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31 October, 2014

Indie Friday: Etsy Thanksgiving Wishlist

Hopefully most of you are out partying or trick-or-treating right, now I'm guessing a lot of you won't see this until tomorrow ... in which case, happy November! :P For my fellow Americans, now's the time to start thinking about your plans for Thanksgiving. This year I think Stan and I will just stay home and cook a massive feast for ourselves, but I still find myself looking at and bookmarking party decorations. I just can't help it. In that spirit, I'd like to show you a few things I found on Etsy that might pumpkin spice up your Thanksgiving celebration! (I should go to comedy jail.)

All images above were sourced from and are the property of their respective sellers.

1. Vintage 50s Cornucopia Print Full Circle Cotton Skirt by SavvySpinsterVintage ($105):
Want to be the Thanksgiving hostess with the mostess? Nothing says "I am committed to the fall holidays" than a wearing a massive skirt printed with cornucopias. I think this skirt is both adorable and ridiculous—too bad it's way too small for me!

2. Pumpkin Macaron Mason Jar Soy Candle by brooklyncandlestudio ($19):
I know everybody is obsessed with pumpkin spice-scented things come fall. This candle has notes of natural cinnamon, clove, ginger, and a "light almond top note", which makes it sound like a classier version of your average pumpkin spice fare. In any case it sounds delicious, and would make a decent olfactory substitute if you can't actually bake a pumpkin pie!

3. Whole Pumpkin Pie Polymer Clay Magnet by GuiltfreeDecadence ($10):
When I'm baking something, I usually write the recipe down on a piece of paper and stick it to my fridge with a magnet so I can refer to it as needed while I'm working. Wouldn't it be perfect to hold up your favorite pumpkin pie recipe with a pumpkin pie magnet on the fridge this year? Just saying.

4. Pumpkin Soap by crimsonhill ($5):
This soap is not only shaped like a pumpkin, but it's made with pumpkin flakes too! I feel like these would be perfect (and adorable) to put in your guest bathroom if you have people coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Assuming you have a guest bathroom. Which I don't. But I bet some of you do! Hooray for extra toilets!

5. Funny Turkey Earrings by Buttonwilloe ($12):
Going back to that hostess with the mostess thing, novelty Thanksgiving earrings are a must, and what better a subject than turkeys? If these cartoonish turkey earrings aren't your thing, a quick Etsy search for "turkey earrings" with reveal a wide variety of styles, including some rather macabre roast-type turkeys.

And there you have it, Thanksgiving sorted! Well, except for the food. And guests. Shit.

What do you think of my Thanksgiving wishlist? Would you buy any of this stuff?

Use It Or Lose It: October 2014 Sample Edition!

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Happy Halloween, everybody! Hope you're doing something fun. We're celebrating in the not-quite-traditional fashion of eating dumplings and watching stupid movies ... yum? Anyway, it's the end of the month so it's time for another USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Use it or lose it uioli October 2014 Sample Edition

Haven't seen my Use It Or Lose It series before? Each month I select a few beauty/personal care items I've been hoarding in my stash, and vow to either use them up and review them or throw them away! I chose five products this time—all samples, mostly foils. Let us see if any of this sampling results in a full-sized purchase, shall we?

30 October, 2014

Memebox Superbox #49 All About Lips Review & Unboxing

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Calling all lipstick addicts! I like beauty boxes that contain a variety of products, but I'll admit that lipsticks, glosses and tints are often the things I get most excited about. I like colors, man! Today I'll be unboxing Memebox Superbox #49 All About Lips, which promised to be all lip products all the time! Awww yeah.

Memebox Superbox #49: All About Lips unboxing

Review: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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Here's a question for all the beauty addicts out there: How many mascaras do you usually have open at any given time? For me it's usually at least three because different formulas are ... different. Sometimes you want a natural look, sometimes you want waterproof, sometimes you want volume galore, y'know? I was really excited to give Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara a try because it promised an epic amount of volume—something I think is missing from my current mascara rotation. Let's see if it lives up to the hype, shall we?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara box

29 October, 2014

HelloPrettyBird X Memebox Haul Of Fame Collaboration Sale & GIVEAWAY!

