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28 October, 2013

Review: Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel

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So here's a question for all you skincare addicts out there: How often does interesting packaging entice you to buying a product that you otherwise might not have? I find that it happens with me occasionally, and the product I'll be reviewing today is one example of such behavior. I added a mini-sized jar of Baviphat's All-In-One Peeling Gel to my cart while I was placing my last TesterKorea order without really thinking that I don't using peeling gels very often... but look at it!

Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel

Hard to resist something shaped like a tiny peach, eh? This is the mini size (about 7g), so my stupid impulses only set me back ₩1500 (about US $1.40). I won't feel too guilty about that. The full size is 100g and also comes in a peach-shaped container.

Just in case you're wondering what the deal is with Baviphat, it's an inexpensive Korean brand. A lot of their stuff comes in "fun" packaging which I think is meant to appeal to teenagers. But I'm young at heart so I can enjoy it too, OK? Here's a peek inside the jar:

The 100g size jar comes with a little spatula for dispensing nestled in the lid, but this mini sized jar is just too wee for such things.

As you can probably see, the product is quite thick and gelatinous. If you were thinking peeling gel = peel-off mask, that is incorrect. When I say peel-off mask I mean those treatments where you apply it to your face in a thin layer, and it dries into plasticky-feeling sheet that you can peel off in one go. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Boscia's Black Mask and Freeman Cucumber Mask are a couple good examples of peel-off masks. Peeling gels are dispensed on the skin like so:

Pretend that my arm is my face, because it's too difficult for me to use this product on my face and photograph it at the same time. :P Anyway, you scoop out a little bit of the product onto whatever body part you want, then rub it in. After a while it will start to form rubbery little beads like so:

If you've never used a product like this before, you may be wondering what the purpose of all this is. As you continue to rub the product in, those little beads get a bit stickier and start to pull off dead skin. So basically, it's a gentle exfoliant! Once you're satisfied that you've rubbed off enough dead skin you just rinse everything off.

Overall impressions:

To be honest, I don't really use peeling gels very often because I think there are other methods of exfoliation that work better for me. This product performed as expected and did remove some dead skin, but it's probably not something I would repurchase because I don't feel like it exfoliates enough for me. It does feel nice to massage into your skin though, and since it's on the wetter side it doesn't feel so sticky that it's painful. So I will at least use this little jar up.

Baviphat's peach gel does have a faint, artificial peach scent. Well, I think it smells artificial. The website I bought it from says it contains peach extract, but since there is clearly no ingredients list on the product I can't confirm or deny that.

Jar packaging can be a bit of a burden when it comes to skincare products, but in this case it seems suitable since the product is probably too thick to dispense through a pump. Plus the full-size does come with a spatula to keep things hygenic. Also, should I mention again that it's shaped like a peach? Because that's probably the biggest selling point for me, haha. Once the jar is empty I may sanitize it and melt lip balm into it or something, because it's just so darn cute.

Bottom line:
Baviphat's Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel may not appeal to those who are used to heavy-duty exfoliation methods, but does provide a gentle (and novel) way to remove dead skin.

Where to buy: I got mine from TesterKorea. You can also find both the mini and full-sized jars on eBay.

Have you ever used a peeling gel before? What did you think?


  1. Thanks for the review =)
    I saw it at testerkorea as well, but my cart was already full. I wonder how this gel feels like. I only know peeling, which are quite fluent and tend to run down my skin.

    1. I think it's a bit thicker than some other peeling gels. It feels wet, but because it's so gelatinous it doesn't run down the skin easily.

  2. Nothing to say about the's adorable *-* !!!
    I don't like peeling gels and peach scent in cosmetics so this time I will pass , but I enjoyed your detailed review ;)

  3. It's one of those gimmicky products that are worth trying just because they're so cute. Lol. That said, Baviphat makes one of my favourite no-fuss BB creams.