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12 August, 2015

R. | Lights Out!

Hey everybody, I'm back! I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to in my week plus off, but ain't that always the way. I have some fun posts and reviews already cooked up to share though, so I couldn't wait to get back into the swing of things!

Moving on. This week's question was inspired by recent, true-life events:

What do you do to amuse yourself during a power outage?

Last week my landlord informed me that they'd be temporarily shutting off the power in our building to do some electrical work—by temporarily I mean for a couple of hours, not days or anything like that. But of course Stan started panicking on my behalf—and I was like "Dude, I will probably just go to a coffee shop or take a nap."

In the end I ended up kind of half-dozing whilst listening to music through a little portable speaker... not a big deal. Stan's whole power outage panic brought back a bunch of childhood memories for me though... I grew up in a really snowy area with above-ground power lines, so it wasn't unusual to lose power for multiple days at a time after a bad storm. We had this massive wood-burning stove in our family room, which my mom would keep going to warm up the house and cooked canned soup and SpaghettiOs on top. We would listen to a battery-operated radio or my dad playing the guitar. It was almost sort of fun, though now that I'm an adult I can how that would have stressed the shit out of my parents.

Anyway. What do you do to keep yourself amused when the lights go out?

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