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Here's a fun fact for you: I'm sure that most of you have heard of Memebox (Korean beauty box company extraordinaire) by now, but did you know that they recently launched an exclusive web store for customers in the USA? The warehouse for the USA shop is also in the USA, which means fast and cheap shipping for my fellow country(wo)men. Aww yeah!

I know a lot of us tend to think of skincare when we think of Korean beauty products, but there is actually a huge selection of awesome makeup to be had as well. Memebox asked me if I would collaborate with them and pick 10 of my favorite makeup bits and bobs from the USA shop to share with you, and to make things more fun for everyone, they've put all of my picks on super-mega sale this week. Not exciting enough for you? Well in addition to the sale, one lucky reader will win an ENTIRE SET of my picks! Memebox to the Meme-max! Let me present to you ... my HAUL OF FAME!

Weekly Poll: Nom For The Holidays

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Hope you're having fun doing whatever it is that you normally do.

This week's question was inspired by my dad, who has called me not once but three times this week to ask what my plans are over Christmas. Advance planning, much? The answer is always the same: Stay in NYC (holiday travel is evil) and make a massive meal. In past years we've gone to my sister's house for Thanksgiving (she lives in a suburb of NYC), but she won't be hosting this year, so it looks like we've got two excuses to cook a massive holiday meal this year. Chomp! Which got me wondering ....

What's your favorite holiday-related food or dish? It doesn't have to be something served at Thanksgiving or Christmas, any holiday counts!

When I was a kid potato latkes at Hanukkah were the clear winner. If you've never had a latke, it's basically a shredded potato pancake made with egg and sometimes other stuff. Hash browns elite! As an adult I've really come to appreciate the merits of homemade cranberry sauce. For the past couple years I've even stocked up on extra cranberries around this time of year so I could freeze them and eat them year-round. (Writing that makes me sound really really cool, I realize.)

How about you? Which celebratory noms are your favorites?

28 October, 2014

Falling For Autumn | 5 Creepy Creature Features From Around The Globe (that you can watch right now!)

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I've decided that I'm not going to do a Halloween costume this year. My hot glue gun's in the shop ... or something. Instead I've been watching (and in some cases, re-watching) a variety of horror films to celebrate the season. Fun for the whole family! Today I thought I'd share a few of the most interesting (or crazy) horror films that have been on my radar lately. Or on my radar again—what is that? Re-radar? To keep things interesting, I'll only be sharing films made outside the United States (whaaaaaat?), and, AND AND AND, every single of one of these titles can be streamed RIGHT NOW from one or more of the most popular streaming media services. (Unless you're outside the USA, in which case ... I don't know if you can watch these or not.)

Rather than just making an enormous list of every terrible horror film I've watched recently I thought I'd narrow it down to five, each representing a different type of horror movie monster. Ooooooh, spooky.

27 October, 2014

Review: OST/C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

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Today I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful skincare product that gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling: C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum. (Literally. It tingles for a few minutes after I apply it.) In all seriousness though this is a good Vitamin C serum available at a very reasonable price (in my opinion), so read on if you're in the market for such an item!

OST C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum Vitamin C box

Quick note about the name: Some of you may have seen a similar-looking product branded as OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum—it's the same thing as this. They rebranded it as "C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum" earlier this year. Not sure why as the new name is a bit redundant, but in any case it's the same thing inside the bottle.

25 October, 2014

Seasonal Beauty Tips + More Tips & Savings at the Walmart Suave Hub


So the weather is finally cooling down a bit ... at least where I live, anyway. What do you do to get your hair and skin winter-ready? Or even "Late autumn OMG why is the indoor heat on full blast?" ready? Here are a few of my tips:

  • Start exfoliating now. I don't know about you, but my legs get super dry and flaky in the winter, so I find that it's good to get a head start on extra exfoliation to keep them nice and smooth.
  • Invest in a good body moisturizer. This goes hand-in-hand with the exfoliation thing—once you've scrubbed you're going to want to moisturize! Personally I try to look for body products containing shea butter.
  • Don't forget about your hair! Chances are that if your skin is getting dried out from the indoor heat and/or cold, your hair is too. Invest in a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner—there are some affordable oil and shea butter-infused formulations on the market now.
  • Consider adding a hydrating facial mist into your skincare routine. I actually use facial mists year-round because they're so darn refreshing, but in the fall/winter I reach for formulas that provide some hydration. A simple rosewater and glycerin spray can work wonders!

