiculous. I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but it also has a slight minty tingle. Love.

Where to buy:

Like what you see? Butter London has given me extras of all four of the products to give away—yay! Follow the instructions below to enter for your chance to win them.


  • To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. Each entry method may be done once per person, except for tweets and Instagram tags, which may be done once per person per day.
  • The prize one Butter London Shine Out Loud collection (retail value $73), and there will be one winner.
  • The giveaway is open to residents of the United States only, except where prohibited by law. (Sorry international folk, nail polish is flammable!) Full Terms & Conditions can be found in the Rafflecopter widget. The giveaway prize was provided by Butter London, so many thanks to them!
  • The giveaway period closes at 11:59PM EST on July 6th, 2015.
  • The winner will be contacted via e-mail and will have 7 days to respond in order to claim their prize, so make sure you log into the Rafflecopter widget with a valid e-mail address that you check frequently.

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What do you think of the Butter London Shine Out Loud collection? Is Ladybird your sort of color? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: The products feature in this post were provided to me for review by Butter London, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. I did not receive any other form of compensation. Some or all of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on them. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. Ooh I love the color of the lip crayon! I prefer orange-y reds.

  2. Lyn (Cheap As F*ck)June 22, 2015 at 4:53 PM

    I always stab myself with those spiky-ball mascaras too! Especially the one from Benefit - I actually used nail clippers to cut the longest spikes off the last one I had. This one looks slightly less lethal. And that lipstick looks gorgeous on you.

  3. I really like this set. I had no idea that Butter London had any other products than nail polishes and the occasional gloss. I love the red lip crayon!

  4. I like orangey reds too, though some look a little weird on me... I feel like Ladybird could flatter many skin tones though.

  5. Thank you! This mascara isn't *so* bad in the eyeball stabbing department - it's more like eyeball tapping than full-on stabbing. But does one want their eyeball tapped? This one does not.

  6. Me too! I like Butter London's polishes, but I've ended up wearing the lip crayon more than anything else in this collection.

  7. I think it's a very "rawr" orange color. Definitely need this in my life. =)

    And just saying, while I love your blog, best line of this post had to be "that looks like an alien butthole." xD!! Good boyfriends are good

  8. Haha! Sometimes I have to share stuff he says because it's ridiculous. He was right though - the "alien butthole" lippie was this extremely butthole-esque shiny nude gloss. That one went straight in the trash.

  9. The lip crayon is gorgeous on you. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  10. Lol! it made for a good laugh. Things your significant other says should definitely be a part of every blogger's writing. =)

    And good riddance. No one wants a butthole like gloss, let alone an alien one. xD

  11. It's Gorgeous Thank You For The Chance!

  12. Okay, what lip product did he describe as "alien butthole?" I'm kinda dying to know. I think Ladybird looks fantastic on you. Very modern. And now I want a good greasy taco.

  13. It was "Secret Crush", a nude gloss by Nanacoco that I got in BB5. I tried wearing it a couple times before I decided to toss it... the first time my BF just stared at my mouth and frowned, and the second he made the butthole comment, haha. Normally I would be insulted if someone told me my mouth looked like a butthole, but he wasn't wrong, hahaha. I never posted a lip swatch of the butthole gloss, but you can see a hand swatch in the unboxing post: http://www.helloprettybird.com/2014/08/beauty-box-5-august-2014-review-unboxing.html

  14. It looks pretty as a swatch, but that kind of doesn't mean anything if it's not pretty on the lips!