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25 September, 2015

An introduction to UNT Cosmetics (Taiwan): BBs, CCs, eye stuff (oh my!) Plus coupon code & GIVEAWAY!


A week or two ago I reviewed the Pore Minissima Super Anti Shine Oil Control Serum by Taiwanese skincare brand UNT, and now I'm back with more! UNT is perhaps best known for their skincare products, but did you know that they also make a ton of makeup? Well even if you didn't before you're going to now, because I'll be swatching not one but FOUR of their products today. Hold onto your pretty little hats.

An introduction to UNT Cosmetics (Taiwan): BBs, CCs, eye stuff (oh my!) Plus coupon code & GIVEAWAY!

Not familiar with UNT? It's a popular internet brand in Taiwan focused on innovative (and affordable) skincare and cosmetics. They recently launched a global site, which means easy shopping for my friends in the US (and beyond!) No dealing with buying services, awkward translations etc. Better yet, the products ship free. Plus coupon code UNT10OFF will get you 10% off all orders until October 31st, 2015—awwww yeah.

Now without further ado, let's take a look at some of what UNT has to offer in the makeup department!

UNT Color Cosmetics Naked Truth CC Cream

Naked Truth CC Cream ($28.99/40ml):
A sheer coverage color-correcting cream with SPF 36 / PA ++ sun protection. This CC cream is only available in one shade, but it is supposed to adjust to most skin tones. Ingredients:

UNT Color Cosmetics Naked Truth CC Cream ingredients

The CC cream is housed in a sleek squeezy tube—nothing fancy, but it gets the job done well.

In typical CC cream fashion, Naked Truth starts out whitish with little color capsules in, and once you start to massage it into your skin the color capsules burst, resulting in a slight color-correcting tint. Observe:

UNT Color Cosmetics Naked Truth CC Cream swatches

Whee! The end result is light and neutral-toned with a natural finish. It suits my pale (NW15) skin well, and I can see it easily working for N15-N25 in general—no clue about darker skin because I have no way to test that. If you have dark skin and have tried it, let me know what your results were! The texture of this CC cream seems especially well-suited for normal to dry skin, as it's surprisingly creamy and hydrating—kind of like lotion means sunscreen. That said, I didn't find it to be unusually greasy (though I did use a bit of setting powder over the oilier parts of my face). Overall, I'm a fan! While Naked Truth CC Cream doesn't provide extreme coverage, it does work well to even out some of the redness on my face. It also smells really nice, in my opinion... sort of like a fruity floral? I like things that go on my face to not smell terrible, go figure.

UNT Color Skincare Mineraluxe BB Cream

Mineraluxe BB Cream ($28.99/30ml):
A lightweight BB cream with SPF 30 / PA++. This one is available in two shades: BB05 (Fair) and BB10 (Natural).

Ingredients of BB05 (Fair):

UNT Color Skincare Mineraluxe BB Cream BB05 Fair ingredients

Ingredients of BB10 (Natural):

UNT Color Skincare Mineraluxe BB Cream BB10 Natural ingredients

The cream is housed in a narrow tube with a stand-up pump.

This is pretty much my favorite form of foundation packaging—the durability of a plastic tube (toss it in your purse!) with the convenience of a pump. Oh, how I love modern life.


UNT Color Skincare Mineraluxe BB Cream BB05 Fair BB10 Natural Swatch Swatches

BB05 is on the left and BB10 is on the right, in case you weren't sure. I would describe BB05 as pale (probably N20) and slightly cool-toned, while BB10 is a much warmer light to medium shade. I took a bunch of other popular light to medium BB creams out of my makeup drawer for color comparison to see where these fell on the spectrum—here are the results:

UNT Color Skincare Mineraluxe BB Cream BB05 Fair BB10 Natural Swatch Swatches comparison

  1. Missha Perfect Cover #13 
  2. UNT Mineraluxe BB05
  3. Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit N02
  4. Etude House Cover & Bright Fit Natural Beige/W13
  5. Laneige BB Cushion in Light (#21)
  6. UNT Mineraluxe BB10
  7. Laneige BB Cushion in Medium (#33)

In terms of darkness BB10 is pretty much right between the light and medium Laneige cushions, so if you've been cursing them for years because they didn't have an intermediate shade, congratulations! UNT Mineraluxe BB10 may actually be a match for you, yay.

Anyway... BB05 was obviously the better match for me, so that's what I ended up trying on my face. It looks a hair dark on my arm but once fully blended it actually matches pretty beautifully—it's cool without being too grey, and the coverage was surprisingly good. It also feels a lot lighter than the CC cream without feeling dry—I can see this stuff working for most skin types. And curiously, it doesn't seem to really have much of a scent. So if you don't like heavily fragranced BB creams, definitely check this one out!