If you're a Suave fan and a Walmart shopper, I have some great news for you: The Walmart Suave Hub is loaded with everyday beauty tips for the whole family AND ways to save! Suave makes a wide variety of inexpensive haircare and body products, which comes in handy if your beauty routine needs a bit of a seasonal update. And scroll down to learn about the Suave Family Perks program, which allows you to earn rewards for Suave purchases. This program is exclusive to Walmart, which has a massive selection of affordably-priced Suave products—not a bad deal!

Do you change up your body/haircare routine for fall/winter?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Global Influence. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.

22 October, 2014

Introducing: Memebox Time On My Lip Tint/Gloss/Liquid Lipstick

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Psssst ... I have a secret! Y'all know Memebox, right? Beauty Box company extraordinaire and purveyor of weird and wonderful Korean products? Well here's some big news: They're launching their very own product line, and it hits the Memebox site TONIGHT! Say whaaaat?

Memebox Time On My Lip Tint/Gloss/Liquid Lipstick awesome pink

Meet "Time On My Lip", a product that promises to be a tint, gloss, and lipstick in one.

Weekly Poll: It's All About The Money

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I was having a good one until I realized that I might have a hole in one of my teeth. I sure know how to have fun?

In a bizarre twist, the possibility of unexpected dental bills made me think of this week's question ....

What's the very last thing that you bought? I don't care if it's mundane or embarrassing, spill it!

The last thing I paid money for was the postage for my NoNoBox 2 giveaway winner's prize, which ended yesterday. But if we're talking tangible objects, I guess it would be a bunch of food items on my maiden voyage to Costco this past weekend. We just joined up, so went a little nuts and bought as much as we could carry. (Literally, because we don't have a car or granny cart to lug stuff in.) We got too many foods to list, but I did post pics of a couple of my favorite things here and here. I'm so freaking interesting, aren't I?

Your turn! Tell me about your latest haul, whether it was clothing or tissues or a salad for lunch. Mmm, tissues and salad.

Cooking Up Kawaii Treats with Jillicious Charms and Accessories on Shoplately (Giveaway!)

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Lovers of quirky jewelry and all things adorable, this post is for you! I recently had a chance to try out Jillicious Charms and Accessories (one of the merchants featured on shopping mega-site ShopLately), and I'm beyond pleased with what I got. If you're a fan of food-themed accessories or stuff that's just fun or Kawaii in general, you NEED to check out this shop. Today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite picks from Jillicious, plus a special sale AND giveaway! Are you excited yet?! Not sure if it's the adorableness or an excess of caffeine, but I'm going nuts over here.

Jillicious Charms and Accessories packaging

21 October, 2014

Review: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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Are you the sort of person who loves a good facial scrub? If so you may want to check out the product du jour, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Speaking as someone who is generally more of a chemical exfoliation enthusiast I was a bit skeptical of this product, but I ended up liking it a lot! Read on for more info.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

20 October, 2014

Falling For Autumn | Halloween Inspiration

Who out there plans on celebrating Halloween? If so, do you have your costume and/or party preparations in order? I won't be hosting a party myself, but I do enjoy perusing the internet for novel Holiday-related entertaining ideas, so today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite spooky finds to whet your creepy whistle.

I've been bookmarking some of the more fun and creative Halloween ideas I've come across lately on a special Pinterest board, so if you're still struggling for party/decor/costume ideas, check it out:

Follow Hello Pretty Bird!'s board CELEBRATE - Halloween on Pinterest.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of my favorite posts from the board:

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume via Studio DIY
Exactly what it sounds like—a really fun and unexpected couple costume. Though if I were doing it, I'd probably go as the delivery person and have Stan be the pizza because he's so darn cheesy. Har har har!

