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07 January, 2015

Indie | Darling Clandestine's "Tyto" (fragrance review)

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Hey look, indie reviews have returned! I took an unintentional break from indie-ing over the holiday season because I was spending most of my extra cash on gifts—go figure. I've decided that in 2015 I'm going to just mix the indie reviews in with everything else as it suits me, because scheduling them all on Fridays turned out to not be so convenient—live and learn, I guess. Anyway, the first indie review of the year goes to Darling Clandestine's Tyto, a new-ish sent that I think is a must-have for lovers of woodsy smells.

Darling Clandestine's "Tyto" itsy bitsy vial fragrance review

Shop description:
Tyto features bright, tart pomegranate, blinks of green undergrowth and a tangled suite of woods, including a divinely excellent oud from Sumbawa, courtesy of an Indonesian friend.

I can definitely smell the pomegranate note right after I apply Tyto, but it disappears almost immediately on me. What's left behind is spicy woods upon woods upon woods (with maybe a hint of greenness in there too). How much would could an oud smell woods? (Deep thoughts.) This feels much more like a springtime scent to me than one that's suited for winter—imaging traipsing through a mysterious forest, one that's been mostly barren for a while, but shoots and leaves are just starting to appear. That's what Tyto smells like to me. If tree nymphs had body odor, maybe this would be it?

I think this is one of the least strange Darling Clandestine scents I've tried, in that it doesn't morph into something really crazy once it's been on my skin for a while. It also has mild throw compared to some of her others, and isn't the longest-lasting on me—the scent diminishes greatly after about an hour, and disappears almost entirely after about three hours. I think it's absolutely gorgeous though, and I'm really delighted that I picked it up—it isn't like anything else in my collection. If you're a lover of true woodsy scents, you NEED this.

At the time of publishing this post, there does seem to be some Tyto left in the Darling Clandestine shop—grab your "Itsy Bitsy" (half dram) vial for $6 while you still can! Her scents are largely seasonal (and some don't come back for a long time), so if you like the sound if it, seriously grab it while it's still available.

As a bonus, here's a shark:

darling clandestine package shark stamp

(Evonne, the owner, usually stamps sassy sharks on the outside of your parcel. I appreciate this.)

What do you think of Tyto? Have you tried any fragrances recently that really blew you away?

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  1. Yay, I love your indie posts! This sounds like it smells wonderful, I love woodsy scents, but disappointing that it disappears after such a short amount of time. The small vial is so cheap, though, I think I'd still purchase it to try out.

  2. The bottle is small, but I think what's she's charging for it is very reasonable - $6 really isn't that much at all for a fragrance, honestly! I did there were larger-sized bottles in the shop at one point, but they probably sold out.

  3. I don't feel terribly disappointed that it isn't long-lasting on me - some scents stay noticeable longer, but they morph into kind of a weird sour or stale smell after a few hours. This one fades in a nice, pleasant way. I'm really glad she offers mini vials though, since you never know how a scent is going to work with your body chemistry!

  4. I haven't been blown away by a fragrance in a long time! I have purchased a few new scents recently in search of something that lasts all day - that's proving to be elusive!

  5. This sounds like an interesting scent. I can't quite picture pomegranate mixed with a woody scent. I recently got Viva La Juicy Noir and Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes for Christmas and love both!

  6. Yeah, pomegranate would not seem like a winter scent to me either, but it does sound like a good one. I really like fragrance, but I don't have one that I just want to wear all the time. I love trying small bottles and samples.

  7. I've sort of given up on finding a scent that lasts all day - some fade quicker than others on me, but few really last THAT long. Now I try to find ones that come in solid packaging that won't leak in my purse, haha!

  8. Pomegranate + woods turned out to be a really nice combo. Kind of tart and spicy at the same time. Hooray for new fragrances in your collection! :D

  9. Same here, that's why I love indies so much. Most indie sellers offer mini or sample sizes of their wares, but even those usually have a number of applications in them!

  10. I liked your blog thanks for sharing this