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22 March, 2015

Review | Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner

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I'm always on the search for good, budget-friendly liquid eyeliners. There are a few brands that I like, but it can be tough to find a liner that's awesome and cheap enough that I don't weep for my wallet when I have to replace it every two or three months. The latest hopeful in my eyeliner talent search is Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner, which promises to create crisp lines that are also water-resistant. So... does it work? Read on to find out!

Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Missha—if not, it's a popular skincare and makeup brand from Korea. "The Style" is their budget-friendly makeup line. The Korean retail price of Liquid Sharp is 3,500원 (about US $3.13), but if you're outside of Korea you can easily find it online for around $5 shipped.

I'm not going to beat around the bush here: I think this eyeliner is awful. And I'll show you why in a minute. But first, let's talk about the positive traits it does have....

Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner brush tip

Excellent brush size. Liquid Sharp Eyeliner has a very small, skinny, flexible brush, which I think is the most precise and easiest to use type found in liquid eyeliners.

Missha The Style Liquid Sharp Eyeliner swatch swatches black

Swatches opaquely. On my hand, it looks awesome! Nice and opaque and black.

Waterproof. Look, I ran the swatch underwater and it didn't budge! Amazing.

Now let's get into the bad stuff...

I found the formula of this liner to be very, very thin. Why is that bad? The thinner the formula, the more likely you are to get eyeliner "bald spots" when you try to apply it to your actual eye (which is rounder and therefore trickier to apply eyeliner to than where you do your arm swatches. Or at least I think so.) And if you have to do too many additional coats/touch-ups, the final look can be a bit uneven and crusty. For example:

This is the best I could do with Liquid Sharp. I would consider myself an expert in terms of my liquid liner application abilities, so I feel pretty confident that this is due to a poor formula and not user error. (And yes, I did remember to give it a good shake first.)

The other bad thing about having to apply multiple coats is that it makes the eyeliner more likely to flake off, which it did on me. So, so bad. Here's what it looked like after about five hours of wear:

Sexy! I've tried this eyeliner on five separate occasions now, and it does the same thing every time. I've also tried making skinnier lines and did leaving it sort of "bald" to see if it fared better. I still got flakes (albeit slightly fewer flakes) towards the inner corner of my eye. No bueno.

Therefore, I can't really recommend Missha's Liquid Sharp Eyeliner. I was honestly sort of surprised, because it seems to get good reviews on various shopping websites, and this was just so... no no no no no no. Maybe they changed the formula at some point. Maybe I got a bad bottle. Maybe my eyelids just don't agree with one of the ingredients. I'll never know, because I'm not buying it again. /End speculation

You're in luck if you want to try this travesty for yourself: Several internet retailers carry it! Enjoy:

Have you tried Missha's Liquid Sharp Eyeliner? If so, did you have similar results? What's the worst liquid liner you've ever tried?

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  1. Wow! The swatches loik so promising but rhe result is really dissappointing...aa pitty, because usually Missha products are descent.

  2. Eek! Thanks for the honest review!

  3. I know, right? I usually have good experiences with Missha, so I was very surprised that this turned out to be so bad.

  4. Yea, Definitely will not be trying this out!

  5. I just would have thought from a brand like Missha, which is kinda well known, that they'd actually put some effort into all of their products, you know?