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31 October, 2014

Indie Friday: Etsy Thanksgiving Wishlist

Hopefully most of you are out partying or trick-or-treating right, now I'm guessing a lot of you won't see this until tomorrow ... in which case, happy November! :P For my fellow Americans, now's the time to start thinking about your plans for Thanksgiving. This year I think Stan and I will just stay home and cook a massive feast for ourselves, but I still find myself looking at and bookmarking party decorations. I just can't help it. In that spirit, I'd like to show you a few things I found on Etsy that might pumpkin spice up your Thanksgiving celebration! (I should go to comedy jail.)

All images above were sourced from and are the property of their respective sellers.

1. Vintage 50s Cornucopia Print Full Circle Cotton Skirt by SavvySpinsterVintage ($105):
Want to be the Thanksgiving hostess with the mostess? Nothing says "I am committed to the fall holidays" than a wearing a massive skirt printed with cornucopias. I think this skirt is both adorable and ridiculous—too bad it's way too small for me!

2. Pumpkin Macaron Mason Jar Soy Candle by brooklyncandlestudio ($19):
I know everybody is obsessed with pumpkin spice-scented things come fall. This candle has notes of natural cinnamon, clove, ginger, and a "light almond top note", which makes it sound like a classier version of your average pumpkin spice fare. In any case it sounds delicious, and would make a decent olfactory substitute if you can't actually bake a pumpkin pie!

3. Whole Pumpkin Pie Polymer Clay Magnet by GuiltfreeDecadence ($10):
When I'm baking something, I usually write the recipe down on a piece of paper and stick it to my fridge with a magnet so I can refer to it as needed while I'm working. Wouldn't it be perfect to hold up your favorite pumpkin pie recipe with a pumpkin pie magnet on the fridge this year? Just saying.

4. Pumpkin Soap by crimsonhill ($5):
This soap is not only shaped like a pumpkin, but it's made with pumpkin flakes too! I feel like these would be perfect (and adorable) to put in your guest bathroom if you have people coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Assuming you have a guest bathroom. Which I don't. But I bet some of you do! Hooray for extra toilets!

5. Funny Turkey Earrings by Buttonwilloe ($12):
Going back to that hostess with the mostess thing, novelty Thanksgiving earrings are a must, and what better a subject than turkeys? If these cartoonish turkey earrings aren't your thing, a quick Etsy search for "turkey earrings" with reveal a wide variety of styles, including some rather macabre roast-type turkeys.

And there you have it, Thanksgiving sorted! Well, except for the food. And guests. Shit.

What do you think of my Thanksgiving wishlist? Would you buy any of this stuff?


  1. Love those artisan soaps by Crimson Hill. Going over to their ETSY page now to favorite and have a mooch around. TFS!

  2. Enjoy! They have lots of cute ones. :)

  3. Oh man! That skirt is adorable!

  4. I know, right? Way too small for me but I hope it finds an awesome home with someone else.

  5. Wow that is one cool skirt haha! I'm not too much of a pumpkin fan but those soaps look so adorable.

    Ellie | wunderstar

  6. It is super tiny. I don't even know anyone who would fit into it.

  7. I love this idea of a Thanksgiving wishlist! I have to have those turkey earrings!

  8. Love the skirt. As for pumpkin, it's my arch-nemesis. :P

  9. Agreed! They have some non-pumpkin soaps too that are pretty cute. I know not everybody's into the pumpkin madness, lol.

  10. Haha yes! I was excited to see that there was such a large variety of turkey earrings on Etsy, lol.

  11. No pumpkin pie for you then! You can have my apple pie, I'm one of those weird people who doesn't really like it that much?