Mashed Potato Ghosts of Halloweegans Present and Past via Wing It Vegan
A rather macabre vegetarian meatloaf/burger with adorable mashed potato ghosts. Cute AND creepy! Perfect for your Halloween party or gaining energy before a long and hard trick-or-treating session.

10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs via Premeditated Leftovers
A round-up of funny costume ideas for your furry friend. I don't have a dog, but if I did I'd probably go for the "Poop Factory" costume by Turtles and Tails. I'm so classy like that.

Candy Corn Coolers via Gourmet Mom on Tablespoon.com
The perfect beverage to put you in the Halloween mood and rot your teeth. Throw in a little vodka and you've got something amusing and sweet for the adults out there who are too old to go out and beg for candy!

Bagels of Doom via Milk and Cuddles
True story: I eat a bagel for breakfast at least once a week. How fun would it be to dress up your boring old everyday breakfast for Halloween and surprise your family/roommates/imaginary friends with it? Maybe not practical, but fun.

If you're an avid Pinterest user, be sure to follow me and/or follow my Halloween board because I'll be pinning more in the days to come. As for me, I have a couple of silly costume ideas rattling around my head, but still haven't decided on anything for sure yet, so stay tuned! At the very least you can be sure that I'll be dressing up my bagels.

Do you have any special Halloween plans or costume ideas? If Halloween isn't a big thing where you live, what would you do if you could celebrate?

19 October, 2014

Love With Food October 2014 Review & Unboxing + your first box for $2!

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Last month I asked around on social media to see which snack boxes people love the most, and Love With Food seemed to be the winner by a pretty wide margin. I actually tried Love With Food for a bit back in 2013, but a while (like a whole year, in fact) has passed since then, so I decided to give it another go!

Love With Food October 2014 Review & Unboxing

18 October, 2014

Target Beauty Box Fall 2014 - Review & Unboxing

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Hands up if you love all the drugstore beauty boxes that have been popping up lately! Last month we had the fall 2014 Walmart Beauty Box, and now the latest edition of the Target Beauty Box ... are you paying attention, other retailers? I'd love to see a Walgreens Beauty Box or something along those lines too. Just saying. But in the meantime, let's focus on what was in the fall Target Beauty Box, shall we?

Target Beauty Box Fall 2014 - Review & Unboxing Autumn October

Quick PSA before I get started: This box still seems to be available for purchase at the time of publishing this post, so grab it ASAP if you like what you see!

17 October, 2014

Indie Friday: My Storage System for Indie Eyeshadow Jars & Samples

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Who out there has a growing indie makeup collection but isn't really sure how to store it? This post is for you! Today I thought I'd share my methods for storing indie eyeshadow jars and samples in a non-confusing way. Is my way the best way? Not sure about that, but it's worked for me so far. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your own collection!

15 October, 2014

Weekly Poll: Host-Guest

Happy Wednesday, everybody! It's an unusually nice day (weather-wise) here in New York City ... at least for now. I feel like it might rain later. Rain, rain, stay away. How is it where you live?

Excuse my absence for these past couple of days—as I mentioned in the last Weekly Poll I got pretty sick last week, which means I'm now playing catch-up with a bunch of stuff. Also, I have houseguests staying for the next couple of days and had to get ready for that. Which brings me to this week's question ...

Do you do anything special to prepare for the arrival of guests at your house? Would they be surprised at the state of your home if they showed up a day early unannounced?

This isn't exactly a secret, but I can be a bit messy at times. Not moldy garbage in the middle of the living room messy, but I tend to let papers and random bits and bobs pile up before putting them away, so clutter galore. That, and I hate dusting. So whenever people come over, I always have an epic "pick up all the random papers and crap" session followed by a vigorous sweeping and dusting. And coughing. (Dust allergies, yo.) Oh, and I usually light a scented candle too so our place doesn't smell like feet. I'm nice like that.