UNT Color Cosmetics Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner

Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner ($14.99/0.8g):
A carbon black liquid eyeliner with a waterproof formula. Black liquid liner is an absolute staple in my makeup drawer, so I was very excited to give this a try!

UNT Color Cosmetics Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner

UNT Eye Define has a thin, flexible brush tip—you can use it to make ultra-skinny lines, slightly fatter lines, or paint on whatever kind of lines you like with precision. I usually prefer brush-tip liners over pens, but this basically has the convenience of a pen with a brush tip built in, so that's pretty awesome. It also sounds like there's some sort of mixer ball rolling around inside it to keep it from getting patchy and dried out. Swatches:

UNT Color Cosmetics Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner swatch

As you can see, it has a slightly shiny finish. Oh, and this stuff definitely lives up to its claims of being waterproof—I did the whole "run the swatches under the tap" test and they didn't budge at all. It also doesn't seem to smudge or flake when it's on my eyes, but it comes off quite easily once you rub them. Best of both worlds in my opinion—I don't want to have to scrub the crap out of my sensitive eyes just to remove my eyeliner, you know? Even a simple makeup wipe will take Eye Define off in a flash.

UNT Color Cosmetics Brow Master Dual Ended Brow Pencil

Brow Master Dual Ended Brow Pencil ($10.99/0.2g):
A dual-ended automatic brow pencil. One side has a slanted, twist-up pencil, and the other has a built-in spoolie. This is my absolute favorite kind of brow pencil because they're so convenient... no extra tools required.

Brow Master Dual Ended Brow Pencil

UNT Brow Master is available in three shades: BM05 (Dark Brown), BM07 (Medium Brown), and BM10 (Light Brown). I tried BM05 (Dark Brown) and it did end up being a hair too dark for me, though not by much. Here's a quick hand swatch:

UNT Color Cosmetics BM05 Dark Brown swatch swatches Brow Master Dual Ended Brow Pencil

Mmm, warm. The top swatch is with light pressure applied and the bottom with hard pressure. As you can see it is possible to control how dark the pencil appears, so using it with a light hand I was able to make it work for me (though next time I would definitely get Medium Brown instead!) The formula of the pencil is good though—it's not too hard to draw easily, but also not too soft (nobody wants waxy pills on their brows).

Here's what it looked like when I put the BB cream, eyeliner and brow pencil on my face:

Smug. That red arrow is pointing to a big acne scar I currently have on my face—I got a monster zit from hell there a couple of weeks ago, and while that may have gone away, the redness has not. I'm pointing out my flaws because I was impressed with how well the Mineraluxe BB cream covered it—you can tell that something's there, but it's not a disgusting red mess. I also just really like the finish of this BB cream in general... it's slightly dewy without being shiny or oily-feeling.

Overall thoughts on UNT:

I had never tried any of UNT's makeup prior to this so I didn't really have any expectations—I had heard of their skincare products before, but makeup never really crossed my mind. I was actually really pleased by everything I tried though—the BB and CC creams are real winners, and I plan on continuing to use both of them (CC for "good skin" days, BB for "bad skin" days hahaha.) The Eye Define liner also ticked all of my boxes in terms of formula and ease of application, so that was also a plus. I need to find a better color match amongst the brow pencils, but I have no complaints about the formula, so thumbs up on that as well! All in all, an UNT-tastic experience.

Of course this is only a small selection of what UNT Cosmetics has to offer—browse their website for more skincare and makeup goodies. (They even have a collection of nail products!) Don't forget that shipping is free and that you can get 10% off until October 31st with code UNT10OFF.

Oh, and I have one more fun thing to share—a sample tube of Naked Truth CC Cream to give away to one of my readers! Check out the rules below for how to enter.


  • To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. Each entry method may be done once per person, except for tweets, which may be done once per person per day.
  • The prize is one 7ml sample tube of UNT Naked Truth CC Cream, approximate retail value $5. There will be one winner selected at random.
  • The giveaway is open to worldwide except where prohibited by law, and the full Terms & Conditions can be found in the Rafflecopter widget.
  • The giveaway period closes at 11:59PM EST on October 9th, 2015.
  • The winner will be contacted via e-mail and will have 7 days to respond in order to claim their prize, so make sure you log into the Rafflecopter widget with a valid e-mail address that you check frequently.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading and good luck! And don't forget to follow UNT on Facebook too, as they will be holding some giveaway and sampling programs in the future.

What do you think of UNT Cosmetics? Are there any products on this list that really intrigue you? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SheSpeaks on behalf of UNT Cosmetics, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. #UNTBeautyTalk

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