How about you? Any special cleaning or welcoming rituals? Is your house guest-ready all the time or do you usually find yourself shoving piles of crap in a closet at the last minute?

13 October, 2014

How to not be "One Emergency Away From Financial Disaster"


This is sort of silly, but for whatever reason Stan likes to rant occasionally about how much he hates the term "millennial". But that's what both of us are, whether he likes it or not: I'm 30 and he's 32, placing us clearly within the age range (18-33) that defines this generation. It's funny that he hates the word so much, because sometimes I feel like the millennial poster child: I'm one of those people who finished school (well, grad school) shortly after the financial crisis, and suddenly found myself with terrible job prospects and a boatload of student loan debt. You too? I'd suggest forming a club, but thanks to those loans I probably can't afford to hire a meeting hall big enough to fit all of us (har har har). Things have gotten better in the past few years, but I can't say that my unintentional hiatus from the world of full-time work after graduating has helped me out financially in the long run.

Here's the thing though: Despite having had to scrape by on a part-time income after graduating, I always remained insured. It's one of those things I considered to be a necessarily bill, like paying for electricity or housing. I've had to give up a few frivolities over the years to pay for that insurance, but I decided at a certain point that occasionally passing up a new pair of shoes or new beauty gizmo was probably more important (to me) than potentially incurring tons of medical debt to add to the heap. And I'm saying that as someone who likes beauty gizmos a lot.

According to a study recently conducted by Aflac, many millennials have a precarious financial situation and are "one emergency away from financial disaster." As someone who isn't exactly rolling in piles of extra cash, this rings very true, and is a very concise way of explaining why I've made sure to stay insured over the years despite my financial ups and downs. That, and I was always convinced that the moment I dropped my insurance, I'd get into an accident. Paranoid or realistic? You decide.

Murphy's Law: If I hadn't had insurance, this bird probably would have tried to peck my eyes out.

11 October, 2014

Birchbox October 2014 Review & Unboxing - "Laggies" Box

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This may sound silly, but beauty boxes have been a total lifesaver for me this. A lifesaver in the sense that they've greatly improved my mood whilst up cooped up at home with a cold. The latest contributor to this month's mailbox funparty was Birchbox, which not only came with goodies inside but also addressed me as "Superstar" on the shipping label. How did you know, guys?!

birchbox laggies

10 October, 2014

Memebox Global Box #14: Review/Unboxing & Coupon Codes

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Beauty boxes and subscription company can have their ups and downs, but once in a while you get a box that's so good it makes you feel like all the "downs" aren't really so bad after all. Today I have just such a box to show you: Memebox Global #14.

Memebox Global #14 review unboxing contents

08 October, 2014

Beauty Box 5 - October 2014 Review & Unboxing

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You know what makes you feel better when you're sick? Getting cool stuff in the mail. Like subscription boxes, for example. Thanks for cheering me up during this the week of much coughing, Beauty Box 5!

Beauty Box 5 five - October 2014 Review & Unboxing

Review: Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel

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Got oily or combination skin? Have trouble with creamy moisturizers? Enjoy reading blog posts? Then I highly recommend you read this review of Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel, (phew, what a mouthful) because (a) I think it's a product worthy of a look and (b) this is definitely a blog post. Yup.

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel tube

Weekly Poll: Sick Day

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Hope you're feeling grand.

Unfortunately I'm not feeling so grand this week ... I've come down with a bit of a cold. Nothing life-threatening (insert ominous soap opera cough) but bad enough that I had to postpone the trip I was supposed to take this week. What's more fun than going on a trip? Sitting on your couch and coughing for hours, of course!

I haven't had a bad cold for a while, so this latest bout of illness got me thinking ....

Do you have any tried-and-true feel-better rituals for when you're sick? A favorite soothing drink, stupid movie or TV show you like to watch, lazy activity, etc.

I'm realizing that my main ritual as an adult is something along the lines of "Take medicine, pass out, drink hot tea when conscious." Could use some improvement. When I was a kid, I had my sick day ritual down pat: My parents would let me lie in their bed during the day (which was normally not allowed) because they had a TV in their room. I would spend the day watching cartoons, reading, or playing with our Atari game console (which was ONLY brought out for sick day occasions—low-fi video bowling anyone?) And I would always drink Sprite or 7-Up mixed with cranberry juice out of a bendy straw. Being sick as a kid was never fun, but these memories do sound a lot more appealing than the Mucinex + drowsiness routine I currently have going on.

How about you? Any classic sick day creature comforts or must-haves?

PS Today is the last day to participate in my reader survey! Please fill it out by 11:59PM ET tonight for a chance to win $10 and my undying love.

07 October, 2014

Book Review: The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape

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Do you enjoy reading books about spirituality, gratitude, or mindfulness? If so you may want to check out The Power of the Heart, a new release from Atria Books.

06 October, 2014

Falling For Autumn | Mini Fall Photo Challenge

The leaves are finally starting to change around where I live, so it really feels like fall now. I thought it would be fun to do a mini photo challenge to celebrate, and I'm inviting YOU (yes you) to participate!

To participate in the challenge, follow the prompts above and share your pics to social media (e.g. Instagram, Twitter) or your blog with the hashtag #HPBFallPics so others can find them. Do as many of the prompts as you can before the end of October—that's it! I'll elaborate on each of the prompts a bit to give you some inspiration:

05 October, 2014

04 October, 2014

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - Review & Comparison Test

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As a fan of brightly-colored and shiny eyeshadows, I'm always on the lookout for a good, long-lasting eye primer that isn't too expensive. For super-sparkly eyeshadows I usually bust out Glitter Glue or something like that as well, but I guess there are times when I just don't want to be bothered with that extra step?

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer box ingredients

I recently picked up a tube of Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer to test in just that capacity. Etude House is an inexpensive Korean brand for those of you who don't know, and while they don't have any physical shops in the U.S. (yet), their products are quite easy to find online.

02 October, 2014

What I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise - Fall 2014

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When I saw that ModCloth was having another Stylish Surprise sale I knew that I had to partake—the stuff I got in the last one was pretty cute, and definitely a good value for the money. Little did I know what terrors awaited me this time around ....

 ModCloth Stylish Surprise - Fall 2014 October September what I got unboxing reveal

Not familiar with the ModCloth Stylish Surprise? ModCloth (online retailer of cute dresses and other awesome things) will clear out their stock a couple times per year (usually around the end of a season) and sell mystery garments for $10 apiece. A great deal (assuming you like what you get), as their clothing tends to be quite a bit more expensive than that. Last time dresses were mixed in with other apparel, but this time there was a separate dress category, so I snapped up five of them. I was super-excited about getting only dresses this time, until I saw what actually showed up in my mailbox. Yeah, it was pretty bad. Is curiosity killing you yet?! Fine, I'll show you what I got.

Use It Or Lose It: September 2014 Sample Edition!

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Excuse me if I've been a bit more "absent" than usual from Blogland this week—been a bit busy with an outside project. Which means that I got distracted and forgot to post my monthly Use It Or Lose It roundup on September 30th—whoops! Better late than never, I guess.

Not familiar with my Use It Or Lose It series? Each month I select a few beauty/personal care items I've been hoarding in my stash, and vow to either use them up and review them or throw them away! I chose four products this time—all sample packets. Let's see if they show any promise, shall we?

01 October, 2014

Weekly Poll: A poll that's actually a poll (plus a chance to win $10!)

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I'm going to be doing something a bit different with the Weekly Poll this week: For the first time ever, I'm conducting a short reader survey. I would really, really, really, really, really appreciate your feedback, so in addition to receiving my love, everybody who responds will also have a chance to win $10—details below!


Memebox Deals & Coupon Codes - October 2014

Affiliate Links

It's a new month, which means time for a new Memebox sales and coupons roundup post! As with previous months, I will be updating this list periodically, so check back throughout the month for new deals.

Update: This page is now defunct! Bookmark my new Memebox Deals and Coupons page, which is updated multiple times per month.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.
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